Ulyanovsk upholstered furniture: brands and assortment

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When choosing the same sofas, you can be guided by popular world-class brands. But it is equally important to think about manufacturers from your region or nearby areas. Therefore, you need to figure out what the brands of Ulyanovsk upholstered furniture are, and what assortment they can offer.


Residents of Russia (and even that very region) may find it strange why the Ulyanovsk upholstered furniture was chosen for the review. There is nothing unnatural here - just the products of local factories are very solid. Even foreign consumers are willing to buy it. In any case, if we talk about a few of the most advanced models. An example of this is the products of the "Premium Sofa" company, which even has direct foreign representations; other companies are also not far behind.

The undoubted advantages will be:

  • use of natural and safe materials;

  • high strength of frames (designed to be used for decades);

  • optimal ergonomics;

  • affordable prices (in comparison with identical imported products).

List of the best factories

Straight and corner furniture products have a very good reputation. brand "Prestige-Furniture"... The manufacturer himself claims in the official description that he uses only first-class Russian raw materials that perfectly comply with the regulations of the state standards of the Russian Federation. Collections are updated exactly in line with fashion.

The assortment includes models with mechanisms:

  • tick tock;

  • triple clamshell;

  • Dolphin;

  • eurobook.

Deserves attention and firm "Region Furniture"... She has been working steadily since 2006. Specialized production is distinguished by a very wide range of products sold. Can buy:

  • straight and corner sofas;

  • canapes;

  • armchairs;

  • modular furniture systems (about three dozen models in total).

The next manufacturer on the list is "Leader"... Rather, "Simbirsk Leader"... Since the late 2010s, this brand has been supplying not only upholstered furniture, but also dining sets, as well as dining areas. So the experience of the company is not to be missed. The range includes sofas in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Fans of practical Eurobooks and soft pull-out sofas should pay attention to the products under the brand name "Idyllia"". Both corner and straight sofas are available to consumers. Therefore, the choice of furniture for any interior is not difficult. The goods of the Idillia factory are supplied to various regions of our country. They were appreciated at their true worth even in the Russian capital oversaturated with such a proposal. From other companies, you should take a closer look at:

  • "Favorite";

  • Goodwin;

  • "Harmony of Comfort";

  • "New Style";

  • "Caravelle".

Selection Tips

It is possible to list the Ulyanovsk furniture manufacturers only briefly. After all over 140 enterprises specializing in the production of the same sofas and other upholstered furniture are based in this city... That is why it is so important to take into account the selection recommendations. The main part of any upholstered furniture is a frame (usually made of metal), which is surrounded by wooden or plastic inserts. Obviously, special attention should be paid to the quality of the frame.

When choosing upholstery, one cannot be limited only by purely practical considerations. Designers advise you to follow two paths. In the first case, they immediately select the colors and textures that are optimal for themselves. In the second case, products are taken with removable covers. Then it will be easy to change them if the fabric gets heavily clogged or goes out of fashion.

Connoisseurs warn against buying leather furniture.

Yes, she looks gorgeous. But both in the heat and in the cold it can create unpleasant sensations. Moreover, fabric surfaces are more varied in appearance and allow you to create interesting combinations... Chasing too bright colors should not be. Sometimes, instead of an additional charge of cheerfulness and positive emotions, they only annoy.

Almost everywhere, if the style does not directly require, products of discreet colors can be used. Monochromatic solutions are also better than decorated with ornaments, unless otherwise prescribed by the approach to interior design. You should also consider the intensity of the lighting in the room. We must not forget about the optimal size of the furniture: it should be such that it goes everywhere, leaves passages and does not cause discomfort. In addition to all these recommendations, you should immediately assign an upper price bar for yourself - then there will be fewer problems.

Experienced people always look at how well the seams are sewn and the fasteners are placed. Buyers try to control this even in seemingly inconspicuous places. Additionally, make sure that the fabric or leather is stretched properly. Wherever possible, independent spring blocks should be preferred as filler.

Bonnel is best among the addicts, and among the springless ones - the most dense and stable substances.

You can find out how to choose a good sofa in the video below.

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