Pouf with a carriage coupler: features and choices

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A pouf is a comfortable and functional element of the interior. One of the most effective finishing methods is the carriage coupler. You can decorate any part of the house with such furniture, you just need to choose the right model. The article will tell you about the features and varieties of such products.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

In the middle of the 19th century, an interesting upholstery technology was invented - capitonné. In the beginning, it was used to decorate carriage seats. Hence, the second name of the method "carriage coupler" appeared. The beauty of the decor was quickly appreciated by the wealthy, who began to use this upholstery method to decorate their apartments.

Luxurious armchairs and sofas were striking in their magnificence. Years have passed. Capitonné fashion began to return. Today, such products still look expensive and solid. Poufs with a carriage coupler can be seen in apartments, country houses, fashion boutiques.

A variety of shapes, colors and materials allows you to choose an option that will ideally fit into a romantic women's bedroom and a strict living room. A feature of the finishing method is the buttons that fix the material on the frame. The buttons are arranged in a certain order, which allows you to get a volumetric texture with beautiful folds. There are 2 variants of the "pattern" - rhombuses and squares.

The brace can be located all over the product, only on the top surface or on the sides.

The advantages of such a pouf are obvious.

  • Practicality. The product can be used as a bedside table, additional seating in a room, and even as a coffee or coffee table. You can put magazines, books or clothes on it, put a tray of tea, and in the hallway such an item is simply irreplaceable. You can comfortably put on and take off your shoes, sitting down on a pouf, put a bag on it, returning from the store, etc. If you place the product next to the sofa, it will act as a comfortable footrest. And if you buy an option with a lid, you can make a minibar or a place to store small things out of it.
  • Versatility. Since the item is lightweight and small in size, it can be easily moved around the house. As a result, one pouf can perform several different functions.
  • The beauty. If you choose an option that matches the style and color of the room, the product will become an exquisite touch of the interior.

There are no drawbacks to such products. Despite the solid appearance, among the assortment of poufs with a carriage coupler, you can find models at a very affordable price. And if you wish and some skills, you can even make a similar item yourself.


On sale you can find poufs of various designs. There are three main forms of products.

  • Round. Variants of this type look very elegant. The streamlined shape and lack of corners allows you to place such an object even in a small space. Most often, such poufs are purchased for bedrooms.
  • Square. Such products look more strict. They fit perfectly into a business setting, suitable for understated classic and modern minimalist interiors. However, if you choose a gentle tone of upholstery, then a similar object will fit very harmoniously into the bedroom. The square shape is more practical.

It is these poufs that are most suitable for use as bedside tables and tables.

  • Rectangular. Such products allow two people to be seated at once.They also make it possible to place more things on the surface or inside the product (if it is hollow).

Sometimes objects in the form of hearts, polygons and other shapes are made to order. Also, in addition to the general shape, puffs differ in other nuances. There are models with small and high legs, as well as on a solid base.

In this case, the legs can be straight or curly. Products in which only the seat is decorated with a carriage tie, and the rest consists of 4 high legs, may have a stand in the lower part. Such products are called banquets.

Models empty inside are fitted with a cover. There are also transformer poufs on sale. Such products can be laid out, turning into a sleeping place (mattress). Such a solution can help out in the event of a sudden arrival of guests from another city or in another similar situation.

Materials (edit)

Pouf legs (if available) can be made of plastic or wood. The frame of the product is made of timber, chipboard, MDF. For soft lining, foam or polyurethane foam is usually used. As for the upholstery, the choice of materials is much wider.

  • Leather. This is the most expensive material. It is characterized by high strength and durability. Leather products are not afraid of minor dirt - they can be easily removed with a damp cloth. They look very noble.
  • Artificial leather (eco leather) - a more affordable analogue. It is also resistant to moisture and wear, keeps its shape well. Some varieties of eco-leather are visually difficult to distinguish from the original. The difference is clear only to the touch - the artificial material is harder.
  • Velours. It is a luxurious velvety fabric. Thanks to its texture, the products are beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Among the disadvantages can be noted instability to moisture and a tendency to gradual abrasion.
  • Flock. This is a fabric that has several varieties, differing in texture and color. It can be soft and hard, uniform and with a three-dimensional pattern. The advantages of the fabric include strength, air permeability, wear resistance. The canvas does not wipe off, does not deform, and also repels water.

The only drawback is electrification. Such items attract dust and debris.

  • Chenille. It is a durable, dense material. Artificial varieties of chenille are usually used for furniture upholstery, as they are more durable. The fabric does not fade, fade or rub off. However, it can deform due to high temperatures (therefore, do not put the pouf next to the battery) and, in case of contamination, requires special dry cleaning.
  • Jacquard. Beautiful fabric with embossed patterns. She does not dry herself off, does not fade, is unpretentious in care. The wear resistance of the material is also at its best.


The colors of the poufs are varied. White, black, gray, brown products are perfect for strict interiors. Lovers of rich colors can purchase red, orange, yellow, turquoise or other bright options. Models of pastel shades (light pink, beige, pale blue, etc.) look gentle. Products finished with shiny material look original. Silver and gold interior items immediately attract attention.

Selection Tips

When choosing the design and size of the pouf, it is worth deciding where it will stand and how it will be used. For example, it is better to put a product made of natural or artificial leather of a dark color in the hallway. Since this is an area in which contamination is unavoidable, an item made from non-marking materials will be the best choice.

You can put a fabric model in the room. Light soothing shades are suitable for the bedroom, and the living room can be decorated with a bright product. It is also worth considering the style of the interior. A pouf on a solid base will fit better in a modern environment. Vintage classics can be effectively emphasized by a pouf-bench on graceful wooden legs.

When choosing the color of the buttons, keep in mind that products with sparkling glass rhinestones can look slightly provocative. Such an item would be appropriate in a lady's bedroom, but not in a strictly decorated living room. Contrasting metal buttons are a more modest choice, although such items are also striking. A win-win option is fittings matched to the color of the upholstery. Such models look no less beautiful.

The functionality of the item is worth considering in advance. If you do not have enough storage space, purchasing a pouf is a great opportunity to solve this issue.

Buy a model with a lid and you can store household items, toys, and other items in it.

Examples of use in the interior

  • The black rectangular pouf with a carriage tie looks modest but elegant.
  • The round model with curly legs, decorated with metal fittings, effectively stands out against a light background.
  • The combination of sand and white colors form an elegant and original product.
  • A turquoise pouf becomes a bright accent in a discreetly decorated room.
  • If you put a pouf in the center of a room, it can become an excellent center of furniture composition.

For information on how to make a pouf with a coach tie with your own hands, see the next video.

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