Artificial rattan garden furniture: pros and cons

  1. What is
  2. Main advantages and disadvantages
  3. Big variety
  4. Issue price
  5. How to choose
  6. How to care
  7. Interesting options

Today, many owners of private houses, summer cottages and cottages are very fond of equipping beautiful terraces for relaxation and home gardens, in which high-quality furniture must be present. Garden furniture made of artificial rattan is an irreplaceable and popular item, which is not only considered beautiful and cozy, but also very comfortable.

What is

Surely many have heard of natural rattan and wicker furniture that is made from it. This material is obtained from palm trees, which mainly grow in Asian countries. Creating furniture from such a natural material is a laborious process, and the raw materials are expensive. Furniture made of such material may well hit your pocket. That is why many manufacturers have switched to creating products from artificial material.

For several years now, many manufacturers have been offering quality home and garden furniture made of artificial rattan., which in all its characteristics is no worse than its natural counterpart. In addition, it costs a lot less, and the quality does not fail. Even the most fastidious customers choose such furniture.

Artificial rattan is most often made from special synthetic fibers that have excellent durability.

Main advantages and disadvantages

If you still doubt that artificial rattan garden furniture is what you need, we suggest paying attention to its advantages, which include the following points.

  • Furniture made of this material is produced in the widest range. Ornamental garden tables and chairs can be found from many manufacturers. Furniture from both foreign and domestic manufacturers is very popular.
  • High-quality rattan products are used to decorate garden gazebos, open terraces and even porches of houses, very often they are purchased for summer cottages. Often, furniture is installed in a recreation area next to an outdoor pool or jacuzzi. You can place such products without any limitation of your imagination.
  • With the help of a variety of chairs, armchairs, tables, unusual chaise lounges and some other furniture attributes, you can easily arrange a cozy recreation area, without even resorting to the help of specialists. You can get inspired by ready-made pictures of garden design, which can be found in gardening magazines or on the Internet.
  • Natural rattan furniture can range in color from light brown to milky, while faux rattan furniture can even be black.
  • The most profitable, in the opinion of many experts, is to buy ready-made furniture sets, and not to select individual components to decorate the recreation area in the garden - these are often made from synthetic rattan.
  • Rattan is most beneficial in harmony with conifers and other various greens in the garden.
  • In addition, the advantages of artificial rattan products include their functionality, compactness and, of course, ergonomics.
  • A big plus is the weight of rattan products, because they are very easy to carry and move. In addition, furniture of this type can be easily put into the house for storage in the winter, since it is highly undesirable to leave it in the garden for the winter, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.

The disadvantages of some buyers and specialists include a small palette of colors., in which this type of furniture is produced. These are often light and dark brown colors. In addition, even artificial quality options can be expensive, but even this factor does not stop buyers from making a purchase.

It is noted that the appearance of artificial furniture products is no different from natural options. Determine whether the material is artificial in front of you or not, most likely, only a professional in his field will be able to.

Big variety

Today, you can easily find a lot of different options for artificial rattan furniture. Tables and chairs of this type are made seamless. This is an undoubted advantage not only in the appearance of the products, but also in the fact that over time they will not deform under the influence of any factors.

Decorative rattan is most often produced from artificial:

  • tables of various shapes (the most popular are rectangular, square and semicircular options);
  • chairs and armchairs (rocking chairs look very original);
  • sun loungers;
  • small bedside tables and coffee tables;
  • sofas;
  • ready-made sets that include several furniture attributes for a home garden at the same time.

To give more comfort, rattan furniture is often decorated with soft seats and decorative pillows. As for the tables, the countertops are very often covered with glass.

Issue price

    Although artificial rattan is not as expensive as natural rattan, even it can get expensive, especially when it comes to quality options and whole sets. For example, the average price of a quality set of wicker garden furniture can vary from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. More expensive options can even cost more than 100 thousand.

    As for the budget options, then, for example, armchairs and chairs not of the highest class can be easily found at an adequate price of 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Nevertheless, do not forget that the service life of cheap furniture is not so long, as a result of which, most likely, you will have to purchase new furniture pretty soon.

    Anyway, if you want to find quality faux rattan furniture for years to come, don't skimp. It is better to collect a certain amount and invest in quality goods than to be content with poor wicker products.

    How to choose

    Today, you can choose and purchase artificial rattan furniture both on the Internet and in ordinary furniture stores. Production can be both domestic and Western. Often, manufacturers offer finished products and sets, but in rare cases such furniture can be made to order. It will cost, of course, more.

    It is recommended to choose this type of furniture directly in the store, so that you can see it live and get acquainted with all the characteristics. Do not be afraid to use the help of consultants who can help with the choice of certain furniture models.

    Before buying, it is recommended to know the approximate dimensions of the place where the recreation area will be decorated.

    • Try to pay attention to products with additional weaving. Most often, a metal mesh is used for such products, which can give confidence: you have high-quality furniture in front of you.
    • It is best to choose faux rattan furniture on an aluminum or steel frame.

    Polirotang models are very often coated with special paints and varnishes, as a result of which, over time, they can emit a crunch. This does not mean at all that the furniture has fallen into disrepair.

    How to care

    Caring for outdoor furniture made of artificial rattan will not create unnecessary problems, since often such outdoor furniture is made using a special polymer material. As a result, the furniture looks like plastic.A damp cloth is sufficient to remove dust. Harsh cleansers are not recommended for cleansing.

    Many manufacturers pre-treat rattan products with special solutions.that protect them from excessive moisture and ultraviolet radiation, so if such furniture is stored correctly in winter, it will not require special care in summer.

    However, according to many experts, economy-class rattan furniture requires better care and maintenance, since it is more susceptible to various kinds of climatic influences.

    Interesting options

    • On the terrace or on a spacious balcony, designers often install black wicker furniture. Options with unusual pillows look very nice.
    • Chocolate-colored wicker sofas and armchairs in combination with decorative contrasting cushions will surely not leave anyone indifferent. Such furniture will be not only comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye.
    • If you have a truly landscaped garden, be sure to pay attention to the light versions of rattan country furniture. Dairy or white wicker chairs, sofas and tables go well with all the greenery around.

    For information on how artificial rattan furniture is made, see the next video.

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