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In the process of decorating a room, special attention should be paid to the selection of furniture. Today in our article we will talk about the characteristic features of classic furniture.


Classic (or classicism) is a style that never goes out of fashion, it always remains relevant and in demand. Despite the fact that it appeared quite a long time ago, modern designers are actively using this direction in their work. Consider a few of the distinctive characteristics that are inherent in classic furniture.

Center availability

In order to decorate any room in a classic style, it is necessary to determine the central design element. For example, it can be a fireplace in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. All other pieces of furniture must be arranged with regard to and in relation to this central element.


    The arrangement of furniture in the room should be symmetrical. It is desirable that geometric shapes and clear lines are easily and clearly visible. Accordingly, when choosing and buying furniture, one should give preference to such items, which are characterized by the presence of clear and understandable lines.


    The classical style is perfect for the formation of high status; it is characterized by luxury and majesty (this has been the custom since ancient times). In this regard, all the furniture that you will use in the room setting must meet similar requirements.

    Natural materials

    Within the framework of a classic interior, it is imperative to use natural materials such as stone, wood, precious metals and high-quality fabrics. On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid plastics and plastics.

    Large amount of decor

    In the framework of the classic interior, such decorative elements as carving, stucco molding, textiles will look appropriate.


    The classic style is considered one of the most popular and widespread. At the same time, it is based on correctly selected furniture, which is not only aesthetically attractive in its appearance, but also has a high level of comfort and convenience.

    Classic style furniture is classified into several types depending on the purpose.


    Generally speaking, the wall is a multifunctional piece of furniture, but its most important purpose is storage. So, most often these products are installed in living rooms. Here you can place a TV and media system, books, clothes and much more. Traditionally, the wall includes elements such as a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, drawers, pull-out panels, and shelves. In order for the wall to meet the requirements of classicism, it must be made of high quality wood. In this case, the natural color can be preserved or a neutral paint can be used.

    Modular furniture

    Modular systems are considered one of the most practical types. This is due to the fact that a piece of furniture consists of separate parts that can be assembled (or disassembled) if necessary. This greatly simplifies the process of transporting pieces of furniture.

    Cabinet furniture

      These are such pieces of furniture as wardrobes, dressers and other products, which are characterized by a wide purpose and most often contain elements from different types of wood.This variety is widespread within the framework of classicism. Differs in brevity, restrained lines, symmetry.

      Set of sofa and 2 armchairs

      Upholstered furniture is appropriate in the living room. Wherein set of a sofa and 2 chairs, which are identical in external design, shape and design, will fit perfectly into the framework of a classic interior, as it meets one of its basic requirements, namely, it is symmetrical.

      For seating in a classic design, furniture such as couches and armchairs are appropriate.

      Materials and decor

      As mentioned above, the use of natural and natural materials is typical for the classic style of the interior. Moreover, this applies to both the basis of furniture (it can be wooden, made of solid wood or MDF), and upholstery (for example, the use of leather and velor variations is appropriate). Besides, it is important to pay special attention to decorative elements (for example, handles) and the facade of the products.

      Typical materials and decor for a classic interior:

      • valuable wood;
      • stone;
      • noble metals;
      • gypsum stucco molding;
      • expensive fabrics, leather.

      In no case should you use low-quality artificial materials, as they will negatively affect the overall impression of the interior and make it cheaper.


      In the process of decorating a room in a classic style, close attention must be paid to the color scheme. Designers recommend using the following shades:

      • White;
      • bronze, gold and silver;
      • ivory;
      • Gray;
      • beige;
      • chromium;
      • burgundy;
      • Brown;
      • purple;
      • olive and others.

        It can be concluded that within the framework of a classic design, it is permissible to use both light and dark color palettes... At the same time, it is imperative to make sure that the color scheme of the furniture matches and harmoniously combines with the decoration of the room and the existing decorative elements.


        A large number of companies from Russia, China and other countries are engaged in the production of classic-style furniture. Among users, Belarusian and Turkish furniture is in demand. Let's take a look at some of the most popular companies.


        This furniture showroom offers customers a wide range of classic-style furniture. With the help of the products of this company, you can equip almost any room: living room, bedroom, office. In addition (depending on your wishes and needs), you can choose both single pieces of furniture and complete sets.


        The furniture factory "UTA" has existed on the domestic market since 2000. During this time, the company managed to win the trust and love of a large number of consumers. Wherein classic products of this brand are suitable both for arranging your own home and for various public premises (e.g. restaurants or hotels).


