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Manufacturers of upholstered furniture are so widely represented on the market that sometimes it is difficult to navigate in all the variety of their offers. Even when compiling a rating of the best factories, you have to divide brands by geographic principle, separately indicating domestic and foreign manufacturers.

List of Russian manufacturers

There are factories of upholstered furniture in Russia in almost all regions. Perm and Krasnodar regions, Saratov, Rostov, Smolensk and Samara regions are justly proud of their producers. St. Petersburg enterprises for the production of upholstered furniture are equal to the successes of their Scandinavian colleagues. The Sevastopol Furniture Factory is also successfully fighting for its place in the market.

It is worth considering the most famous domestic brands of upholstered furniture in more detail.


A manufacturer from the Novgorod region, specializing in the supply of products to neighboring regions - St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Pskov. The main specialization of the factory is inexpensive models of sofas and headsets for the living room, bedroom, kitchen. Furniture mainly of straight or angular design, with fabric upholstery and polyurethane foam filling.

Moon ("Living sofas")

The Noginsk upholstered furniture factory produces its products under the Moon brand. The company has been successfully operating since 1994, initially based in Mytishchi, then a branch was opened in Marfino. Since 2005, all production facilities of the company have been transferred to Noginsk. Since 2006, Zhivye Divany LLC has become the official name.

The factory has one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, a warehouse and a sales network. All products comply with Russian and international standards. The company manufactures furniture with radius elements, uses the most modern transformation systems: pantograph, eurobook, dolphin, accordion.


A company from the Vladimir region has been operating on the Russian market for over 20 years. The company has a classic line and a premium series "Avelina", which presents the most upscale models with exclusive design and performance. In its work, the brand uses the best materials - natural and artificial leather, suede. English-style sofas have become a real hit of sales - a traditional decoration for an office or living room.


A furniture factory from the Moscow region is based in the city of Shatura and has been successfully operating for over 55 years. Today the company has its own chain of stores throughout Russia, an impressive production complex and an impressive staff. Among the upholstered furniture produced by the company, sofas and armchairs, poufs and banquets in leather or fabric upholstery are especially distinguished.


The company, part of the Allegro group, specializing in the production of furniture. Allegro-Classic is a division formed in 1992 for the production of soft furnishings: sofas, armchairs, poufs, banquets and other products. The company is based in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region. The brand has its own online store for direct sales, an extensive dealer network.

The range of products includes both current novelties and timeless classics. The models of the EGO collection are aimed at customers with high demands for the quality of bedding and presentation of products.The line includes mainly straight classic sofas with different types of transformation mechanisms.


Furniture factory from the Moscow region, production is located in the city of Ivanteevka. The company is part of the Allegro group, has existed since 1996. During this time, a modern production plant was built, equipped with European equipment. The products have passed international certification. All stages of furniture manufacturing, from idea to its implementation, sewing covers and upholstery, forming frames, take place directly at the factory.

Today, the company's collections are confidently heading the lists of bestsellers; they are sold through their own online store and partner dealer networks. The lines include exclusive models with leather upholstery, modular solutions, orthopedic and classic bases.


Moscow furniture factory, which began work in 2000. The brand was created as a small enterprise, but soon it turned into a large production complex with its own design bureau and a large staff of employees. Today the Anderssen brand is known far beyond the borders of Russia. Production began with only two models, one of which - the "Mirror of the Night" sofa - is still a hit of sales today. The factory has perhaps the widest range of products with different types of transformation mechanisms.

Anderssen brand products are sold in the middle and premium price segments, only in fabric upholstery. Among the models you can find classic and avant-garde options, all products are developed by the company's own designers, many have no analogues on the market.


A Russian company that has been successfully operating since 1996. The brand focused not on a wide assortment or non-standard shapes, but on the availability of covers. All upholstered furniture of the company is equipped with them, which makes it much easier to care for it. Products are sold in the middle price range.


The factory from St. Petersburg has been successfully maintaining high consumer demand for its products for more than 20 years in a row. Upholstered furniture is created according to the brand's own sketches, meets the high demands of buyers... The upholstery uses natural fabrics and other quality materials.


A factory from the Smolensk region that produces soft sofas for kitchen corners, armchairs, modular and folding furniture models. The products are positioned as premium and middle class goods, both conventional and orthopedic bases are used.


Sevastopol furniture factory operating in the budget segment of prices. It features a fairly wide range of classic and corner sofas, armchairs with different types of transformation mechanisms.

The best foreign brands

Along with domestic enterprises, foreign firms are also present on the market. Let's list the most popular ones.

IKEA (Netherlands)

Initially, the company had a Swedish "residence" and quickly turned into a European leader in the sale of interior items. Today IKEA is headquartered in the Netherlands and collaborates with Scandinavian, Japanese and Dutch designers. The range of products includes original sofas and armchairs with orthopedic or traditional filling, frameless models and modular systems.

Minotti (Italy)

A true leader in the production of non-standard, avant-garde furniture. The main specialization of the brand is unusual cubic sofas and armchairs.

In addition, the brand creates premium upholstered furniture with exclusive upholstery options: crocodile leather, python, rare wood inserts.

