IKEA upholstered furniture: about the brand, characteristics, examples in the interior

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  2. Peculiarities
  3. Range
  4. Examples in the interior

IKEA upholstered furniture has been known for a long time. But many people have a vague idea of ​​the brand and the characteristics of its products. It is important to take into account the basic examples in the interior - this is the only way to make the right, impeccable choice.

About the factory

IKEA is traditionally considered Swedish, but now it is re-registered in the Netherlands. Productions of this brand are available in various countries. They also exist in the European part of Russia. The main object is the Swedwood enterprise located in the Moscow region. The other facilities are mainly involved in the preparation of semi-finished products and semi-finished products, which are sent to the main assembly center.

Swedwood Tikhvin is a full-cycle furniture production company. All technological operations are performed here, including the primary processing of forest raw materials. The firm declares that she tries to achieve the optimal balance between quality and price... In addition to this production site, IKEA has 4 more enterprises in our country. And all of them, in one way or another, are associated with the release of upholstered furniture.


The popularity of IKEA upholstered furniture is understandable. It has stood out for a long time for its quality and very nice design. At the same time, the company tries in every possible way to maintain a very high level of practicality. The production is monitored at all stages, meticulous quality control is carried out in all basic parameters. The advantages of IKEA furniture are the following:

  • ease of use;
  • optimal functionality;
  • flexibility in choosing the type of planning solution;
  • the availability of the most daring and extraordinary ideas when furnishing rooms;
  • suitability for both medium-sized city apartments and exquisite country houses of a large area;
  • ease of assembly and subsequent installation;
  • convenience of service.


Upholstered furniture from IKEA represented by the following models:

  • sofas upholstered in natural and synthetic leather;
  • sofa beds;
  • modular sofas;
  • poufs.

It is hardly possible to give a description of the entire assortment; it would be more correct to “go over” several illustrative items. Deserves attention, for example, black and white couch "Brimnes", which can be easily converted into a single or double bed as needed. The storage boxes are large enough to fit almost all of the laundry you need.

A polyurethane foam mattress is provided to provide the necessary support in any position.

It is worth taking a closer look at the 3-seater sofa-bed "Gimmarp"... Its storage systems are also large enough. The height of the sofa is 0.83 m. Its width is 2.32 m.

The branded mattress reaches 0.09 m in thickness.

Chair with headrest models "Strandmon" - a kind of "reincarnation" of the model, presented back in the 1950s. But, of course, now it has been completed at a technological level adequate for the 21st century. With a width of 0.82 m, the height of the chair is 1.01 m. The legs are made of solid wood and treated with a special impregnation. The frame can be made from the following materials:

  • solid wood;
  • Fiberboard;
  • Chipboard;
  • plywood.

Examples in the interior

This photo shows how attractive a discreet gray sofa can look in a calm interior. It goes well with both light walls and a light shade on the lamp. The visual combination with the round table on metal supports is also brilliant. The carpet of an inexpressive light green color is not striking and at the same time favorably sets off the furniture.In general, a light and harmonious space is created.

And this is how the blue furniture from IKEA looks in the interior. Sofas immediately create a favorable overall impression. Their color is harmoniously combined with the color of the flowers in the vase, which are richer by several tones. The dull blue-green color of the furniture is also intertwined with a very light brown carpet. Surrounded by immaculate white walls, the whole composition looks quite appropriate.

A detailed review of the popular IKEA Friheten sofa in the video below.

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