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Today, many well-known factories produce high-quality and attractive furniture. Products manufactured by the Elba factory are in great demand. The article will discuss the features of the original furniture designs.


Elba Mebel is one of the largest manufacturers of upholstered and cabinet furniture in Russia. High-quality products are in great demand because they have many advantages.

  • Furniture structures, which are made by a well-known domestic factory, undergo strict quality control at every stage of production. Thanks to this, the company does not supply defective or low-quality furniture for sale.

  • Absolutely all products from the Elba factory are made from environmentally friendly and absolutely safe materials, that do not have a negative effect on human and domestic animal health. Furniture does not emit harmful substances and unpleasant odors.
  • Many factory items are made of high quality laminated particle board, which does not suffer from mechanical and thermal effects, is not afraid of contact with chemicals. All products are regularly certified and comply with the E1 environmental class.
  • The products of the Elba factory are characterized by a long service life. Quality products can last for many years without losing their original attractive appearance. A similar positive effect is achieved due to the presence of a shockproof edge from the German concern Rehau.
  • Even if there is a mirror part in the furniture structure, it will always remain safe and will not harm users. This is due to the special gluing of the mirrors, which ensures their high level of safety. Even if the part is accidentally broken, it will remain hanging on a special film, and will not fall to the floor in the form of many small fragments.
  • The manufacturer produces high-quality pieces of furniture, which are equipped with the most reliable and strong lifting mechanisms. We are talking about practical gas lifts of the German company Stabilus. Such parts are designed for a large number of openings and can withstand significant loads without problems. Beds in which these components are present can last a very long time and can be folded out easily.
  • The manufacturer also provides for the optimal height of furniture structures. In addition, the frame bases of the branded beds are assembled on special eccentric screeds sewn directly into the slabs. Thanks to this, the products are more durable and reliable.
  • It should be noted the attractive appearance of branded furniture designs from the Elba factory. The products look very stylish and fresh, they fit effectively into many interior compositions. A harmonious option can be easily selected for any style and color scheme.
  • The Elba factory produces furniture in a very rich assortment. Buyers can choose from a variety of high-quality products that differ from each other in size, design, and functional features. The manufacturer produces not only furniture itself, but also textiles for it, mattresses, decorative elements, mirrors and mattress covers.

Due to the long list of advantages, the furniture of the Elba factory is in great demand. Today, many buyers make a choice in its favor, who value quality, practicality, durability and beautiful design in the products they buy.

Product range

Let's take a closer look at some of the branded products from the Elba factory.


In the assortment of the manufacturer, you can find a lot of excellent items designed for placement in the hallway.

  • Cabinet number 11. A minimalistic version, equipped with 5 shelves and one swing-type front. The model has a small size, while remaining quite roomy. The cabinet is reliable and safe, complemented by high-quality fittings. The body of the furniture is made of high-quality and wear-resistant chipboard material. The cabinet does not have a mirror insert.

  • Wardrobe with mirrored facades No. 1. An excellent swing model with a bar, ideal for a modern interior. The cabinet looks stylish and neat and is equipped with sturdy support legs. Facade components are made of high quality laminated chipboard. There are mirror inserts and quality fittings.
  • Corner cabinet No. 1. Corner hinged model, equipped with 5 adjustable shelves and two shelves with ties. And also a bar is provided in the design. The furniture is compact, but very practical and durable, has a presentable appearance. The wardrobe is very spacious, but it does not take up much free space in the hallway.
  • Hallway set No. 9. A spectacular option that will perfectly fit into almost any modern interior. The structure consists of a cabinet with shelves and a mirrored front, floor sections in the form of a shoe rack, hanging elements and wall panels with hooks. The variant is beautiful and original, but not complemented by a soft seat.


The manufacturer produces a large number of original and high quality bed models with different characteristics. Let's take a closer look at some of the positions.

  • "Victoria" + mattress "Elba" Orto. A quality version with a laminated chipboard body. The body components are covered with practical eco-leather, they look expensive and stylish. The base of this product is orthopedic. Unfortunately, the bed does not have a drawer, but there are high quality and durable fittings.

  • "Milan" with lifting mechanism No. 1. A laconic and very comfortable model of the branded bed, has a high base of 41 cm. A very spacious storage is provided in the lower part of the structure. There are no restrictions on the severity of the load. The back of the furniture is upholstered. German gas-lifts of impeccable quality are provided.
  • Sunnah without lifting mechanism. A minimalistic bed model that looks stylish and simple. It has no unnecessary decorative elements or bright colors. The model has a very strong wooden frame that can withstand heavy loads.

In the production of the bed, high-quality laminated chipboard of the E1 class is also used.

Chests of drawers

Let's get acquainted with the parameters of some branded chests of drawers from the Elba factory.

  • Chest of drawers No. 12. Convenient and functional model that can be placed in the living room. Differs in stylish and modern design, reliable and high-strength base. Environmentally friendly laminated chipboard material is used in the production of furniture. The assembly of this chest of drawers turns out to be extremely simple and quick.

  • №1. Modern chest of drawers equipped with a push-to-open mechanism. Ideal for accommodating a large number of personal belongings, characterized by compact dimensions. The model is very reliable and practical, designed for a long service life.
  • №8. This instance has the same mechanism as in the model discussed above. The product has good capacity and is easy to operate. The chest of drawers looks very neat and stylish.


We will find out what characteristics the branded Elba tables have.

