Do-it-yourself country furniture made of wood: drawings and diagrams

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Outdoor activities with family or friends are a real treat for those who live in the city. When equipping a country house or cottage, it is necessary not only to think over the interior decoration, but also to make the garden plot itself comfortable and cozy, because it is so nice to organize a picnic for loved ones or just lie in a sun lounger with your favorite book. Garden furniture in this case is simply irreplaceable. It will make your stay pleasant and comfortable. You can make it with your own hands - it does not require a lot of effort and will save finances.


Country furniture carries the same functional load as the items in your apartment. One has only to take into account one important nuance: it must certainly be not only functional, but also practical, since it will be operated on the street. It is this feature that determines the choice of materials for construction - they should not be afraid of water, sun and cold. Let's try to figure out which of the existing materials best meet these requirements.

Upholstered furniture in our apartments is undoubtedly more comfortable than solid wood or metal structures. But placing such items outdoors is impractical. To comfortably sit on a country bench or sofa, just prepare soft bases or pillows that can be easily removed into the house.

Wooden furniture

This is a classic version of furniture for a summer residence, which you can do yourself. Wood is a noble and practical option. It is suitable for making almost any item. A table, chairs, benches and even garden sofas made of wood, with proper care, will serve you faithfully for more than a year.

Even a novice craftsman can make a simple bench, but the aces of their craft can turn an ordinary picnic table into a real work of art.

Metal objects

Metal is a very practical and durable material. But when working with it, you will need a set of certain tools and skills. You can connect metal parts to each other both by welding and using bolts and screws. Another option is to give the desired shape by bending individual sections or structural elements.

Wicker furniture

Elegant and sophisticated wicker furniture can decorate any area. The main difficulty is to learn how to weave the rods beautifully and create the necessary shapes from them. Even if you've never done this, you can start with the simplest elements. The experience gained will allow in the future to create more complex and flowery models.

Drawings and diagrams

Having decided on the material from which your furniture will be made, you need to think in advance where it will be located and what kind of items you want to make. Indeed, despite the fact that these are not apartments, you still need to determine the size and style that is optimal for you.


The simplest and most traditional material here is wood. There are several simple schemes of country shops. You can make seats for them either from boards or from solid wood. Based on the above diagrams, you can easily build a convenient and practical bench or bench of the required size. After completing the assembly, be sure to treat the wood with a protective agent.

As for the colors and designs, it all depends on your imagination. You can leave clean, laconic lines or cut out graceful curves. The natural design of wood is an invariable classic, so you can only cover it with varnish. But if your idea requires it, then you can easily give it any color.


The simplest version of the table is considered to be a product on four supports (legs) and with a solid table top. By the way, it can be made both from boards and from solid wood. A solid saw cut of a large tree looks very unusual, and the log itself can be sawn both along and across the trunk.

Often, whole stumps can be seen as a small table. The more impressive its size, the more intricate pattern the "tabletop" itself will have. The choice of the place where the table will be installed is also important. Make sure the surface is level. Otherwise, the table top will tilt or the table will wobble.

The base for the country table can also be made of metal - the product will turn out to be truly strong and durable. In addition, metal goes very well with wood and weaving. But a tabletop made of glass and other fragile materials will not work at all in this case. Firstly, even small drops of rain will be immediately visible on it, and, secondly, it can break even from a slight mechanical impact.

Sun lounger

This is not to say that a chaise longue is the most necessary piece of furniture in the country. But remember a vacation somewhere on the seashore and that pleasant feeling when you, relaxed, lay down on it and basked in the sun. To create such an atmosphere at your dacha is a dream that can be easily turned into reality.

The most convenient option would be a chaise longue with an adjustable back. With this design, you can find the ideal tilt angle to read a book or just watch the children frolic nearby.

For manufacturing, you will need boards, beams and slats. After you assemble the frame, you can start laying the battens. Remember to leave small gaps between them. The height of the chaise longue can be any - it all depends on your preferences. When in doubt, it is best to stick to the standard 35 cm.