        This brand is engaged in manufacturing. Production and sale of modular furniture in classic style. At the same time, the production process complies with generally accepted environmental standards and regulations. It is also important to note the fact that the manufacturer provides a long-term warranty for all purchased products. On the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the CIS countries, you can find more than 400 brand stores "Zarechye".


        This is a company that specializes in the manufacture of furniture from environmentally friendly and natural materials (which is typical for the classic style). This brand has been on the market for over 20 years.

        Customers are attracted by the company's wide assortment, thanks to which each person will be able to choose for himself those products that will fully meet his needs and wishes.


        This manufacturer is engaged in the production of exclusive furniture.The company is one of the ten largest manufacturers that currently exist in the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that the products of the Ufamebel company are designer, they are characterized by a relatively affordable price.

        How to match for different rooms?

        In the process of decorating an apartment or house in a classic style, it is very important to focus on the purpose of a particular room. Wherein all the principles of classicism must be observed: the design must be luxurious and elite in appearance, but at the same time functional and practical.

        For home office

        In the process of designing and decorating an office, the use of classic design trends is relevant. The obligatory furnishings in this case include furniture sets and desks. These products must be made from natural materials, and also be characterized by massiveness. The placement of furniture should be clear and symmetrical: for example, bookcases can be placed along the walls, and a desk and a chair should be placed in the center of the room (if possible by the window). And also in the office you can install a sofa - this will be especially important if you receive clients. In general, a home office in a classic style should reflect the status and material security of the owner.

        Into the hallway

        An entrance hall (or corridor) is a small room from which guests and visitors of your home begin to get acquainted with its style. Several pieces of furniture can be installed within this room. For example, closets can be used as storage space for outerwear. In this case, it is advisable to choose swing-type furniture. However, this type of cabinet doors is suitable only for a spacious room; in a small room, you can install a familiar wardrobe. In addition to the closet, you can put a hanger for guests in the hallway (this product can be used not only as a functional, but also as a decorative one).

        And also dressing tables are often installed in the corridors.

        To the dining room

        As mentioned above, a classic-style room must have a central element. In the dining room, the role of such an element is played by a dining set of table and chairs. In order for the headset to meet the requirements of classic design, it must be equipped with decorative elements such as carvings or mosaics. In doing so, remember that wooden table and chairs should be combined with the decoration of the room. In addition to the dining set, a classic sideboard can be installed in the dining room. As for the color scheme, you should choose tones according to your taste: for example, light furniture will give the room lightness and airiness, and dark furniture with an antique effect will create an unusual atmosphere of an old castle.

        For bathroom

        In order to create a classic design in the bathroom, it is recommended to use furniture items such as cabinets and cabinets. At the same time (as it should be within the framework of classicism), these products should be made from natural materials (it is recommended to give preference to stone). To add luxury to the interior, you can use gilded and silvered surfaces. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a mirror - its frame should be carved and harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room. In order to increase the volume of the storage system, floor and hanging consoles can be used.

        Into the hall

        The living room (or hall) is the room in which guests are received or the whole family gathers. It must meet all the requirements and principles of classicism. Furniture sets, sofas, armchairs, poufs, banquets, mirrors and more should become traditional pieces of furniture for a classic living room. Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of furniture - do not forget about the principles of symmetry.In addition, if you are the owner of a spacious room, you can zone the room depending on your needs and preferences. A fireplace is also characteristic of a classic living room.

        Thus, almost any room in your home can be decorated in a classic style. The main thing is to adhere to general rules and principles.

        Beautiful examples in the interior

        Let's consider several successful examples of the use of classic furniture in the interior design of premises for various purposes.

        • This living room is decorated in light colors, the room creates an atmosphere of lightness and freshness. At the same time, modern household appliances are harmoniously combined with classic furniture.
        • Such a classic-style cabinet will appeal to representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is important to note the status atmosphere created by furniture in dark colors, which is an integral part of the furnishings.
        • This bedroom combines both dark and light shades. It is important to note the presence of blue color shades. Thus, the room will appeal to both men and women.
        • The dining area in gray-blue tones will make a pleasant impression on both households and guests. At the same time, all interior items are harmoniously combined with each other, and also meet all the requirements of the classic style.
        • This dark-colored bedroom creates a cozy and warm home atmosphere. At the same time, such decorative elements as a picture with a floral image and fresh flowers look harmonious.

        The classic interior (like any other stylistic direction) has a lot of unique characteristics and distinctive features. Therefore, it is so important to familiarize yourself with them before deciding on decorating a room in this style.

        For information on how to make a classic interior in an apartment, see the next video.

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