  • Ultra-transformer # 1. The compact transformer is convenient and reliable. Ideal for the living room. The product is characterized by high stability and stylish appearance.

  • Writing table number 3. A high quality product equipped with a comfortable rounded table top. And also there are 3 drawers in the design. The model has a practical push-to-open mechanism. Furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials of class E0.5.
  • Writing table number 4. A very popular specimen, available in several attractive colors. Made from environmentally friendly materials, it has a comfortable and spacious table top. The curbstone here can be located both on the left and on the right. The style of the furniture is modern and concise.
  • Transforming table No. 3. A compact version for the living room, characterized by high reliability, practicality and durability. The design of the model has a transformable mechanism, thanks to which the product can be used in two different positions.


The assortment of the manufacturer includes not only cabinet and transformable, but also high quality upholstered furniture. Let's get acquainted with the characteristics of some of the chairs from the Elba factory.

  • Weiden. Elegant and cozy model of impeccable quality. It can serve as the central component of the interior or its harmonious addition. The chair has very comfortable and ergonomic armrests.

The product comes with a soft pillow.

  • "Gamma". An interesting soft chair in which the user can completely relax. The legs of this product can be made of high quality chipboard in different shades. The furniture is presented in several shades of fabric upholstery.
  • "Weiden with a pouf." A comfortable and sophisticated armchair that will adorn many stylish interiors. It has comfortable armrests and an optimal angle between the seat and backrest. The "Weiden" pillow, which comes with the armchair, acts as a decor.
  • "Munich". A wonderful armchair with a sophisticated and sophisticated design. Thin and very neat legs act as a support here. Fabric upholstery is available in several shades, so you can find the best option for any color combination.


Let's take a closer look at some of the popular Elba mattresses.

  • Elba Hard. Hard mattress of high quality, has a block of independent springs in the design. The maximum weight that this model can carry is 110 kg. Product height - 20 cm.

  • Orto. A simple yet reliable and practical model for a comfortable sleep. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in several sizes. The height of the mattress is 15 cm, the degree of hardness is above average.
  • Style. A rigid specimen, the height of which reaches 18 cm. The product is spring-loaded, designed for a maximum load of 120 kg. A quality mattress is also available in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Norma. High quality product based on a block of independent springs. The height of the bed reaches 20 cm. The largest weight that can affect this mattress is 120 kg. The model can be ordered for any bed size.

Bathroom furniture

In the assortment of the domestic factory, you can find high-quality furniture designed for placement in a bathroom. Let's consider some positions related to this type.

  • Corro 70. Hanging bathroom cabinet. Has a stylish and modern design. All sections of chipboard in the cabinet structure are reliably protected from moisture by an ABS edge, the thickness of which is 2 mm.

Drawers in the design are made of pull-out, installed on roller-type guides.

  • "Venus". High quality drawer unit. Ideal for storing many things. Roomy, beautiful. Equipped with a rectangular ceramic sink.
  • "Olivia". Spacious pencil case with hinged doors for the bathroom. You can open them both to the left and to the right. There is also a drawer in which you can store many different little things.


Let's consider several models of furniture for a seat from the Elba factory.

  • A pouf with legs. A very comfortable model that can be placed in the hallway. It is characterized by a laconic design and has legs. Furniture is also allowed to be used as a bench next to the bed. The ottoman has a place to store various things.

  • Poof number 1. Practical and beautiful model, can serve as a bench near the bed. The pouf is lightweight and compact, ideal for a small apartment.
  • Poof number 2. An elegant leather model that can be placed in a wide variety of areas and rooms. Looks exquisite and expensive. Base material - laminated chipboard.


Consider what other pieces of furniture are in the assortment of the factory.

  • Children's single bed OKP900 No. 2. The model with an orthopedic lattice, looks minimalist, will easily fit into a variety of interiors. The body is made of laminated chipboard, there are German fittings.

  • Dressing table number 2. Compact model with stylish design. It is made of laminated chipboard of class E0.5, complemented by spacious drawers and a door with a push-to-open mechanism.
  • Sliding wardrobe №1. Model with two sections, practical and very comfortable. The wardrobe is spacious and does not take up much space. The body is made of laminated chipboard.
  • Capri. The original model of the branded bedside table. The body of the furniture is made of durable and practical material - laminated chipboard of an environmentally friendly category. The instance is perfect for a modern bedroom interior.
  • Hinged shelf No. 1. Suspended model with a "blank" rear wall. The product is made of high quality laminated chipboard. There are 2 holes made in the rear wall for fixing the shelf.
  • Cabinet with Wing Line No. 4 mechanism. An expensive model of impeccable quality. The structure has a spectacular mirrored facade. The existing mechanism is durable, practical and very easy to use. The cabinet design provides high quality and practical fittings. The protrusion of the door here is minimal, due to which the use of the internal space can be more rational and comfortable.

Review overview

Buyers leave a lot of different reviews about Elba furniture designs. Most often, in the positive responses left to branded furniture, people talk about the ideal price-quality ratio, attractive product design, and a high level of assembly. According to many consumers, Elba furniture is very reliable and serves for many years without losing its former aesthetics.

Negative reviews left for the products of the Elba factory are rare. As a rule, buyers are unhappy with the manufacturer's service.

According to some users, the price of many products is unreasonably high. People do not like the fact that the choice of colors for furniture cases is too modest.

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