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The loft style is not just heard today - it is one of the most popular trends in design. Its very origin is unusual - it originated in the 1920s in America against the backdrop of a crisis. When factories began to close everywhere, designers began to equip empty premises for wealthy clients who wanted new interior solutions. Today, the loft is relevant both in residential buildings and in bars, offices, and it gives a truly limitless scope for imagination. If you like to create furniture with your own hands, then you will surely like the idea of ​​making interior items in this style.

Choice of materials

If you have leftovers of various building materials, then they may well find use in the manufacture of loft-style furniture. This trend is characterized by simple geometric shapes and minimalism, as well as materials that were used many years ago in production or in warehouses.

The main thing is that such furniture fit into the design of the house, that is, into its overall interior and color scheme.

Interior items must be old or artificially aged. Suitable for the production of all types of furniture:

  • wood of various species (boards, pallets, pallets, boxes, pieces of wood);
  • metal (profile and other pipes, rods, nets, wheels, gears);
  • fabric (rough natural leather, canvas, canvas, linen);
  • glass (frosted or tinted).

A modern material such as drywall can generally be used to create loft furniture. The basis of such furniture are steel profiles, which are screwed to the floor and to the wall with dowels.

It is undesirable to use plastic, as it is too out of style. Products made of concrete or roughly hewn stone are often used in the decor. But rocks such as marble will not fit into the concept of this brutal style. Most often, tables, beds, poufs, cabinets for various purposes are made in the loft style.

Furniture manufacturing

Loft-style furniture is currently at the peak of its popularity, so you can find it on sale. Moreover, both home and office, garden, bar interior items are in high demand. However, the price for them is quite high.

By making furniture with your own hands, you will significantly save money, because the materials used are inexpensive or can even be obtained from old factories.

In addition, it provides an opportunity to design the product based on the needs of family members, adjust the size and gain skills that will be useful in the future.

We bring to your attention simple but functional interior items. To make them, you need standard tools and parts that are found in any home.


Loft beds, like sofas, are easiest to make from unnecessary containers for transporting goods - pallets. They can be found in warehouses or trading companies for free, or you can buy new ones at a price of about 200 rubles apiece. To give the furniture a slightly more aesthetic look, the pallets need to be varnished, preferably matt. A mattress and pillows made of natural materials in a discreet color scheme will add the finishing touch. If you equip such a bed with wheels, then you can easily move it around the room.

Let's consider the process of making a simple bed from pallets in more detail. For a standard size product, you need three pallets. For best results, follow these simple instructions.

  1. If you do not have new pallets, then it is advisable to dry them. To do this, keep them outdoors in the sun for several days.
  2. Sand the surface of the pallets with a sander or sandpaper to remove any burrs.
  3. Then the pallets need to be primed and varnished.
  4. Connect the pallets together to form a single frame.
  5. Upholste the base of your bed with a soft cloth or carpet.
  6. Place the mattress and pillows on the frame for a finished look.

Another option is to take some industrial metal structures as a frame.

    Also, if you have the skills and have the opportunity, the bed frame can be made of metal yourself.

    Side table

    Loft-style tables usually have a rectangular wooden tabletop and a metal frame of various designs. The simplest option is a parallelepiped base. As an example, we will consider a model that is made entirely of wood. To make it yourself you will need:

    • fir boards - 4 pcs.;
    • pine timber - 4 pcs.;
    • 7 cm screws - 30 pcs.;
    • stain;
    • polyurethane varnish.

    Algorithm of actions.

    1. First, put together the base. As a result, you should get 2 rectangles as in the photo. Holes for fasteners are best done in each corner in advance.
    2. Boards need to be sanded with a special machine or sandpaper.
    3. The assembled worktop is impregnated with a stain, for example, dark walnut color. For the base of the table, an ebony stain is suitable.
    4. The tabletop is attached to the base with 12 screws. Then the table is turned over and 3 screws are screwed into each board from the inside out.

    Bedside table

    Of course, you can make a loft-style bedside table from a simple barrel by painting it in the desired color or by putting two cinder blocks together.

    If your interior does not imply such complex solutions, then we suggest that you study the instructions for making a pedestal on wheels, which can easily move along the floor to the desired place.

    You will need:

    • pallets;
    • patina;
    • wheels.

      Sequence of steps.

      1. Remove any existing nails from the wooden pallets.
      2. Secure the two boxes with self-tapping screws.
      3. Fill the cracks with small wooden planks.
      4. Cover the pallets with acrylic varnish. It is better to use a fixing coating, which is applied in 1-2 layers. Ugly smudges may remain without it.
      5. Patina the wheels to create an aging effect. Rub them with fine-grained sandpaper.
      6. Screw the wheels on the four corners of the pallet.
      Such a bedside table can serve not only as a stand, but also as a place to store magazines, papers and various trifles.


      The most massive piece of furniture on our list.

      It can be built out of wood and metal, but we'll walk you through the process of making a simple wooden cabinet out of wood.

      No complicated drawings are required to create it. However, it assumes the presence of a support base at the bottom, which can be assembled from pedestals - thus, a niche will appear in the wall.

      1. Take solid boards that are as wide as the resulting niche. Mark the wall where the cabinet posts will go.
      2. Determine the location of the shelves, they should be about the same level as in the photo.
      3. Assemble the frame and place it in its place. Fix to the ceiling. You will also need to draw conclusions for the lamps.
      4. Attach shelf support rails around the perimeter.
      5. To make the joints look aesthetically pleasing at different thicknesses, install a few more support elements directly under the shelf.
      6. Sew up the top of the structure in the same way to hide all the wiring under the fixtures.

      Useful Tips

      1. Almost any old materials are suitable for interior items in this direction, but they must be strong enough to withstand the operational load.
      2. If you want to get a new board of the right size and then artificially age it, use a sawmill. Loosen the logs, and then place the boards in the dryer - this is to ensure that the furniture does not deform after the wood dries. Then the board is planed and jointed. Countertops, shelves, boards are assembled, and then brushed.
      3. Parts for metal bases of loft furniture can also be cut to size. The caracas can be assembled both with a weld seam, after cleaning the seams, and with the help of bolts. Before painting, the metal is cleaned, degreased and primed.
      4. It is not recommended to use noble marble, gilding and other attributes of an expensive interior in the loft. Also, designers are not advised to use modern materials, such as plastic.
      5. Remember to match the furniture and the interior as a whole. The walls should be as close as possible to the type of brickwork, concrete. Plywood sheets or even metal can be used as finishing materials. The ventilation can be left open, and beams on the ceiling are welcome.
      6. It is permissible to combine modern loft interior items with some family heirlooms. It can be a carved bookcase or an old grandmother's pouf.
      7. Do not overload the room with homemade interior items, otherwise it risks turning into a kind of workshop or warehouse. Several homemade loft items can be combined with simple designs. For example, a built-in wardrobe with simple, minimal furniture, or a wardrobe with sleek wooden doors and a neat sofa.
      8. Experts advise not only to dry the wood, but also to use special impregnations that prevent the occurrence of fungus and reduce the level of fire hazard.

      As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for creating loft furniture.

      This rough industrial style does not imply excesses, so there is no need to be zealous when processing materials and decorating interior items - brutality and slight negligence should be preserved in everything.

        It allows you to create very simple things with minimal costs, which at the same time look very organic.

        How to make a loft-style table with your own hands, see below.

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