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  4. Other options
  5. How to choose?

Furniture fittings should be not only functional, but also beautiful. In this case, it will easily fit into the interior of modern houses and apartments. Such stylish and comfortable handles can be found in the assortment of the IKEA company.


Modern furniture “buttons” are considered the most popular. They look like small caps on a short stem. As a rule, such handles are small in size. They are attached to cabinets and drawer fronts with just one screw. Anyone can install them after purchase.

In the assortment of the IKEA company you can find both classic round or square handles, and models made in the form of various figures. They go well with both kitchen furniture and wardrobes in the bedroom or living room.

Small "buttons" fit easily in the palm of your hand. Therefore, it is very convenient to use them.

In addition, if the owner of the house has a desire, he can always additionally decorate the products he likes with some little things. This will make the standard "buttons" unique.

Staple handles

Such furniture handles by their appearance resemble semicircular or rectangular staples. It is because of this that they got their name. Products are attached at two opposite points.

The pluses of handles-staples include the following points.

  1. Ergonomic Products of this type are very comfortable. They fit well in the hand. Therefore, it becomes much easier to open drawers or doors.

  2. Simplicity. Laconic products look good against the background of both large and small furniture doors. The accessories from the Scandinavian brand are extremely simple. Therefore, the cabinets do not appear overloaded after installation.

  3. Versatility. The range of the company includes handles of different sizes. They also differ in their appearance. That is why the perfect set can be matched to any furniture. In addition, these products go well with round, square and multi-sided handles.

  4. Durability. Securely fastened fittings serve their owners for many years. However, they do not require special care. Especially if a person has chosen a simple model for himself without additional glass or ceramic inserts.

These handles are best installed on wide furniture fronts. In a small kitchen with a set consisting of many small drawers and doors, they will look out of place.

Handles in the form of rings and loops

Hanging handles, made in the form of rings or loops, are usually attached to a decorative base. Sometimes they are additionally decorated with leather or metal elements. This type of furniture handles is not very practical. Most often they are used as decoration for furniture.

The main advantage of such products is their attractive appearance. They fit easily into any interior. These models look especially good in classic-style rooms.

It should be remembered that they must be handled with care. First of all, by pulling the handles too hard, they can simply be torn off.

Also, the movable element can accidentally scratch the facade. This applies to both wood and metal furniture. Therefore, such products are usually not bought in homes where children or active pets live.

Other options

In addition to these popular models, there are other examples of fittings in the IKEA range.

  • Railing. These handles look like small cylindrical beams with two legs that are attached to the base of the furniture.They can be installed both vertically and horizontally. It all depends only on the features of the furniture and the preferences of the owner of the house. Usually, such handles are bought for massive facades, because they are quite large and heavy. They fit well into the interior of the kitchen. It is very convenient to use roof rails. It will be convenient for both adults and children to use furniture with such fittings. Therefore, it is quite possible to install them in the nursery. The main thing is to choose products with smooth edges.

  • End. As the name implies, such handles are installed on the end of the door. Thanks to this, the front of the door is not overloaded with additional details. End models are overhead or mortise. The first ones are easily attached with self-tapping screws. Installing them is easy enough. You can cope with this task yourself. To install the cut-in handles, the end is pre-processed. Only then are the handles installed in the groove. A big plus of such products is that they can be installed on any door. In addition, they practically blend in with the façade. Thanks to this, it looks nice and neat. Such fittings can be used in kitchens, hallways, dressing rooms and bathrooms.
  • Sinks. This is the name for neat, pretty handles that resemble seashells in their shape. Their shape is very comfortable. They fit perfectly to the shape of the hands. Therefore, it is very easy to open drawers or cabinets with such handles. Using such fittings, a person does not stain the base of the shell and does not leave stains on it. Sinks are less popular than staples or buttons. But they will definitely appeal to lovers of beautiful unique products. Best of all, these handles will fit into the interior of a kitchen or bathroom, made in a classic style.

All the proposed options are almost always on sale. Therefore, finding the perfect decoration for your kitchen, living room or any other room will be very easy.

How to choose?

When choosing stylish furniture handles, you should pay attention to the following points.

  1. Material. Most of the pens from the Scandinavian brand use materials such as nickel and stainless steel to create. They are durable and easy to clean from dirt.

  2. Colour. The color of the door handles also plays an important role. They are usually black, white, or gray. Less common are bright products made in shades of green, blue, brown or red. The surface of the fittings can be either matte or shiny. The quality of the coating also greatly affects its appearance.

  3. Dimensions. How convenient it will be to use them depends on the size of the door handles. In the bathroom or kitchen, it is worth choosing not particularly large models that do not interfere with cooking or washing. In the living room or hallway, you can use volumetric fittings. In addition, it is worth remembering that short handles should be chosen for narrow facades, and vice versa.

  4. Compatibility. Both the same and different handles can be used in the same room. The main thing is that they are harmoniously combined with each other. Do not overdo it. In one room, no more than two products of different shapes or sizes are used.

  5. Attachment features. The more often the handles are used, the more securely they need to be secured.

Choosing for yourself rare models that do not appear on sale very often, it is worth buying them with a margin. In this case, if one product breaks or loses its attractiveness, it can be quickly replaced.

Modern furniture handles from IKEA are laconic and versatile. That is why they are so popular among a large number of buyers with a wide variety of taste preferences.

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