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England has long been famous for its conservatism, solidity, stiffness and loyalty to tradition. All these features are visible in the English style of the interior, and the furniture is a direct proof of this. High quality, the ability to serve for centuries, practicality, comfort, luxurious finishes and refined taste - this is what English furniture is.

Distinctive features

The British have strong family traditions, they have followed them for centuries not only in that. as for the rules of behavior and lifestyle. With the same respect they treat household items passed down from generation to generation. Furniture in the English style is a classic, a tribute to the established customs, when valuable pieces have served their owners and their heirs for centuries.

  • For the manufacture of furniture, the British use only natural materials. Oak has always been considered the traditional type of wood for cabinet furniture in Great Britain. Oak products are elite and status furniture. With its help, luxurious interiors are created, and its dense and solid wood can serve for centuries.
  • English furniture made of bog oak is one of the most expensive options, since the extreme density of the wood makes it difficult to process. It is believed that oak furniture has a special energy, preserves strength, health and vitality.

The special texture and high strength protects the furniture from damage by wood-boring beetles. Besides, oak wood is distinguished by increased moisture resistance, it is not interfered with by temperature extremes, environmental cleanliness materials bring it to the first rows of expensive and luxurious types of furniture.

  • In addition to oak, the British use walnut, yew, cherry, pine and mahogany for the manufacture of furniture.
  • Many architectural elements are used in the decorative design of furniture: columns, arabesques, pilasters, bas-reliefs. This gives it a special luxury, monumentality and elegance at the same time. Such furniture has received another definition - architectural.
  • When assembling furniture, the British never used nails or other metal fasteners. All parts are connected using wooden pins inserted into specially prepared grooves and fixed with a special adhesive. The joints are so dense that after grinding it is impossible to see the joints. For the upholstery of upholstered furniture, high quality natural textiles of bright and juicy shades, companion fabrics, and genuine leather are used.

According to the rules of the English interior, the upholstery of upholstered furniture should overlap with the wallpaper pattern.


English furniture has an unusually rich variety of different items. Exquisite decor and natural materials give it the obligatory features of aristocracy and comfort. Modern furniture in the English style is a harmonious combination of old traditions and new technologies.

  • For tables and chairs, choose a dark wood. Acceptable shapes of a classic dining table: round, oval, rectangular, rectangular with rounded corners, stationary and sliding. Appointment - dining, writing workers, coffee tables, coffee tables and under a lamp.
  • The common shape of the legs is curly, the tabletop can have a glass surface. Such a table is a decoration of the kitchen, dining room, office space, brings a touch of sophistication and English restraint. The tables are distinguished by their monumentality and ornate design.
  • An obligatory addition are chairs made in the English style, they will be the same decoration as the table. The chairs have graceful legs, high or low backs made in a lattice style, and upholstered seats. Natural fabrics with floral patterns are used for the upholstery.
  • For the British, who have always appreciated comfort and coziness, a variety of upholstered furniture for relaxation is of great importance. They are widely used for sofas, couches, banquets, ottomans, Voltaire style armchairs and half-armchairs. The iconic brand is the Chesterfield sofa with leather upholstery made with a carriage coupler. The capitonné tie (carriage) is used not only in the manufacture of sofas, but also for armchairs, chairs, beds, couches. Classic armchairs are products with a high back, lateral "ears" turning into armrests, low curved legs. The sizes of the chairs can be different, as well as their shapes - large, small, straight or curly. Upholstery - expensive fabric or genuine leather.
  • In addition to upholstered furniture, a large number of cabinet - wardrobes for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, cupboards, dressers, secretaries, chests, consoles, bookcases, bedside tables. Cabinets are made of closed and open types, with wooden or mirrored doors. Open cabinets, such as sideboards, may have a mirror back panel. The color scheme for cabinet furniture is chosen mainly in dark tones.
  • Furniture for a children's room in the English style should be made of natural wood, it is possible to add elements of forging, for example, the headboards can be forged. In English traditions, it is preferable to use light and warm colors for children.

Often, the facades of children's furniture are decorated with artistic painting. Popular use of such pieces of furniture as a chest of drawers, a bed with a curly headboard, graceful chairs with carved legs. Massive items made of natural wood can be replaced with high-quality imitation of MDF.

  • Kitchen furniture, like others, is distinguished by its massiveness and numerous objects, therefore it requires a lot of space. The use of stone countertops and oak inserts is very popular, replacing kitchen boards on which food is cut.
  • For kitchen stoves in the English style, the use of cast iron and blind front doors is characteristic, since earlier in England, stoves were heated with wood. Several compartments are hidden behind the doors: for stewing, simmering, baking.

English baths have supporting figured paws, as a rule, lion's. Chrome-plated, brass, nickel-plated taps and faucets have an elaborate shape, white faience inserts on handles and valves.


English furniture is solidity in large items, grace and sophistication in smaller ones. The design has its own characteristics.

  • Artsy decoration, the use of architectural techniques, skillful carving, brass and bronze fittings.
  • Warm palette, mainly natural colors - burgundy, brown, terracotta, dark green and their shades. In the decoration, the British prefer to use lighter colors - white, ocher, beige, coffee with milk, golden, sand.
  • Another characteristic feature of English furniture - this is the use of a dark color, light furniture is much less common. In this case, the British paid attention to which side the windows face. Rooms with a northern orientation were decorated mainly in light and warm colors - from light walnut to chocolate, while the southern side required the use of colder colors - gray-blue, greenish. Light wood - cream, beige or gray - was less common than dark wood, but in this case light-colored upholstery came to the rescue.
  • Requirements for upholstery, it is not only the quality and naturalness of the material, but also an obligatory beauty.
  • Leather.
  • Velvet, corduroy - soft, warm and fluffy fabric is used not only in upholstery, but also as a curtain, as well as for making pillows.
  • Cotton. In England it is also a traditional fabric for upholstery. Favorite drawings - geometry, cage, small flower.
  • Linen, damask, satin and tapestry. Self-sufficient fabrics of high strength, look great in the interior, do not need additional accessories, traditional colors are abstraction and floral design.
  • In classic upholstery fabrics modern ones organically fit in: leather substitutes, mixed fabrics such as flock, gabardine, etc.
  • Modern achievements and materials for the manufacture of cabinet furniture have not been ignored. In addition to solid wood, polished plywood, MDF, veneered facades are now used.

To create an English interior, it is not at all necessary to buy heavy and expensive furniture made of solid oak, you can order inexpensive models from plywood and MDF, which are slightly inferior in quality to natural materials, but can serve for more than a decade.

Beautiful examples

  • Children's room for girls with the prevailing shades of the traditional English palette. The light upholstery of the sofa is combined with striped wallpaper on the walls and light textiles on the bed. Tall cherry-colored balusters, like the headboard, look like companions with curtains and a terracotta table. Small splashes of golden color add a sunny mood.
  • Bedroom, in the interior of which the contrast of a light background and dark furniture is played up. The snow-white ceiling, light beige walls, textiles in natural shades serve as an exquisite background for the furniture in the color of bog oak.
  • Kitchen furniture painted in light colors, a tabletop made of natural wood and chairs made of the same material look textured against its background. Kitchen stove in the same contrasting color.
  • Canteen, in which the upholstery of the chairs repeats the pattern of the wallpaper on the walls and curtains. Despite the dark wood from which the dresser, bedside table, table and chairs are made, the abundance of yellow fills the space with sunlight.

For what the English style in interior design is, see the next video.

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