Upholstered furniture "Allegro-classic": characteristics, types, choice

  1. Features of upholstered furniture
  2. How to choose?
  3. Varieties

Upholstered furniture "Allegro-classic" definitely deserves the attention of buyers. But before buying, you need to know its main types that are present in the range. This is the only way to make the right choice and avoid many problems in life.

Features of upholstered furniture

Factory "Allegro-classic" is not as famous as the same "Shatura-Furniture" or "Borovichi-Furniture"... But she earned her right to stand in this row and deservedly fight for user sympathy. And consumers in general note that products of very high quality are produced under this brand. Strictly speaking, Allegro-Mebel is not just one factory, but a whole association of Moscow furniture enterprises.

A number of salons operate under this brand in all leading cities of our country. The products confidently compete with the products of the leading Western European suppliers, which also says a lot. The advantages of Allegro-Mebel are:

  • a staff of trained specialists with the necessary experience;

  • the most modern production equipment;

  • a package of additional services, including post-warranty service;

  • systematic retraining of personnel abroad.

How to choose?

Upholstered furniture made of natural wood lasts a long time and wears out little. True, you will have to pay a lot for such advantages. In the middle price range, MDF has a very good position. If savings are very important, you can choose furniture based on fiberboard, but here the class of material used for the production of furniture is very important.

Apart from independent spring blocks, only such a filler as polyurethane foam deserves attention. It is he who is distinguished by an excellent ratio of cost and quality. PU foam is durable and does not provoke allergies.

Some materials could be even better. But they all cost more.

Book sofas - true "veterans" of the furniture industry. However, their convenience is in line with modern requirements. It is pleasant to both sit and lie on the "book". These advantages are inherited by more advanced designs - "Eurobook" and "click-gag". Even when choosing upholstered furniture, you need to evaluate:

  • reviews about it (presented on different sites - this is very important);

  • the quality of the upholstery and the feeling of contact with it;

  • the appearance of the structure and its compliance with the style of the room;

  • the exact dimensions of the products when folded and disassembled.


It is worth taking a closer look at the assortment of "Allegro-classics". A striking representative of the premium collection is the chic sofa "Brussels"... Its dimensions are 2.55x0.98x1.05 m.The length and width of the berth are 1.95 and 1.53 m, respectively. Other features:

  • sedaflex mechanism (aka "American clamshell");

  • filling of polyurethane foam;

  • solid coniferous wood base.

Collection "Floresta" now represented only by modification Borneo... It includes a straight, corner sofa and an armchair. The roller on the sofas of this version helps to create the correct and most graceful contours. The product is based on French clamshell mechanism.

Corner modification is suitable both for filling empty space and for visual zoning of a room.

Talking about collection "Eurostyle", it is difficult to ignore such a model as Dusseldorf... This name is given to a straight sofa, a modular sofa and an armchair. A characteristic feature of them is the flexible adaptation of seats for a person. Armchair "Dusseldorf" made from coniferous wood. There are no mechanisms in it.

Ego collection represented by direct sofas "Tivoli" and a couch of the same name. The body of the couch was equipped with metal frames. Its length is 2 m, and its width is 0.98 m.Metal frames are also provided in a straight line. sofa "Tivoli 2"... Its dimensions are 2x0.9 m.

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