Garden sofa

The main difference between a garden sofa will be that it will not be upholstered with soft foam rubber and fabric. If you are used to gathering at the dacha with a large company, then such a stationary object in a recreation area will be indispensable. It can be both simple and angular, and even U-shaped.

Models made from a large diameter tree trunk look quite brutal. In this case, you only need to install the log in the right place and cut out 1/4 of it so that you get a seat. You can complement such a masterpiece with armrests with dimensions that emphasize the massiveness and reliability of the structure. But repainting in bright colors, covering the texture of the wood, is not recommended for such a sofa, since it will look most impressive in its natural form.

In addition to the chopped model of the garden sofa, you can also make it from ordinary beams and planks. Recently, the production of furniture from pallets has become a real trend. In fact, you already have "semi-finished products" that you just need to connect and give them an aesthetic look by coloring.

Rocking chair

It is quite possible to assemble a rocking chair yourself. But if you have never held a plane and a jigsaw in your hands, then we advise you to start with simpler furniture models: here you will need an accurate calculation of every detail. In addition, due attention will have to be paid to the connecting elements: increased requirements are imposed on them due to the increased load that the chair will have to face during the period of operation.

The design can be absolutely anything. Most often, this can be a classic version of a wooden chair, in which it is so cozy to sit down on a warm evening, wrapping your legs in a warm blanket and sipping hot coffee. Lovers of minimalism, hi-tech and loft styles will find options with a metal base and a rack and pinion seat.

Such a homemade rocking chair will become a real favorite of both the adult generation, who appreciate silence, and the little fidgets, who will be happy to use it for their intended purpose.

How to collect?

In order to make the process of assembling garden furniture as easy as possible, we recommend that you stock up on all the necessary tools in advance. Professional jigsaws and planers in stores are quite expensive, so if you plan to assemble one bench and calm down on this, then it is inappropriate to acquire them for personal use - ask your neighbors or friends.

For beginners who have decided to master the manufacture of garden furniture, it should be borne in mind that it is not always possible to do everything perfectly the first time. It is better to stock up on material for future use so that you can replace the damaged part right away, and not run to a hardware store.

The process of making furniture will be much easier if you find the necessary instructions or drawing in advance. When you have already gained experience, you can easily improvise and create your own unique projects. But in the initial stages, it is better to stick to proven schemes.


  • It is much easier to start making garden furniture than to design and make a piece of furniture for your own apartment. This is due to the fact that there are no special aesthetic requirements for it. Well, who can reproach you for the fact that the shop is a little uneven ?! And by the way, it's a great experience. And if you have already got a chic garden sofa or table, then think about how to make furniture for the kitchen or bath with your own hands.
  • When choosing materials, you should not immediately run to a hardware store. Take a closer look at what you have in stock. Perhaps you or your friend have had beams and planks for several years that you would be sorry to throw away. Stumps and driftwood that get in the way on the site can also become a unique item or part of it. Do you remember whether hunting trophies have fallen on your mezzanine? Horns, skins and other paraphernalia will harmoniously fit into the interior of your recreation area.
  • Pallets (pallets) can be bought for little money at construction sites, in stores or online. You will save a significant amount of cutting and assembly time with these versatile designs.
  • Interior items that have already lost their relevance can also become the basis for future garden furniture. Take a closer look, is it time for you to replace the table at home, if you feel sorry to part with it? Then feel free to take the tools in your hands and transform it. Polished and re-painted, it will not only take on a new look, but also a second life as a picnic table.

Beautiful examples

Do you already have an idea of ​​what a seating area should look like in your garden area? Whether it will be a cozy corner in the shade of trees or a large playground with a platform and a long garden sofa - it all depends on your imagination and desire. The examples below can serve as a starting point for you and become a source of inspiration for future transformations.

Competent placement of all the necessary pieces of furniture on the site will create the right atmosphere and help to comfortably spend time with loved ones. Making furniture with your own hands requires a lot of time and effort, but as a result, you get unique pieces of art of the sizes and shapes you need, which you will be proud of for a very long time.

For more interesting ideas, see the video below.

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