Gala Collezione (Poland)

Polish brands are not well known to Russian buyers. But furniture under the Gala Collezione brand definitely deserves attention... The company produces comfortable sofas, modular and corner products.The brand offers to assemble a dream kit or choose a ready-made premium solution in various configuration options.

LLC "Slonim factory of upholstered furniture"

The Slonim factory of upholstered furniture, which owns the brands SoftCity and Waldenhof, is located in Belarus and specializes in creating products in a modern style. Among the configuration options, you can find straight, corner, modular sofas, the range also includes armchairs and complete sets for the bedroom or living room. The owners of small-sized housing have not been forgotten either - there is a separate series of products for them. Here you can find sofas for kitchens and convertible models with a berth.


A Belarusian furniture factory with a rich history, one of the oldest in the country. Upholstered furniture from this manufacturer is highly regarded for its excellent quality and high level of comfort. The factory has existed for more than 100 years, today it includes its own complexes for the procurement of raw materials, the manufacture of chipboard - more than 44 enterprises in different directions in total.

Upholstered furniture is represented by sets and individual items, solutions of various configurations are offered, including luxury leather sofas and armchairs.

Model rating

Factory upholstered furniture in quality is certainly superior to that collected in private workshops and small industries. It is not surprising that those who are looking for decent furnishings for their home or apartment prefer to choose it for purchase. A number of models from different brands deserve attention.

  • Round sofa "Aalborg" Anderssen. When folded, this model looks like a semicircular sofa, has an unusual shifting transformation mechanism, a springless soft mattress. The unfolded diameter is more than 2 m, the base has compartments for bedding. This is an unusual outwardly model with a low center of gravity, comfortable for sleeping and resting. The price is higher than average due to the non-standard shape of the interior item.
  • IKEA Bierbu sofa bed. One of the most inexpensive leather sofas for sleeping. The model has a high rack base, removable cover, easy to clean, 2 large soft pillows included. This is a springless sofa bed with orthopedic polyurethane foam filling, which is most comfortable in everyday use.
  • Hoff "Madrid". A model of a sofa with an impressive sleeping place of 160 × 200 cm, high and wide armrests, a Eurobook transformation mechanism. Inside there is a storage space for bedding. The model uses a dependent type spring block without orthopedic functions.
  • The Austin sofa from the Pinskdrev trademark. Sofa bed with independent spring units. The upholstery is offered in different versions - from artificial leather to fabrics in different colors and textures. Spacious modular sides contain a storage system inside, perfectly flat on top, suitable for use as a coffee table. The model uses the mechanism "Eurobook", there is a special strip that allows you to place furniture close to the wall without gaps.
  • Corner sofa-bed "Lira" from the Borovichi-Furniture brand. A model of upholstered furniture with armrests upholstered in the same fabric as the main structural elements. It has a convenient Eurobook transformation mechanism, 2 internal compartments for storing bedding, there are 3 pillows attached to the base with Velcro. The frame and legs are made of solid natural wood. The size of the unfolded berth is 150x210 cm.
  • Moon 021 Н32Сб from the Living Divany company. Wall-mounted model of a transforming sofa with accordion mechanism. This is a compact solution without armrests, with two bright cushions and filled with highly elastic furniture PU foam. The base is made of metal with orthopedic birch lamellas on the frame. The upholstery is offered in different versions - artificial leather or suede, fabric.Includes a mattress cover.

Selection Tips

When choosing upholstered furniture, regardless of the manufacturer, it is imperative to pay attention to certain points that affect its quality and durability.

  1. Transformation mechanisms. The most modern options are considered to be "eurobook", "dolphin", "accordion", "pantograph" - they are suitable for daily use, easy to operate. A single sofa or a sofa with a "click-clack" transformation mechanism can be purchased for the nursery or guest room.
  2. Upholstery type. It not only affects the external perception of the interior item, but also determines its service life. Elite options include natural leather - it can be dyed, additionally embossed. Eco-leather is an artificial version of upholstery that looks no less respectable. Among fabric types of upholstery, velor, chenille, and jacquard are in the lead. Matting is very popular, but you should not choose it for a house where there are animals, otherwise the sheathing will quickly lose its decorative effect.
  3. Filling. The optimal choice for sleeping is an orthopedic base on a spring block or a springless latex foam base. If upholstered furniture is not chosen for sleeping, you can choose budget models with snake springs or foam padding. The denser the filler material, the longer it will last without deformation.
  4. Frame type. The most expensive options for upholstered furniture have a base made of solid natural wood. Such a frame can withstand significant loads, is connected with furniture screws. An alternative to wood is metal joined by welding. The weakest and most unreliable connection is given by chipboard parts - they are chosen only as a last resort and if there is a tenon-groove connection in addition to bolts.
  5. Additional functions. The presence of a spacious compartment for linen or built-in shelves, transforming armrests, several options for the angle of inclination of the backrest - all this can radically affect the final decision. If you can get an extended package for the same price, you should not deny yourself this pleasure.

Following these tips, you can get optimal results when choosing upholstered furniture for a home or a summer residence, a country cottage or a guest house.

An overview of the production of sofas at the furniture factory "Dimir", see the video below.

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