How to choose classic upholstered furniture?

  1. Style features
  3. Selection criteria
  4. Beautiful examples

To create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the house, you need to take into account many factors and every little thing. It is very important to choose the right upholstered furniture for the arrangement of each of the rooms. Today in the modern furniture market there is a fairly wide selection and range of furniture attributes in a variety of styles. The most preferable, despite the entire range, is the classic style of upholstered furniture design. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right items for each of the rooms in the house.

Style features

The classic style is wealth, solemnity and sophisticated aristocracy. Such furniture makes the room harmonious and incredibly beautiful. Classic soft products are characterized by:

  • restrained, laconic, magnificent and graceful look;
  • the presence of the extraordinary beauty of the carved elements;
  • floral ornaments;
  • the symmetry of the structure as a whole and its individual elements;
  • rectangular or arched lines;
  • using wood, leather and tempered glass for the manufacture of items;
  • tapestry, velvet, velor and satin embroidered fabrics as upholstery;
  • gold decoration;
  • the presence of accessories made of bronze, brass or copper.

All these features of the furniture add sophistication and sophistication to the room. Shoulder to shoulder next to the classic style of upholstered furniture design is neoclassical, which also has a number of features. Such products are different:

  • orderliness;
  • luxury;
  • contrast;
  • laconic design;
  • symmetry;
  • classic finish;
  • floristic themes in patterned furniture decoration;
  • using exclusively natural materials in the manufacturing process of products - high-quality natural and expensive wood.

This design is considered versatile, elegant and simple. Furniture in this style will become the property of any room.


Classics will never become outdated, and upholstered furniture in this style can decorate absolutely any interior. It combines different design directions.

  • Baroque characterized by round lines, wood carvings and lack of decor.
  • Rococo. The furniture attributes of this direction are characterized by the presence of many decorative elements and the use of materials in light colors.
  • Gothic. Such design of products carries a strict luxury. Items are designed mainly in dark colors, with a complex upholstery texture, tapestry and velvet are used.
  • Empire style. Upholstered furniture in this style is characterized by a luxurious appearance, valuable upholstery fabrics. Light tone of design prevails, for example, ivory, silver, light wood.

Selection criteria

Choosing furniture in the classic style for your home, you need to take into account many factors and criteria so as not to "overdo it" and preserve the character and characteristics of the direction. Be sure to take into account:

  • material, type of wood from which the furniture frame is made;
  • the fabric from which the upholstery was made;
  • the presence of fittings;
  • color design - the body and upholstery must necessarily be combined with the atmosphere, the interior of the room (neutral, soft tones prevail in this style, you can rarely find classic furniture in bright colors);
  • sizes of furniture attributes;
  • additional functionality;
  • manufacturer;
  • price.

Remember, classic furniture is characterized by large sizes and voluminous shapes.When choosing a sofa or armchairs, be sure to consider that the size of the product fits well into the parameters of the room.

It should also be borne in mind that most sofa models do not transform into a sleeping place.

Beautiful examples

Soft items can be matched to any room. It is most reasonable to buy a set that includes a sofa, armchairs and a table. Let's look at a number of examples and define the characteristics of classic furniture for each room.

  • Living room. This is the main room in the house, where guests are welcomed, they spend their free time, and relax. It is advisable here to choose attributes in a restrained color: white, milky, beige, chocolate. Textile decoration of furniture should be rich and expensive in appearance.
  • Children's room. When choosing products in the style of a classic for a children's room, take into account its softness, comfort, size and the presence of additional functionality.
  • Cabinet. A businesslike and strict atmosphere reigns here. Furniture here should be compact, in dark colors and stylish fittings.
  • Kitchen. Here you can place the corner sofa model. As for the color, the main thing here is that the sofa harmoniously complements the main kitchen furniture set.
  • Bedroom. The main soft attribute of the bedroom is a classic bed. She will become a real highlight of the room, give it a special, necessary mood. It is best to choose a model made from natural wood.

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