Belarusian upholstered furniture: an overview of manufacturers and models

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Overview of manufacturers and assortment
  3. How to choose?

Upholstered furniture in any home is the main indicator of the style and zeal of its owners. This applies to both the living room and the rest of the rooms, where sofas and armchairs will be placed, especially from branded manufacturers. For decades, Belarusian upholstered furniture has been popular with many buyers, and excellent quality and presentable appearance have become the hallmark of manufacturers from Belarus.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today it is fashionable to find Belarusian upholstered furniture in many furniture salons in Russia.

Usually its production comes from different natural solid wood, this is what becomes a fundamental factor in choosing and buying.

Furniture factories from Belarus maintain their production rating due to the following advantages.

  • They use only proven raw materials: for the basis of the array of hull structures and elements, only those boards are selected that do not have visible and invisible defects, they should be free of chips and cracks.
  • Special attitude to design. Of course, some models are far from Italian elegance, but basically all furniture from the neighboring republic can boast of attractiveness, it will easily fit into any home interior.
  • Affordable price. Usually, Belarusian furniture is assembled from pine, a tree that does not differ in high cost, so it is available to any Russian buyer.
  • The raw materials for production have a permanent moisture resistance. Professionals in their field use special resins that protect the material from possible mold and damage to the structure and increase the service life.
  • Compliance of products with all the requirements of GOST, and also it fully complies with the requirements of European standards.
  • A large assortment: sofas, ottoman, canapes and armchairs, armchairs-beds delight their owners for many years.
  • The production equipment on which the upholstered furniture is made meets world standards and allows consumers to get modern designer furniture, which is why it is popular not only in our country, but also abroad.

As for the disadvantages, they are available, but their number is much less than the advantages.

  • If the furniture is made of valuable types of wood, for example, beech, then its cost will not be affordable for everyone.
  • Belarusian manufacturers often warn their potential buyers that their products should be kept indoors, where the air humidity should be no more than 65%. Otherwise, it may dry out and lose its former appearance.
  • Another disadvantage is the fact that custom-made furniture from Belarus is transported to our country for a rather long time, since the customs clearance process takes a certain amount of time.

Overview of manufacturers and assortment

Today, Belarusian furniture in our Russian market and abroad is adequately represented by several companies that have existed for decades and have recently appeared. AND The best part is that the list is constantly updated.

Leads rating "Slonim Upholstered Furniture Factory", known in this market since 1996. After more than 20 years, its products are in demand and are especially popular. The specialty of the factory is the variety of product styles, the high quality of simple, modular or corner sofas, as well as beds and armchairs.Plus, the lineup is annually replenished with a new assortment of various designs and types of mechanisms.

Manufacturers of Belarusian furniture use the latest technologies, and various components and related fittings are delivered from abroad.

The products of the Slonim factory have more than once adequately represented the republic at various exhibitions. Sets of upholstered furniture are produced in various styles - from classic to ultramodern ones that are in no way inferior in appearance to modern European counterparts.

For over 100 years has been producing amazing upholstered furniture company "Pinskdrev"... It was founded in 1880, and to this day, products from this company amaze and captivate users. Furniture in Italian style - living room and bedroom sets turn an ordinary apartment into a real apartment for dignitaries. Elegant style, warm colors, natural materials are the characteristic features of products from Pinsk.

Classic upholstered furniture from Pinskdrev Is functionality, perfection and aesthetics. Leather and fabric upholstery makes this furniture particularly desirable. Expensive sets of classic furniture, for example, "Consul 23", will be a worthy solution for an elite class room.

Elegant corner sofas with fabric upholstery, comfortable and easy-to-fold straight structures, as well as luxurious armchairs are the object of desire of more than one admirer of products from Belarus.

OJSC "Gomel furniture factory" Progress " has been presenting its products to a wide range of buyers since 1963. Today it is the leader of production in the republic, sells upholstered furniture not only in Belarus, but also in the countries of the former CIS, more than once became the winner of prestigious and well-known competitions, as well as international competitions. The company has a well-thought-out management, and high-quality raw materials allow us to talk about promising development. Upholstered furniture from Gomel deserves all praise: any product with leather and fabric cover will certainly diversify your interior.

Exquisite models of upholstered furniture from Belarusian factory "MOLODECHNOMEBEL" - some of the most popular. The factory has been operating for over 60 years and keeps its rating, producing products only from environmentally friendly materials. In total, more than 500 models of comfortable and comfortable furniture are offered to customers today. Experts believe that the assortment of the factory can be attributed to the elite, the headsets from the upholstered furniture for the living room look so impressive. Customers can purchase Italian leather products in various shades. Polyurethane foam is used as a filler, and a synthetic winterizer is laid on top as a flooring material.

Sofas from "MOLODECHNOMEBEL" can be transformed due to various options of mechanisms: the principle of the French clamshell, sedaflex, double folding, teak-tock, eurobook, etc. The models are also upholstered from various high-quality materials: leather and fabric.

Stylish collections from the manufacturer, such as "Prestige", "London", "Mokko" and others will decorate any apartment or house with dignity.

Upholstered cabinet furniture from company "Petramebel" is famous for its assortment and quality of its products. Excellent design, high-quality wood, convenience and durability are the main characteristics of the manufactured models.

How to choose?

Today it is possible to choose and order furniture from Belarus both in salons and through an online store. However, do not forget that the appearance of a product is not a guarantee of quality. It is necessary to remember about the recommendations of experts who suggest paying attention to the following points.

  • The main thing in any furniture is its frame. Experts advise turning your choice to an element made of natural wood, however, this will significantly increase the cost of the model. Alternatively, consider a metal frame.And in fact, and in another case, the design will last longer.
  • An important point when choosing is the quality of the upholstery. Flock, jacquard, tapestry or leather are very popular in the furniture industry. If the family has a pet, you need to be careful with the choice of fabric. Experts recommend paying attention to the upholstery soaked in Teflon.
  • What about the filler, then latex is considered the most hypoallergenic, however, it also adds to the cost of the structure. Therefore, most often manufacturers use polyurethane foam, polystyrene and holofiber.
  • Take a close look at the seams of the upholstery, they should not spread, but be even.

    In any case, furniture from Belarus will become a worthy decoration for your design, the main thing is to carefully familiarize yourself with the assortment and recommendations of specialists.

    An overview of solid wood furniture from Belarusian factories, see below.

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