Corner upholstered furniture: varieties and tips for choosing

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It is hardly possible to imagine a living room without comfortable upholstered furniture - today everyone loves to relax in comfort. And what could be more comfortable than a sofa or an armchair on which we sit in the evening with a book, a TV remote control or just a tablet, to forget about the worries of a working day and just relax?

    One of the most common options for upholstered furniture for the hall is corner furniture. It significantly saves space, in contrast to the classic "three" - a sofa and two armchairs, which is very important in the conditions of typical city apartments.


    Often such models are equipped with comfortable and spacious drawers for linen or bedding... But an orthopedic mattress is unlikely, it is mainly the prerogative of straight sofas. But their seats are more rigid, so the benefits for the muscles and the spine are undeniable.

    Despite the fact that the sizes of corner models are often larger than straight ones, in the end they are more economical. But they may not fit into very small rooms, you need a free corner and space along two adjacent walls.

    The “angle” models have wider berths than most double straight lines. And also they can have a built-in table, shelves for books, a laptop stand.

    The choice of corner furniture is very large, there are options in any design, color and size.


    Corner upholstered furniture can be folding or monolithic. The latter include, for example, a couch or chaise longue, which fits perfectly into neoclassical and neo-romantic interiors.

    Most of the models are "corner" folding. Depending on the transformation mechanism, they are disassembled forward, sideways, up. The sideways slide models are those equipped with a click-and-gag mechanism. The mechanisms "accordion", "book", "eurobook" are laid out forward. As for the dolphin mechanism, it is transformed by forward and upward movement.

    There is also modular furniture, the peculiarity of which is that it can be assembled in different ways, depending on the types and number of modules that are included. There are options that can be assembled both in a straight line and in corner furniture at the request of the owner. A feature of modular sofas is the practicality and ease of maintenance of the upholstery, since their components are often interchanged. Modular products are usually larger and bulkier than conventional products.


    Corner upholstered furniture is the choice of modern and daring people. Today it is no longer necessary to adhere to the canons (except for rooms furnished in a classic style, the classics still love symmetry) and put a sofa and two identical armchairs in the hall. It is quite possible to choose a comfortable corner sofa and a small armchair, by the way, it can also be angular.

    The interior decoration of the room in which such furniture is located needs to be well and thoroughly thought out. Each year, manufacturing firms offer hundreds of new models with a wide variety of designs.

    Style "minimalism" assumes restrained colors, better light - white, beige, milky, light gray. Adherents of ethnicity need to focus on natural materials - both in upholstery and filler (for example, coconut coir and latex).

    Classic - wide armrests, leather upholstery, high upholstered back. Such models can be made both in traditional, restrained shades - beige, chocolate, ocher, and in bright and atypical ones - lemon, blue, emerald, scarlet.

    If you are a supporter of everything modern, choose modular furniture.You can change the decor in the living room, guided only by your desire. You can choose a bright sofa or an achromatic product, adding color accents with poufs or pillows. Combine these models with similarly designed cabinet furniture or shelving.

    How to choose?

    Corner furniture does not tolerate clutter in the room, it should be the center of the room, and the rest of the furnishings should complement it.

    Be sure to consider the purpose of the furniture - whether you plan to sleep on it, and how often. If you have a bed for sleeping, then you can choose a product upholstered in leather or eco-leather. If you sleep on this sofa, then it is better to stop at those that have a minimum number of joints and seams, and are also covered with textiles. Choosing a model with irregularities or an uncomfortable berth, you will not be able to rest normally.

    Pay attention to products equipped with transformation mechanisms such as "click-gag", "dolphin" or "eurobook"which create the smoothest possible surface. Do not choose models for which foam rubber was used - it gets into lumps and quickly loses its attractive appearance. Latex or synthetic fluff are of much better quality, retain their original state, elasticity for a long time, in addition, they are hypoallergenic, which means they can be used by anyone, even an allergic person. They do not accumulate dust mites.

    For upholstery, choose a material that is easy to clean. If possible, order a replacement cover to clean the upholstery as it gets dirty. This applies to both those models on which it is planned to sleep, and those that are intended for "sitting" rest.

    Beautiful examples

    Here are some interesting options for corner upholstered furniture for example:

    • a red and pink sofa and white walls are a great combination;
    • modular white furniture looks amazingly beautiful;
    • a light gray sofa with bright cushions is a good choice for a minimalist interior;
    • cozy soft beige furniture - classics of the genre;
    • compact gray sofa with a wide berth.

    How to choose a corner sofa, see the next video.

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