Manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Russia: rating, assortment and selection

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of factories and their assortment
  3. Quality rating

There are a lot of upholstered furniture manufacturers in Russia. To make the right choice, you will have to carefully study their rating and get acquainted with the features of the assortment of each brand. In our country, there are not only large furniture manufacturers, but also premium-class companies, which should be discussed separately.


The production of upholstered furniture in Russia has a long history. And during this time it has been significantly improved both technically and aesthetically. Now Russian manufacturers of upholstered furniture have gone far from the stereotypical image that existed 25 years ago. Then it was possible to produce "just domestic inexpensive products, and only the quality as it turns out."

Due to increased competition, it was necessary to approach much more stringently both the characteristics of the basic materials, and the production technologies, and the composition of the equipment used, and the training of technologists and assemblers.

The result was not long in coming. Since the beginning of the 2010s, domestic furniture products are at least as good as imported products in the same price range. The number of models is already several tens of thousands. All modern technologies and the latest design innovations are being actively introduced. A large part of the goods is already undergoing constant certification for compliance with Western European standards. At the same time, the presence of local production and the relatively low transport costs therefore make furniture from factories in the Russian Federation a rather profitable purchase.

Overview of factories and their assortment

Giving a list of large scale manufacturers, it is difficult to pass by Rival. She focuses on the production of case models. In addition to full-fledged sofas, the assortment includes:

  • poufs;

  • armchairs;

  • couches.

The use of covers is especially valuable for those who have pets at home, as well as for families with children. The company has a similar assortment Furniture-Holding. It includes sofas, couches and a variety of ottomans. Under this brand, custom-made sofas are also produced, which may have non-standard geometry.

An undoubted plus will be the fact that Mebel-Holding is ready to supply high-quality cabinet furniture, thereby completely solving the problem of furnishing a particular house.

You can find cover furniture as part of the product Anderssen. Some of the products of this company belong to the premium class and will satisfy even the most discerning consumers both in practical terms and in aesthetics. The factory has been operating since 2000, and during this time it has repeatedly modernized both production and the model range. The enterprise has organized a full production cycle. There are options with a very different appearance:

  • in calm and energetic colors;

  • with one-color execution and floral prints;

  • with geometric patterns of a strict look;

  • in the style of classics or modern minimalism.

The company promises to use reliable and proven transformation mechanisms, as well as:

  • upholstery with improved practical qualities;

  • sturdy covers made of three-layer material;

  • various design and practical solutions.

But the top of the list of elite manufacturers is the firm "Shatura-Furniture". It stands out for its simply gigantic assortment and production scale. You can buy sofas, couches and armchairs for both a residential building and a solid office. Production is carried out not only in Moscow, but also in the city of Balakovo, where the largest European furniture factory is located.Furniture is produced for bedrooms and kitchens, for hallways and guest rooms, even for offices and hotels.

There is a local leading brand in the Volga region - Blando. He also specializes in soft headsets. They are designed for both home and office use. Both very inexpensive sofas and products for the most demanding taste are offered. The enterprise has been operating since 1992, its production occupies over 5000 sq. m.

Quality rating

Most experts now call the famous Shatura one of the best domestic manufacturers. The company has been gaining its experience since 1961, which already speaks volumes to understanding people. Yes, the conditions were not the same, and the consumer was not the same ... but still practice is an irreplaceable thing. More than 600 retail stores operate under the Shatura brand, which confirms the high quality and popularity of such products. Moreover, some of the products from the enterprises of this company go to the IKEA network, which serves as an additional confirmation of the quality.

Much younger Krasnodar factory "Katyusha". She began to work, in fact, only in the XXI century. But this did not prevent her from achieving a very decent position. The Katyusha assortment was originally designed with the expectation of a perfect combination of dissimilar objects. Therefore, it is now quite possible to furnish the whole house with products of one brand.

Some experts believe that attributed by users to the third line "Mebel-Holding" should have been put first. This company makes high quality products. The models are quite diverse, and choosing the optimal one will not be difficult.

The assortment includes a number of non-standard products. Therefore, furnishing is simplified even for specific tasks.

Products under the brand name also deserve attention. "Soyuz-Furniture"... The products of this company belong to the category of economy, but this does not affect the practical properties. The manufacturer tries to use compressed shavings, which are much cheaper than solid wood, and even chipboard. The goods of "Borovichi-Furniture" are also deservedly popular.

The sofas of this brand are practical and ergonomic at the same time. Consumers can choose from various types of leather and fabric upholstery. In view of these properties, as well as affordable prices, "Borovichi-Furniture" should be placed in fourth position at least. And the fifth line is occupied by the furniture "Allegro-Classic", which is distinguished by:

  • extraordinary forms;

  • careful aesthetic elaboration;

  • comfort;

  • a variety of designs;

  • reasonable prices.

About "Slavic Furniture Company", one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Russia, see below.

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