Slab furniture - exclusive and luxury in the interior

  1. Peculiarities
  3. Choice in the interior
  4. The subtleties of manufacturing

Handicraft production of wooden items is a western direction, which has recently become really strong in the domestic market. Or even in its infancy. Slab furniture comes into close contact with this theme, a very fashionable trend now, which has changed the look at design and shaped trends.


Such furniture is made from a saw cut of solid wood, with the obligatory preservation of the natural ornamental structure of the structure. What is not made of slabs, and this list is constantly replenished: from countertops to window sills, from bar counters to consoles.

Integration into different interior styles is an indisputable plus of such furniture. It seems that wood and loft are not always compatible, but this is a big misconception. Loft does not like unpretentiousness in design, when if the table is typical, if its design is completely nondescript. A large patterned table in a loft-style kitchen-living room will be absolutely organic.

If you prefer open country aesthetics, where the main decoration is the decisions of nature itself, you can use slab furniture in the interior.

Features of slabs as a material for making furniture:

  • cuts are made along the tree trunk, solid ones are used to design furniture;
  • preferred species - elm, oak, poplar;
  • thanks to the longitudinal section, the cut of wood fibers is exposed, the natural beauty and grandeur of the wood is emphasized;
  • not only color transitions make slab a desirable material for modern and fashionable furniture, this is the case when natural defects only benefit the material, when knots and wormholes bring their own flavor;
  • the slab always has the wrong geometry - and this irregularity is the highlight of the slabs, around which the entire space in the interior can be built.

The slabs are quite thick, from 5 cm to 15 cm. Usually slabs are made from the lower part of the tree, since this choice makes the slabs thicker.

Many people would probably like to make slab-based furniture themselves, but without special equipment this cannot be done. Of course, you can buy a mini sawmill, but it is very expensive, and such devices are purchased for commercial use.


Of course, the very appearance of the slab suggests that it will be a tabletop or something related. Although completely unexpected options are possible.

Popular types of furniture:

  • benches - they look very unusual, they can look great in a spacious hallway or on the terrace;
  • tables - a large family dining table, if you want it to be really fashionable, and should look like this;
  • kitchen sets - excellent for a loft interior, even more so for a spacious kitchen;
  • coffee tables - enliven the space, break the boring geometry of the furniture in the room.

You can also make a desktop, a console, a countertop for a sink in the bathroom, etc. from a slab. Window sills decorated with asymmetric cuts will look interesting.

The most popular piece of furniture is the table. He will inevitably become the central part of the room, attract all the attention. Chairs to match the table are a moot point. Of course, in some way they have to be combined, but they don't have to be the same expressive, uneven-shaped chairs.

The table itself is an accent, and it only needs to be emphasized, and not overloaded with objects that you constantly want to be distracted by.

Choice in the interior

It is very interesting to select such furniture for a specific interior.Sometimes a table is bought first, and then the whole space around it becomes overgrown with details, because it becomes an interior conductor.

Let's consider the choice of furniture with examples.

  • A very beautiful table with a "river" created with epoxy resin. It fits well into interior colors, enchants with its deep color scheme, makes a harmonious ensemble with chairs.
  • This slab table relatively correct shape will suit spaces that do not like radical ideas, but also do not want to seem boring.
  • Coffee tablethat makes the space less formal, it can be used for different purposes. For example, for evening cocktails.
  • Very laconic, warm consolethat will stand out in the interior. It is attractive even tactilely - you just want to stroke its uneven edges.
  • An example of what it might look like kitchen setmade from saw cut. There is something warm, vintage and inviting to cozy cooking.
  • Bathroom sink countertop - no cold tiled sterility, the bathroom will become cozy and luxurious.

Looking at such examples, developing an observation, you can more accurately select furniture from slabs in your own home and significantly decorate it.

The subtleties of manufacturing

First, specialists need to select wood: the place and conditions in which the tree grows are important. Then the wood is transported to the cutting site. Logs are dispersed into slabs already there, in production. For this, sawmills are used. Dissolution of slabs can be carried out by the classical method and "under gluing". Then the workpieces are dried in the open air. For example, it will take two years to dry a five-centimeter slab. You can, of course, use special drying chambers.

Then epoxy resin is applied to the wood, which fills in voids and cracks. It also makes the wood more interesting in tone. If someone has seen wooden tables with epoxy "rivers", they can appreciate the capabilities of this composition - it turns out incredibly beautiful.

The slab is sanded with an emery wheel, the degree of graininess increases during the sanding process. Then the product needs to be varnished to increase its wear resistance, to create a glossy effect.

The slab can be covered with special oils, furniture wax or polyurethane varnish.

Well, then the workpiece is structurally finalized: if it is a table, legs are attached to it, if the console - corners, etc. In any case, the slab itself will be the basis, it is essential, and all processing is focused on it. Judging by the description of the process, we can conclude that it is difficult to build such furniture with your own hands in a home workshop.

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