Round puffs: features, varieties, selection rules

  1. Features of round poufs
  2. Varieties
  3. Shapes and sizes
  4. Materials and colors
  5. Beautiful examples

Thanks to a wide range of furniture, including upholstered furniture, it became possible to express yourself through a particular object. A round pouf can become an accent in your interior or, conversely, go unnoticed if your goal is that. These home furnishings are quite functional for their small size and relatively low market value.

Features of round poufs

Round models, like any other furniture, have a number of characteristic features that you should pay attention to, giving them preference. It should be noted that An ottoman is a small piece of furniture that is compact and lightweight. Thanks to this, the ottoman will never become superfluous in the house, it will not interfere. When purchasing a round ottoman, you can safely count on a number of functions it performs: storage of small things (if there is an internal drawer), the presence of a comfortable sitting place, its mobility.

Nevertheless, the level of comfort of this furniture as a seating place is reduced by the following feature: the ottoman has no back and armrests, like chairs and armchairs. However, modern design solutions suggest using this furniture not only as seating places, but also as coffee tables, foot stands, bedside tables and much more. Ottomans perfectly fulfill these functions.

Such furniture will be an excellent part of both the hallway and the bedroom, and even the kitchen.... The ottoman in the hallway is suitable for those who need a seating place in the hallway. And also it will serve as an excellent mini-bedside table for bags. Especially if the area of ​​the room does not allow you to put a chest of drawers or wardrobe in the hallway, an ottoman can be an excellent solution.

As for the kitchen, ottomans can become a stylish and original alternative to the usual stools for the dining table. A wide range of materials will allow your kitchen to play in a new way and add zest to it.

The bedroom is also a suitable place for such miniature furniture: it can be installed near the bed for storing small things (books, glasses and much more). And also the ottoman will look harmoniously near the pier glass instead of a stool or even at the piano. Most of the lineup is quite aesthetically pleasing, soft and neat.

The stable, simple design allows for a more striking design of upholstery and materials for a given piece of furniture.


A wide range of manufacturers allows you to choose exactly what fully meets the needs of a particular space.

Round ottomans come in the following varieties:

  • frame;
  • soft (frameless);
  • with a lid;
  • with internal storage box;
  • on wheels.

It is worth highlighting as a separate species pouf bed. This is a small sleeping place, for example, for a child.

Frame ottoman is a classic model of a round pouf with a wooden, metal or even plastic frame, upholstered with fabric or other materials.

Frameless or soft ottoman is a large pear-shaped pillow with various soft fillings. These ottomans are widely used for both children and adults. This is a great alternative to the classic armchair: a similar piece of furniture allows you to relax, and the unusual shape adds originality to the interior.

Children are very fond of such furniture, because it can be easily moved and impossible to break.

Classic frame ottomans with a lid vaguely resemble a jar: hollow frame, inside there is a place for filling. The lid can be either folded back or raised completely. A secret storage box next to the ottoman is an absolute advantage, making this furniture even more functional.

The ottoman is a rather mobile piece of furniture, which only proves the possible presence of wheels. The wheeled model allows you to move it where you need it. It is possible not to tie the ottoman to one room, but to use it, if necessary, throughout the house.

Shapes and sizes

Furniture manufacturers delight their customers with a wide selection of different shapes and sizes. Ottomans can be not only round, but also semicircular, and also differ in size. Large and small round poufs can perform different functions and be part of different rooms.

As for the semicircular models, they will perfectly take their place near the wall, creating a single composition and harmony. Furniture should be chosen both in shape and in height and width. In the modern model range, the height of ottomans varies from 30 to 70 cm, width - from 34 cm to a meter or more (depending on the design solution).

Materials and colors

Ottomans differ not only in size and shape, but also in their frame and upholstery materials. The frame can be made of wood, metal or even plastic, very rarely - from stone or glass. Nevertheless such models exist, most often they are design solutions.

More attention, of course, is attracted by the material of the upholstery: velor, leather, suede or even silk can serve as upholstery for an original exquisite ottoman. Among country houses and models for country houses, there are wicker products that are great for landscapes.

The overall appearance of an ottoman depends not only on the material of the upholstery, but also on its color, as well as a possible pattern or even decoration. The most neutral solutions can be considered a white or gray round ottoman.

Nevertheless, any of the possible colors can become an accent in your home.

Beautiful examples

An ottoman decorated with imitation pearls or rhinestones can become an original version of furniture in the interior. This model will look great in a child's room for a girl.

Leather monophonic laconic models will be an excellent part of a restrained interior.

Ottomans on a wooden frame with velor upholstery will be an excellent solution for a modern interior.

The modern development of furniture production allows you to find an ottoman for every taste, color and, importantly, a wallet.

How to make a round ottoman with a carriage coupler, watch in the video.

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