Floor TV stands

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of varieties
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Shapes and sizes
  5. Design options
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Today it is difficult to imagine a living room without a TV. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of similar equipment. The options for its installation are also varied. Some simply hang the TV on the wall, while others use a variety of stands that can be beautiful and functional. Consider the options for floor products intended for the installation of television equipment.


Floor TV stand can perform different functions depending on the type. It can serve as a place to put things - books, magazines, CDs, documents and even small items of clothing in closed compartments. You can put souvenirs, lamps, flower pots on it. In the end, she herself can become a decoration of the room, if you choose a model with a spectacular design. Some models allow the TV to be rotated for easy viewing from anywhere in the room. Others create a stationary but cozy TV area.

Today, you can find a stand of any size and design on sale. It can occupy the entire wall or fit compactly into an empty corner. Moreover, it can be part of a modular complex with many additional elements or be an independent piece of furniture. Sometimes the monitor is attached to a special stand, they can put the equipment on a spacious cabinet, or they completely hide the TV inside a retractable structure.

Overview of varieties

Let's consider each option of floor stands separately.


The most common option. Curbstone can be in the form of a chest of drawers, whatnots, or be hollow inside (made in the form of a rectangle or oval).

Chest of drawers may outwardly resemble the type of furniture of the same name and consist of drawers. Drawers are often combined with open shelves. Some models may have closed compartments with hinged or sliding doors. However, the design options are different. On sale you can find both classic and modern minimalist products.

Bookcase is a collection of open shelves. Such multi-level structures are suitable for placing decor and small items that do not require masking with facades (for example, magazines). They can have various shapes, be regular and asymmetrical.

Any of the types of pedestals can also be linear or angular. The first type is located on one line (usually near the wall). The second one is ideal for small and non-standard rooms. Corner bedside tables fit perfectly into empty space without interfering with freedom of movement. They can also have different contents (open shelves, drawers, closed compartments).

With bracket

Such constructions have special swivel element (bracket) to which the TV is fixed. It allows you to fix the equipment at the desired height, as well as, if necessary, change the angle of its inclination and rotation. This is especially useful if people often watch TV from different parts of the room, depending on their mood and situation. Product can be supplemented with functional and decorative elements (open shelves, drawers made of various materials).


If there is enough furniture in the room, and you want visual lightness, you can give preference to a simple counter... Such designs are suitable for screens of different diagonals.It can be just a holder on a metal support or a wide bar equipped with a couple of small shelves (for example, made of glass). In the upper part there is a mount for the screen.


Many people like this unusual invention. The point is that the TV is hidden inside a mini-cabinet or other design. For example, the monitor can be integrated into the headboard. When you press the button on the control panel, the screen goes up. In this case, the user can adjust his position in space. After finishing viewing, the monitor lowers again.

Such a decision may be relevant in a classic interiorwhere modern television equipment looks slightly out of place. The technique is hidden inside a luxurious bar or chest of drawers, and if necessary, it appears and makes it possible to spend leisure time with pleasure.

Another situation is a house with small noisy children... If parents are afraid that during active games children may accidentally touch the TV, they hide it using an elevator.

Such an invention will also come in handy for those who rarely watch TV programs. To prevent the equipment from gathering dust, it is hidden inside some furniture.

Mobile constructions

Movable structures should be distinguished into a separate group. All varieties described above can have wheels. This allows you to easily move them on the floor without scratching it and without exerting great physical effort.

Materials (edit)

Modern manufacturers use different materials for the production of TV stands. Often they combined to create original models. Let's consider each type of raw material in more detail.

Solid wood

Wood is often carved pedestals in classic style. The material is coated with a special varnish or paint, due to which the furniture retains a presentable appearance for many years. Such products look solid, but they also cost a lot. Nevertheless, many people prefer just such furniture because of its environmental friendliness and beauty.


This is an inexpensive material that can be given any color and texture due to a special film. It could be imitation of natural wood with a natural color or a spectacular gloss. It all depends on the design of the product. Affordable price makes laminated chipboard cabinets very popular, but some are still confused by the quality of such furniture. The fact is that during its production, substances are used that in the future can cause fumes that are harmful to humans. Although manufacturers claim that the dose of hazardous substances is minimal and cannot harm the health of users, more and more buyers are choosing other materials. Also worth noting low resistance of chipboard to wear and moisture.


Unlike the previous one, this the material does not emit any vapors into the air. It is more durable and reliable. Accordingly, it costs a little more. The design options for such products are also different. These are both wood textures and colored products.


This material is not often used for making stands for equipment due to their low strength. But some details from it are sometimes fulfilled. For example, these can be shelves designed for light items or transparent doors (glass replacement).


