Pouf table: features, types and choices

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Selection Tips
  4. Examples in the interior

Furniture and interior items can not only decorate a room, but also carry a functional purpose. The pouf-table is comfortable and unusual, it can have a different design. Some models are equipped with lifting worktops, which allows you to use the space inside for storing various items. When choosing a quality product, you should pay attention to detail.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pouf table combines several functions. If the top surface is soft, you can sit on it if necessary. The tabletop can be solid and lifting, then it becomes possible to store things inside. The pouf table has many advantages.

  1. Multifunctionality. The product combines a table and an additional seating area. Some models have a storage cavity. Additionally, poufs are used as footrests.
  2. Compactness. The pouf table can be placed in a small room. It is much smaller than the standard bulky tables.
  3. Mobility. Poufs are small in weight, they can be moved if necessary. Some models are equipped with additional wheels to make the task even easier.
  4. Wide range of designs. Different upholstery materials are used in the manufacture. You can choose a model for any interior style.

    Any furniture has flaws. The design is rather low, so it can only be used as a coffee table. If you use a pouf table for sitting, then you will immediately notice the absence of a back. Leaning back and relaxing will not work.


    Pouf table can be frameless and wireframe... In the first case, the bag is usually equipped with a removable table top. The pouf itself can be used for seating, and then transformed into a coffee table. Frame furniture is more practical.

    The pouf can be with glass or wood. The most popular option is the round glass top. If the table top is wooden, then it can be lifting. Then there will be shelves or storage boxes inside.

    Separately, it is worth highlighting poufs-tablesthat transform into taller models. In its standard position, the product is used as a low coffee table. You can raise the table top and it will become higher. In this case, it is convenient to eat or work at the table.

    The shape of the pouf can be absolutely any. Round, square and rectangular models are considered standard. There are figured products in the form of hearts, stars, and various animals. The latest pouf-tables are design ones.

    Selection Tips

    A pouf table is usually purchased for the living room. It should be noted that such a piece of furniture can be placed in the bedroom, in the nursery, in the kitchen and even in the hallway. The selection criteria for each room will be different.

    • Pouf table for living room it can be either with a soft top or with a hard one. If it is supposed to hold tea drinking on it, then it is worth stopping at the last option. The soft top is only suitable for magazines.
    • In the hall it is better to use a product with a removable tabletop. So you can put it away to put on your shoes. When assembled, the table can be used to store important things that are needed before leaving the house.
    • On the kitchen models with a storage cavity inside are relevant. It is important to check the mountings of the countertop so that they move smoothly without squeaking.
    • The design is selected according to the style of the room. Looks harmonious when the product is combined with a sofa. Alternatively, you can add a color accent to the table.
    • If there are animals or children in the house, it is better to choose a model with leather upholstery. It is easy to clean it from any dirt.
    • Before purchasing, you must check that all seams are even and neat. If threads stick out somewhere, then it is better to pay attention to another model.

    Examples in the interior

    A pouf table is usually placed in the living room and is used as a coffee or coffee table. In some cases, such furniture has an exclusively decorative function. Let's look at some interesting examples.

    • The design of the transformer fully matches the main furniture. The lift table top allows you to comfortably use the table for eating or working.
    • A large pouf with a soft top top acts as a color accent. You need a tray to place items on top.
    • Small poufs can be used as tables or seating areas. The set includes a removable tabletop for convenience.
      • A round pouf with a glass top looks interesting and harmonizes with the overall design of the room. You can remove the glass and use it as a seating area.

      In the next video, you will learn how you can make a pouf table out of car tires with your own hands.

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