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The best place to relax is considered a secluded corner without the scorching sun, which is impossible to imagine without a comfortable and beautiful benches in provence style. It can be placed in the country, complementing the barbecue area, or by the porch, under a tall tree, giving the design of the site a complete look. Benches in the style of the French hinterland are presented on the market with a huge selection, but many summer residents prefer to make them with their own hands, since such products look special.

What happens?

Bench in Provence style characterized by a simple form and the absence of intrusive decorations, excesses of luxury.

It is usually made of natural wood (chestnut, oak, light walnut), varnished and decorated with carved legs or forging elements.

Today there is many types of benches in Provence style, which differ from each other not only in the material of manufacture, but also in design features.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular varieties.

  • Garden bench... It is appropriate to place it everywhere on the site. This accessory can serve as a comfortable sitting place for dining in the fresh air, as well as an original addition to landscape design.
  • Benches with backrest... Such structures are usually made on a forged frame. They can decorate not only the place next to the path, but also the area near the pond, garden, creating a comfortable recreation area.
  • Benches with a table... This option is great for relaxing by the pool or in the country in those places where you need to arrange a small group of friends. A white bench, complemented by a glass tabletop, looks especially beautiful in landscape design.

In addition, there are also benches designed to rest in any weather... They are equipped canopy... Hinged swing benches with awning.

How to do it?

A solid Provence-style bench is considered an indispensable accessory for a summer residence. It can serve not only as a place for reading books, drinking tea in the shade of trees, but also for family meals.

It is quite possible to make this country accessory with your own hands.

It is enough for this prepare drawings, sketch and select material, most often metal and wood are used for garden structures.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the product, it is necessary to prepare the following tools and material:

  • timber for assembling the frame with a section of 90x38 mm;
  • strips for supporting the structure 64x19 mm;
  • electric drill;
  • roulette;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • sandpaper;
  • paint and stain.

After that, you need to prepare drawing, indicating the dimensions of all parts in millimeters. The blanks for the legs must be cut at both ends at an angle of 10 degrees. All parts are processed first with a grinder, then with sandpaper. In order for the bench to be reliable in operation, all the places where the parts are connected must be coated with wood glue before the screed.

To assemble a Provence style garden bench, you will need to prepare the following details:

  • 2 cross bars (356 mm);
  • seating blanks (4 pieces, 1372 mm long);
  • a longitudinal lower beam with a length of 965 mm and an upper one - 864 mm;
  • 2 bowstrings to tie the legs;
  • 2 braces 340 mm each;
  • 4 legs 387 mm long.

First, you need to attach the transverse beams and legs to the side support of the bowstring using 65x4 mm screws. After that, the lower tie, the longitudinal beam is installed and the bench seat is assembled from 4 slats.

The production is completed with the decor of the bench, for this all parts are polished, cleaned of dust and impregnated with a protective compound.Then the tree is covered with acrylic varnish, which allows it to preserve its natural appearance.

Beautiful examples

Many summer residents place Provence-style benches on its territory for arranging a site. They look harmoniously in landscape design and act as a comfortable place to stay.

In small summer cottages, it is recommended to install compact wooden benches with wrought iron legs.

They perfectly complement the barbecue area. Thanks to the "curls" and smooth curves, such designs look delicate and effective. To emphasize the style, the benches can be paint it white. Flower beds will look beautiful next to them.

If the site is large, then on its territory several long benches made of wood can be placed. Soft pillows will help give them an exclusive look. If desired, the designs can be supplemented with stone countertops.

An equally original solution will be the installation of Provence benches, made of a combination of several materials: wood, stone and metal.

They possess versatility, as they are suitable for installation in open spaces and in gazebos.

In the next video, you will learn how to make a Provence style bench with your own hands.

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