Glass products are in great demand among connoisseurs of modern interiors... Such models are more like coffee tables. Products can have one or more tiers, can be supported by 4 or 3 metal legs. In any case, they seem light and airy, do not overload the situation. The forms can be different. The color also varies. Glass can be absolutely transparent, tinted tinted or, for example, just black.

Of course, for the manufacture of such products is used tempered type of glass. Such material is characterized by increased strength, it is difficult to break it.The only caveat is that fingerprints remain on such surfaces, so the products have to be wiped frequently.

In addition to all glass coasters, the range of stores there are also combined products in which glass is partially present... It is used to make separate shelves, doors covering the compartments of the pedestals, and various decorative elements. In such cases, this material can be combined not only with metal, but also with wood, plastic, chipboard, MDF.


TV stands are completely metal. And also metal is widely used as an auxiliary material for the manufacture of furniture legs, fittings, holders and other elements. Typically manufacturers to create coasters use stainless steel, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to moisture.

Shapes and sizes

TV floor stands come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Wide and long

Chest of drawers are often oversized.... Such furniture is placed against a free wall and is adapted for storing things. Large structures fit best in spacious rooms. In addition to the TV, in such cases, various decor or lighting fixtures are often placed on the countertop. The height of the products is different. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to consider at what level the location of the TV is supposed to be.


Racks are considered compact... They take up very little space in the room. And also small in size often have products with brackets and some variants of pedestals... If a stand-stand without a special holder is chosen, its parameters must exceed the dimensions of television equipment, otherwise the stability of the structure will be in question. If the depth of the product is also small, then it is better to additionally attach it to the wall in order to eliminate the risk of accidental fall.


The category of high include models with brackets. Usually, the user can adjust the position of the TV, but if desired, you can install it at a decent heightto watch, for example, lying on the bed.


Pedestals without holders are usually referred to as low ones.... The technique is placed on such a stand in order to enjoy viewing, sitting on a sofa or in an armchair in front of the screen.

Design options

It is very important that the TV stand harmonized with all the furnishings and maintained the style of the room.


Only cabinets made of wood or its imitation fit into classic interiors... Depending on the specifics of the furnishings, this can be a discreet, elegant option, made in brown, or a cream carved bedside table with patina and golden fittings. Such models usually stand on curly legs, have drawers, closed and open compartments (sometimes glazed).

Can be distinguished neoclassical options, which combine the sophistication of luxury of the past centuries and modern features. Such furniture can have more relevant shades (white, black, coffee with milk), be decorated with original fittings.

Modern options

Metal racks and glass shelves look good in modern interiors. However, pedestals suitable for such an environment are presented in a great variety today. There is minimalistic options resembling smooth rectangular blocks. There is original models with unusual shapes or contrasting color combinations.

Bright shades for coasters are rarely used.... This is understandable - flashy tones can distract from the screen. The most popular colors for such furniture are white, black, gray, beige. Often sand tone is combined with wenge, and white with blackto create dramatic contrast. And also actively used colored lighting, transparent or tinted glass inserts.

Selection Tips

There are a number of important points to consider when choosing a TV stand.

  1. Product type. If you need a model with adjustable height and angle, choose from the models with brackets. If you do not plan to move the TV, you can stop at the stand.
  2. The size... Choose a technique in advance to take into account its size when choosing a stand. And also decide on the place where the TV zone will be located. From this it will be clear how much free space you can allocate for furniture.
  3. Style... The stand should harmoniously fit into the interior, and not stand out with a foreign element.
  4. Functionality. If you have a lot of things, a dresser stand is the best option. In this case, it is worth deciding what will be stored in it. Open shelves and glazed compartments are suitable for decor, magazines and similar items. It is better to hide household items and personal items in drawers and closed sections.
  5. Quality. Of course, when buying, you should carefully inspect the product, make sure that there are no defects, check that all the necessary components are present.

Examples in the interior

Shelving rack with glass shelves seems almost invisible against the background of the surrounding environment. The chrome-plated metal also blends into the light-colored walls, making the stand visually weightless. At the same time, there is enough space on the shelves to store small appliances, CDs and books.

A stand with a dark base looks completely different. This option is suitable for connoisseurs of brutal technological interiors. The soundbar is well placed on small shelves, and the speakers of a similar design on the sides make the TV area harmoniously complete.

A great option in the style of minimalism - snow-white pedestal with a dark bottom and colored lighting... There is plenty of room for decor on the countertop. Closed compartments contain some things, and an attractive appearance makes the furniture a highlight of the room.

Unusual solution - curbstone in futuristic design... Black and white contrast, a combination of gloss, metal and glass are eye-catching. At the same time, the product seems laconic and does not distract from the screen at all.

The combination of classic elegance and modern trends is embodied in a product in a luxurious walnut tone. The woody texture of the façade is effectively combined with the dark, glossy worktop. The functionality of the curbstone is also excellent.

How to make a do-it-yourself TV cabinet with your own hands, see the next video.

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