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Many townspeople have a small balcony or loggia in their possession. Sooner or later, the thought comes to mind about their arrangement and creating comfort there. Now there is a large amount of furniture for the balcony, and ready-made design solutions will help with the decor and layout.

IKEA is a global brand that has millions of positive reviews all over the planet. Special attention in this store should be paid to the furniture for the balcony. Everyone will find something to their liking.

Storage furniture review

Very often the balcony is used as a storage room. IKEA can provide many options.

  • Ophus storage system. Ideal for a small balcony, as this is modular furniture that can be planned according to a special program on the official website.
  • If you want to install open cabinets and cabinets on the balcony, then it will do furniture series "Trisil", "Eket"... They are made of chipboard, therefore, they have a relatively low cost.
  • Open storage systems are perfect for those who like winter harvesting. IKEA offers series "Ivar", "Hillis"... They are made of wood and have an aesthetic appearance.
  • Knugglig boxes are suitable for both full storage of things and for decorating a recreation area (you can put a kettle, sugar bowl and sweets in them). The boxes look very aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, so they will fit into any interior.
  • Wardrobes from the Pax series are ideal for a cold balcony or loggia. According to customer reviews, such furniture is particularly durable and always looks like new. You can buy both small cabinets and full-fledged wardrobes.

Furniture for the arrangement of the recreation area

Very often the owner of a small apartment wants to equip a balcony as a recreation area, as he constantly wants to change the setting. IKEA has many options for balcony and loggia furniture, as well as a huge number of decorative elements.

If the balcony is not glazed, then the best solution would be to green the area first. For this, various flowers, shrubs, small trees, bright and variegated greens are used. Green will add more colors, and even without new furniture, the balcony will sparkle with new colors.

To buy quality seedlings or ready-made plants, you need to contact an IKEA store. He offers a variety of plants for decoration, any buyer will find what he likes.

If you want to add wooden elements to the balcony, then it is worth remembering that it often rains in summer and autumn. Unfortunately, the tree is not covered with additional protective equipment. Designers advise you to do this yourself, which will not only protect wooden chairs, boxes, tables from pests and decay, but also give an unusual appearance.

For a small balcony, a minimalistic style is suitable. If you want to add a small number of shelves, then it is better to mount them in the wall - so they will take up less space. On the shelves, you can place books, delicious tea and sweets, decorative figures or fresh flowers.

When starting repairs, you should understand what time of year the balcony will be used. If you want the recreation area to function all year round, then you need to glaze the balcony, carry out heating and put a warm floor. You can do without glazing if it is in the southern regions of the country - there the temperature in winter drops to 10 degrees with a plus sign. In addition, it will be very comfortable to cover yourself with a blanket, drink hot tea and feel a little cool.

After the walls have been processed on the balcony, the ceiling has been painted and the warm floor has been laid, you can start decorating and arranging it. In the IKEA catalog there are many collections of garden furniture that will perfectly fit into the interior of a balcony room.

  • "Applaro". Leisure furniture made of acacia wood is ideal for both the balcony and the garden area. In this series there are not only folding chairs, but also armchairs, sofas, benches with a soft seat, stools for a comfortable position of the legs. You can purchase both a ready-made set and pieces of furniture separately.
  • If you do not want to install wooden furniture due to insufficient strength, IKEA offers furniture with a metal frame, for example, series "Sheland"... It has comfortable chairs and small tables. The set can be purchased both for a couple in love and for a large company.
  • "Kungsholmen" - a unique series of furniture, as it has a large number of sofas with a metal frame for a balcony or garden. Ideal for a large company.
  • Recently, wicker furniture has gained particular popularity, and in this case IKEA will again come to the rescue. Agen series Is a high-quality wicker furniture made of bamboo rods. You can buy from chairs to a sofa, the choice is quite large.

As decorative elements, you can use modular paintings, wooden boxes, beautiful flower pots, tulle, garlands with warm yellow shades.

Beautiful examples

An ideal solution for owners of a small balcony. Wooden benches and a table are perfectly located here. Suitable for both a large company and a couple of people. Beautiful garlands, unusual flower pots, candles and lamps were used as decoration. The armchairs have pillows with minimalistic patterns and blankets to add coziness.

An excellent solution for lovers of minimalism. There is nothing superfluous on the balcony except for a couple of chairs and a table. Such an interior is suitable for those who like to sit with a cup of tea in the evenings. In addition, you can decorate the chairs with pillows and blankets. It will be not only beautiful, but also practical.

This interior is perfect for plant lovers. A living wall, complemented by beautiful lilies, will perfectly fit into any interior and create incredible coziness. The sofa is woven of bamboo, so it will last more than one decade, and the blanket and pillows will perfectly fit into the interior. Suitable for both open balconies and loggias.

If you want to combine a recreation area with storage, then this is a great option. A closet or shelves can be built into the wall, where it is convenient to store personal belongings. Next to the storage area, it is worth placing a cozy sofa and a small table, you can decorate as you wish, or leave a minimalistic interior.

If you want to create as much comfort as possible on the balcony, then such an interior will definitely fit. The main element is a spacious sofa for a large company. Garlands and a table lamp with warm light create a cozy atmosphere.

The balcony is a place that should not be empty or littered with rubbish. Any balcony area can be converted into a recreation area. Now there are many separate pieces of furniture, as well as ready-made solutions. Anyone will find something to their liking.

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