Upholstered furniture "Pinskdrev": an overview of models, pros and cons

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Range
  3. Fabrics and colors

Without which today it is impossible to imagine any living quarters? Of course, without modern upholstered furniture. It is an essential attribute in every house, apartment, office space. There are many manufacturers who present their own furniture on the market. One of the leaders in this area is the Belarusian company Pinskdrev.

It is about the furniture of this manufacturer that will be discussed in this article. We will identify its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the most popular models.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Pinskdrev company began its history back in the 19th century.

From a small manufacturing workshop, the enterprise has turned into the largest woodworking company, whose products are now represented in all European countries.

For the production of furniture only natural materials are used here... Solid wood, from which the entire range of the company is made, endows furniture with high aesthetic and operational qualities.

No one will argue that despite the fact that we live in a modern world where there are many different materials, furniture made of natural wood, as before, remains fashionable.

A consumer who values ​​quality and perfection in it chooses the products of the Pinskdrev company.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • naturalness;
  • prestige;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability;
  • wide and varied lineup;
  • affordability;
  • the presence of many certificates that confirm compliance with international standards.

    In addition to all of the above, the Pinskdrev company provides each customer with a product warranty for a period of 24 months.

    As for the shortcomings, after studying customer reviews, we can conclude that in the case of custom-made furniture, you need to wait a long time. But can this be called a minus if in the end you get high-quality and exclusive furniture that will serve you for a very long time?


    The choice of upholstered furniture, which is manufactured at the factories of the Pinskdrev company, is very large and varied.

    The following types of products are supplied to the market under the logo of this brand.

    • Upholstered furniture sets - the "Consul 23" option is popular. It consists of two products - an armchair and a sofa. The attributes are made in a classic style. The beautiful light beige color of the upholstery ensures that the set can be installed in absolutely any room.
    • Sofas - they differ in size, upholstery material, color. It is worth paying attention to the corner version "Darwin", 4-seater "Botticelli", 2-seater "Leon". This attribute can be selected for every taste.
    • Armchairs - compact, versatile. Many of them are transformed and converted into a comfortable single bed.
    • Ottoman - a great option for a children's room. The models "Dana", "Azalea", "Sprint" are in demand.
    • Banquet Is not only a decorative element, but also a comfortable functional furniture. When choosing, you should pay attention to the models "Omega", "York", Redford ".
    • Kitchen benches - this furniture attribute will help to correctly and competently equip the dining area. The product saves space and fits perfectly into any kitchen design.

    Fabrics and colors

    When choosing furniture for their home, almost every consumer first of all thinks about making it fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

    If you decide to buy products from the Pinskdrev manufacturing company, there will be no problems.The fact is that for upholstery, the manufacturer uses a lot of different fabrics of all kinds of colors.

    Pinskdrev furniture is made in classic, neoclassical, modern and modern styles.

    For upholstery use:

    • natural leather;
    • artificial leather;
    • the cloth;
    • velours;
    • flock.

      As for the color scheme, the choice is also unlimited. The upholstery can be white, blue, red, beige, brown, blue and other colors. The color and design of the products can be matched to any interior. Such furniture will become a real highlight of your home.

      Watch the video for the presentation of Pinskdrev furniture.

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