Solid pine furniture

  1. Peculiarities
  3. Design options
  4. Manufacturers overview

When creating interiors in eco, rustic, country style, you cannot do without furniture made of natural materials. Solid pine products will be an excellent and economical solution. Natural material with a pleasant texture will organically fit into such design projects, where it is necessary to demonstrate harmony and closeness with nature, simplicity and brevity of room decor.


In order to evaluate solid pine furniture and highlight its features, you need to find out the pros and cons of such products. The pluses include the following points:

  • environmental friendliness of the material, and, consequently, minimal evaporation and emission of harmful substances during operation (with the exception of the upper layer of the protective coating);
  • the material is highly practical, pine is wood with a high resin content, it is this natural composition that provides the material with resistance to fungi and microorganism damage, as well as decay; special impregnations enhance the effect, making furniture products reliable and durable;
  • pine - soft wood, easily lends itself to any processing - grinding, milling, which allows you to create different shapes of products, expand the range of applications in different interior styles;
  • suitable for a room with any purpose, the aesthetic appearance of pine looks appropriate both in the bedroom and in the living room.

The disadvantages of pine furniture include the following nuances:

  • pine wood is soft, this can be not only a plus, but also a minus, because such a product is easily amenable to physical stress, there are scratches or chips on the surface;
  • the structure of the board is heterogeneous, over time it can change color unevenly, such an effect on an amateur, perhaps someone will see a special charm in this.

There is an opinion that pine furniture in the house has a beneficial effect on human health and on his body as a whole. Pine beds in the nursery will prevent the development of inflammatory processes in children associated with colds. A sleeping set will help adults to establish sleep, get rid of neuroses.

A pleasant aroma will fill the room, which will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. However, allergy sufferers should think about the consequences before buying pine furniture - resin and fumes can aggravate the disease, cause a runny nose, redness and itching in the eyes, sneezing.

Also, before buying, you should pay attention to how the wood was processed, what coating was applied to the surface. - the durability of the product and the preservation of the original appearance depend on this. The cheapest coating is nitrocellulose varnish. When buying a product labeled "NC", you should understand that it is the least resistant to moisture. Bathroom and kitchen are not the most suitable premises for such products. But as a headset in the bedroom, furniture with such a coating will come in handy.

Pine furniture fronts designed for rooms with high air humidity are coated with polyurethane varnishes. The treated surface is not afraid of wet cleaning, the furniture is suitable for furnishing the kitchen. Such products will cost more, but also have a longer service life. Water-acrylic varnishes save from burnout and drying out. They also have waterproof properties.


Any furniture is made from solid pine. This and modular factory products, and ready-made headsets, and individual products, as well as products made to order according to individual sizes. Particularly popular is garden furniture from solid pine.

Special treatment with impregnations, waxing, coating with water-repellent varnishes make it resistant to harsh environment - rain, hail, bright sunlight. Pine has a particularly strong energy.

Even one pine bench will help you better relax in nature, gain strength and peace of mind.

Design options

The pine board has a pleasant brownish, beige-yellow color. Sometimes light pink stains are visible on the surface. Pine furniture is ready to fit into any interior, because high-quality processing and staining of wood allows manufacturers to make collections for every taste.

Minimal processing of the product in the form of colorless or amber varnish will allow you to create designs in the following styles:

  • rustic;
  • country;
  • eco.

You can find antique decorated products. Artificially aged furniture will give the interior an authentic look, special comfort and warmth. Such furniture will perfectly fit into a bathhouse or a country house. For such stylistic decisions, it is better to choose massive, solid options.

More sophisticated options with colored paintwork will be an excellent support for interiors made in one of the classic styles. Due to the softness of wood and wide processing possibilities, pine furniture is suitable for styles:

  • baroque;
  • empire style;
  • antique;
  • Victorian.

Pine is a tree that grows predominantly in northern latitudes, so it fits perfectly into minimalist Scandinavian interiors. Finding the right collection for this design is not difficult.

Manufacturers overview

Now on the market there is a huge amount of Belarusian, Russian and foreign, mainly European, pine furniture. Each factory is distinguished by its unique style, furniture manufacturing methods, and the choice of components.

  • One of the largest Russian furniture manufacturers working with raw materials from pine boards is Ecomebel in St. Petersburg... The company offers a huge selection of types of furniture for home and summer cottages. The furniture is made of solid Karelian pine, which is valued for its durability and excellent appearance.
  • Belarusian-German joint collaboration MMZ (Minsk Furniture Center) has been on the market for over 25 years and exports its products to Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada and European countries. The brand is trusted by the Swedish company IKEA, which makes orders to the factory for the production of dressers, beds, wardrobes, dining groups and other cabinet furniture.
  • Furniture enterprise "KEDR-M" offers products in the old Russian style. Massive, solid, deliberately aged furniture is suitable not only for furnishing a country house, it is also popular with the owners of their own restaurant complexes and rest homes.

An amazing atmosphere is given by the interiors created with the help of such products, they allow you to relax your body and soul, to be transported from a noisy city to a quiet village corner.

  • For lovers of exquisite interiors and interiors in a classic style, the organization of JSC "Minskproektmebel" offers its collections: solemn snow-white "Verona" and strict, made in dark color "Omega".
  • Since 2010, Timberica has been operating. It was founded by Klaus Matsen from Denmark and Matt Konti from Finland. In 2012, the partners opened a branch in Karelia, and goods of European quality entered the Russian market. A large number of collections differ in design and stylistic features. Some are covered with snow-white enamel, others are colored, some models have retained the natural color of the wood. The products are made mainly in restrained Scandinavian and minimalist styles.
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