Rivalli upholstered furniture: characteristics, types, choice

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It is generally accepted all over the world that the best furniture is produced in Europe. However, there are also brands among Russian manufacturers that deserve the attention of the buyer. Today we will talk about one such Russian manufacturer - the Rivalli company.

About the manufacturer

The Rivalli factory was founded in the mid-90s of the last century. Her specialization is the manufacture of upholstered furniture, namely sofas and armchairs with removable covers with a metal frame based on French technology. Initially, the production facilities were located exclusively in Moscow. In 2002, another furniture factory appeared in Spassk-Ryazansky, and in the period from 2012 to 2016 production workshops "Trubino" and "Nikiforovo" were opened.

Over time, their own carpentry and woodworking workshops were created. This allowed us to optimize costs and automate the process of creating furniture, as well as to reduce the risk of human factors to a minimum. All this allows us to create high-quality furniture that is not inferior to European counterparts at competitive prices.

In addition to upholstered furniture, the company is engaged in the production of cabinet furniture, as well as mattresses, toppers and pillows.

Features of upholstered furniture

Rivalli tries to keep up with the times and uses modern raw materials in its production that meet all safety requirements. That's why the company's assortment includes models where the use of metal parts is completely excluded. This made it possible to reduce the weight of the finished structure by almost a quarter, improve the rigidity indicators, and also increase the service life.

As for the upholstery materials, then the Rivalli assortment includes time-tested fabrics such as tapestry or jacquard... Upholstered furniture with chenille upholstery made of cotton and synthetic fibers is also very popular with buyers.

A relatively new word in the field of upholstery materials is artificial leather and artificial suede. Thanks to modern technologies, you can achieve absolutely any texture and pattern, not to mention color. In terms of wear resistance, these fabrics exceed natural counterparts at times, while they do not contain additives harmful to humans, so they can be called environmentally friendly.

Another interesting fabric used in the upholstery of Rivalli furniture is microfiber. The fabric "breathes", but excludes the penetration of liquid and dirt inside, has a beautiful shine and is pleasant to the touch, has a long service life.

Scotcguard or "printed claps". At the same time, the name "cotton" is rather arbitrary, since any fabric, both natural and artificial, can serve as the basis for printing a picture. The fabric is particularly durable thanks to a special impregnation, which is a barrier against oils, dust and moisture.

For the convenience of buyers, the company's website has a function for selecting fabrics in 3D mode.

As decoration elements, some models have details from MDF and solid wood... On the company's website and in catalogs of outlets, you can choose any shade: from very light (such as "bleached oak" or "pine") to more intense (such as "golden chestnut" or "dark chocolate").

The Rivalli company gives a 10-year guarantee for its furniture. For some mechanisms, the warranty has been extended to 25 years. After the warranty has expired, the required parts can be purchased from the company's service center.

Rivalli participates in voluntary product quality assurance carried out by the independent European organization Europur. The CertiPur certificate is highly regarded in the territory of the United Europe, which makes it possible to manufacture products, including for export. Its presence indicates that there are no harmful impurities in the composition of the raw materials from which the furniture is made.


List of items of upholstered furniture, which is produced by the manufacturer Rivalli, is quite diverse.

  • Sofas. They can be straight or angled. Modular designs are very popular, consisting of several items and allowing you to create different options for furnishing, depending on the room.
  • Beds. These can be small couches for a children's room or study, as well as full beds for a bedroom.
  • Armchairs. They come with or without legs, with soft or hard armrests, with or without a back (such as ottomans in the hallway or in the bedroom). The company also offers folding bed chairs with a built-in linen box, as well as rocking chairs.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a sofa, you should pay attention to the folding mechanism. It should be comfortable, lightweight and reliable at the same time. Rivalli upholstered furniture is produced with almost all known types of folding mechanisms.

For example, mechanism "Othello N-18" Convenient in that when folding, you can not remove the bedding from the sofa. Designed for daily use, therefore it belongs to the premium class. Used in Sheffield models in straight and angular design.

The high-rise sofa has three sections and is made of a metal mesh. Used in straight and modular models "Fernando".

"Accordion" Is the most common mechanism. Thanks to advanced technology, it has an almost silent run, designed for daily use. Depending on the mountings, I distinguisht "Accordion Grid" and "Accordion Meccano".

A sofa with a pantograph mechanism consists of the actual sofa seat and a frame for the back. The frame is made of a metal profile 20 * 30 by welding.

"Book" - a traditional mechanism that provides a flat surface for rest (Baccarat, Milan).

The retractable way of unfolding the sofa allows you not to move it away from the wall. Often used in models with laundry drawers.

"Click-gag" with folding armrests used in the "Rouen" model.

"Dolphin" Is a combination of an opening box for linen and a roll-out bed. They will be used in modular and corner models (Monaco, Orlando, Vancouver).

Lit mechanism used in couches and small sofas. Example - model "Jimmy"... It unfolds not only the back itself, but also the armrests, forming an additional horizontal surface.

"Sergio" has a metal frame, transforms the chair into a compact sleeping place. Used in a variety of seat models: Orlando, Picasso, Nice and others.

In addition to the folding mechanism, the size of the furniture, the material of manufacture and the upholstery are important. In the presence of small children, it is recommended to choose fabrics with a special moisture-resistant impregnation.

For reviews of modern models of Rivalli sofas, see the video below.

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