What is birch furniture and how to choose it?

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. How do they do it?
  4. Comparison with beech furniture
  5. Nuances of choice
  6. Care Tips

Birch is considered one of the most widespread trees in Russia. Varieties from the birch family can be found throughout the country. They are not only charming trees, but also a practical material for making furniture. Products made from natural raw materials are durable, environmentally friendly and have a number of other advantages over artificial counterparts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Birch products create a pacifying atmosphere in the room and fill it with a light, pleasant aroma. On sale you can find expensive solid wood furniture, which is used to decorate estates and luxury country houses.

Birch furniture has a number of advantages, thanks to which it has become widespread and remains in demand.

  • Environmentally friendly material is completely safe for health, the environment and does not cause an allergic reaction. Such furniture is perfect for a nursery or any other room in the house.
  • Aesthetic qualities are on top. The natural color of the material is light yellow. With the help of innovative technologies and compositions, the craftsmen paint the wood golden with a pleasant honey tint. The warm shade creates a cozy, homely atmosphere.
  • Wood lends itself easily to processing, thanks to which it is possible to make elements of an unusual shape from it.
  • Things made of birch wood, at first glance fragile and brittle, can boast of reliability and durability. With proper care and careful handling, they will delight the owner with their beauty for a long time.
  • Wooden parts can be connected together in various ways without fear for their integrity.
  • Due to its high strength, the array is often used for the manufacture of bed frames. Also, manufacturers make chests of drawers, wardrobes and other types of furniture from it. Birch headsets are not only beautiful, but also durable.
  • Premium products are ideal for classic styles where luxury and elegance are essential. Such furniture will become an accent of the interior, attracting the attention of others.

Having told about the advantages of the product, it is imperative to identify the weaknesses. Beams and boards should not be stored in a room with high humidity. If this cannot be avoided, the wood must be thoroughly dried. Only in this case the finished product will turn out to be of high quality and will meet all the necessary standards.

To protect natural material, as well as increase moisture resistance, it is impregnated with special solutions. They protect the tree and extend its life.

The last drawback applies not only to birch, but also to the rest of the furniture made from natural raw materials. It's about a high price tag. Such products will cost much more than models made of chipboard and other similar materials. The increased cost is fully justified by its high aesthetic and operational characteristics.

How do they do it?

The furniture manufacturing process includes several stages.

  • First, the raw material must be dried. This is a mandatory procedure using special equipment. Only processed wood is delivered to the next stage.
  • Next comes the gluing. Furniture boards are assembled from boards. After that, they make cases for future furniture.
  • To give the surface a perfect smoothness, polishing is carried out.
  • The last stage is etching with special agents.The formulations preserve the natural beauty of the material, as well as make it durable and reliable.


The birch massif has long been used in the field of furniture manufacturing. The special properties of wood make it possible to make products of various types.

Kitchen sets

Kitchen furniture has special requirements. It should be not only beautiful, but also practical and durable. Solid wood products are perfect for classic trends. In the process of installing furniture, the main thing is to seal the seams and joints. On sale you can find both complete kits and individual modules.


Tables of various shapes and sizes are made from birch. Whether it's a large dining table or a writing desk for a compact office, it'll look great. A massive round model will perfectly fit into a classic interior. For modern styles, the shape of a rectangle or square is often chosen.

Some manufacturers combine wood with other materials to create unusual options. For example, the table top can be made of glass, while the legs and body can be made of wood. The color of the wooden table can be different, from white to more intense brown. If the worktop is made of wood, it is covered with several layers of varnish to protect it from damage and maintain its aesthetic appearance.

Sleeping sets

The bedroom furniture sets, crafted from selected birch wood, look amazing. Large models maximize the charm of natural material. To give products a more expressive appearance, manufacturers use polishing and decorate furniture with additional elements.

For children's room

Children's room furniture is now very popular and widespread. Both whole sets and individual models (beds, tables, wardrobes, bookshelves) are in demand. Birch creates a comfortable atmosphere in the room. Quality furniture is easy to identify by its smooth timber and reliable build. Even one birch product is enough to decorate the interior.

For the living room

In a spacious living room, you can place many pieces of furniture (sideboard, table, chest of drawers), creating an exquisite and expressive interior. It is the perfect choice for classic styles. Products decorated with voluminous carved elements deserve special attention. The set can be supplemented with a sofa with bent legs.

Comparison with beech furniture

Each of the types of wood has a certain set of qualities and characteristics. When making furniture, manufacturers compare several varieties to determine which is the best. In terms of strength and durability, beech is close to oak, but unlike it, this species is covered with micropores, due to which the beech quickly absorbs moisture.

Beech furniture can only be installed indoors. Also, this material is not suitable for finishing the bathroom and other locations with high humidity.

Beech is easy to work with, but difficulties arise during polishing. Due to the ability to bend, this type is often used for the manufacture of Viennese chairs and other similar furniture.

Beech is perfect for interior decoration, as well as for the manufacture of steps, parquet and wall panels. This variety differs from birch in its increased performance characteristics. Beech is stronger, harder and more durable. Products made from it are more expensive and heavier. However, birch has a more attractive pattern and color.

There are many species that belong to the birch family. Only a few of them are used for the production of furniture. At the peak of popularity, products from Karelian and Siberian birch. From this material, strong furniture fronts, cases and much more are obtained.

Nuances of choice

When choosing birch furniture, you need to take into account many indicators.

  • First you need to analyze the quality. It is indicated not only by the material, but also by the way of processing and assembly.Pay attention to how the parts are connected. Examine the joints and seams - they must be neat, without gaps and other defects. Traces of glue and other flaws are unacceptable. Some manufacturers neglect quality by using metal staples to connect parts. They are used only for temporary adhesion.
  • The second indicator of quality is strength. To identify it, you need to click on the furniture in several places. A creaking sound indicates insufficient quality. Premium models are silent and stand firmly on their feet.
  • It is impossible to make a quality product without a lengthy processing process. It consists of grinding, impregnating, painting and polishing. If one of the stages was skipped or mistakes were made during the work, the final result will not meet high quality standards.
  • New items should be carefully examined for cracks, chips, irregularities, knots and other defects. The coat of varnish or paint must be smooth and even.

Not all buyers can afford wooden furniture, especially when it comes to unique products. In order not to waste your money, make a purchase only in trusted stores that value their reputation. The presence of certificates will confirm the environmental friendliness of the furniture.

Care Tips

Products made from natural raw materials must be properly looked after. Only in this case they will look presentable and retain their beauty for many years.

  • Furniture must be protected from sudden changes in temperature, direct sunlight and dust. They spoil the appearance of natural raw materials.
  • To clean wooden surfaces from stubborn dirt, you need to use special products that will not damage the varnish or enamel layer. It is recommended to use velvet, cloth or flannel material. It will gently and carefully clean the surface without harming it. Use a dry cloth to remove dust. Excessive wet cleaning deforms the wood.
  • Wooden furniture should not be placed next to heat sources and heaters. Otherwise, cracks and cracks may appear. If this could not be avoided, beeswax is used for repair. You can get rid of scratches by painting over. To remove greasy stains, use burdock oil, wax or talcum powder.

Furniture made from natural materials must be handled carefully and carefully. Only in this case will it last a long time. Some items retain their presentation for several centuries.

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