Original options for the interior design of a wooden house

Original options for the interior design of a wooden house
  1. Peculiarities
  2. What do you need?
  3. What is unacceptable?
  4. Materials (edit)
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Wooden buildings have always been associated with something original and originally Russian. This put a certain imprint on the interior decoration and design of the entire dwelling as a whole. However, everyone has a different temperament. This is reflected in every design element of a wooden structure, whether it be the interior of a summer house, a country house or a private cottage.


Any solid wood structure needs a careful choice of materials. If the situation with brick is simpler, then a number of factors must be taken into account. For example, the environmental friendliness of the material makes it in demand. However, it is she who is the reason for the need for additional treatments, including antiseptic impregnation. The tree shrinks, attracts the attention of rodents and ants, which can disrupt its integrity.

Such a structure has less stress on the foundation. For this reason, the construction of the second and third floors is possible. The upper space can be used as an attic floor. This will allow you to rationally equip the internal area, freeing up space at the bottom when it is not enough. Due to the low weight of the wood, the materials used for the floors should be lightweight.

This excludes the laying of bases along the entire perimeter of the walls with massive slabs. Materials are selected in such a way that they do not create additional load on the carriers. It is a mistake to use exclusively wood raw materials for interior decoration.

One of the features of the array is the loss of expressiveness of the texture with an abundance of the same material inside the room.

If there is a lot of wood, the house will look like a wooden box with partitions or a semi-finished and unoccupied bathhouse. It is important to choose the right finishing material for each floor. Any atmosphere can be created, but it should be harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. You can consider the choice of material during the construction phase.

Any kind of decoration (inside and outside) of a wooden house is performed after the structure has shrunk. Usually it can take up to 5 years. If glued laminated timber was used during construction, you will have to wait at least a year. If the cladding is done earlier, it will deform. Wallpaper can tear if the house leads. Plaster will crack, tiles will fall off, other coatings will be skewed.

The interior decoration of a wooden house should correspond to the general concept of stylistics. They choose the same design direction in order to maintain the same atmosphere in all rooms. Integrity can be maintained with a related color palette of wall, ceiling and floor finishes. In some places, it is necessary to soften the heavy effect created by the wood finish of the floors.

What do you need?

As a rule, finishing work is carried out after the communication and wiring systems have been carried out. When finishing, the preliminary preparation of the floors is important. In the first year after construction, it is necessary to achieve tightness of the joints. You need to take care of laying the waterproofing.

Caulking is performed between the logs with jute, tow or moss.

Before decorating the walls, ceiling and floor, you need to take care of the insulation of the home. This will reduce heat loss, which will be especially noticeable in the cold season. It is important to use fire retardant and sustainable materials. When closed, they will prevent the spread of an open flame. The absence of harmful components in the composition will exclude the release of toxins during the operation of the finish.

If the finish provides for a frame system, lightweight materials must be used.

Due to them, you can level the height of the floors, hide the supply of electricity and water inside. They will also allow you to lay insulation. Only after the window and door openings are completed, it is worth starting the interior decoration.

Since wood is capable of sustaining combustion, light sources are selected safe. It is important to choose the right finishing material so that it does not melt from the heating of lamps and other illumination. For ceilings and walls, they are trying to purchase options with a minimum gap between the frame system and the enclosing ceiling. This will save valuable centimeters of usable area.

Indoors it is necessary:

  • correctly plan every corner of the space;
  • choose different finishes, taking into account the desired style;
  • prepare each base for finishing;
  • to zone the space of each room into separate functional zones;
  • use the technique of contrast in decoration;
  • choose the desired background color;
  • bring light spots into the interior;
  • choose a finish that is compatible with any type of lighting;
  • choose coatings with different textures;
  • use durable materials;
  • choose an easy-care finish.

    It is necessary to think over the ventilation system, otherwise the materials used for interior decoration will collapse at a doubled rate. At the same time, condensation or even mold can form on their surface.

    What is unacceptable?

    There are several mistakes that visually aggravate the appearance of the interior decoration:

    • the execution of wall, floor and ceiling decoration in the same tone is excluded;
    • do not echo the exterior design by choosing an identical finishing material;
    • it is irrational to leave a large area under the stairs with a lack of footage;
    • it is undesirable to use non-slip material for flooring;
    • it is impossible to equip wet areas of the bathroom with pendant lamps;
    • it is unacceptable to use toxic raw materials that, when heated, will emit formaldehyde vapors into the air.

    Materials (edit)

    Materials for interior decoration of a wooden house are varied. Today, the market for finishing raw materials offers a lot of options to the attention of the buyer. From a wide range of coatings, there are several that are most in demand among designers and ordinary buyers.


    The choice of such raw materials must be thorough. Not every type of solid wood is appropriate for decoration. He is able to become a decoration of ceilings only with a thorough approach to the choice. For example, it is the best and most natural material for attic ceiling beams. Such elements are the focus of interior design today. With their help, you can make a unique design.

    A good use is decorative ceiling tiles or cassettes to accentuate the ceiling area.


      This material is lighter. It is used everywhere due to the variety of textures and the ability to imitate any natural material. It is used as an interior decoration for ceilings and walls. These are wall and ceiling slats, ceiling tiles and wall panels. Painted wood-like slats make the interior softer. Brickwork panels allow you to zone the space.

      The texture can be matte, glossy, embossed, smooth. Plastic is able to imitate wood, stone, cork, marble, pebbles, brick.


      Such material is a sheet covering with a gypsum core, packed in building board on both sides.It has its own gradation and different purposes. This is reflected in thickness and bendability.

      It is used for arranging niches, arches, partitions, wall and ceiling cladding. For each floor, use its own type of drywall. The best option for interior decoration is the creation of suspended or stretch ceilings. Drywall can be painted, pasted over with wallpaper, coated with plaster, supplemented with polyvinyl chloride film.

      Tension cloth

      This category includes materials in the form of PVC films of different widths. These are matte and glossy, as well as satin coatings for the ceiling area, which are glued to the ceiling or attached to the frame after the room has been warmed up with a heat gun. The film is lightweight, resistant to deformation, and stable in color saturation. Capable of retaining water in the event of a leak from the upper floor. The disadvantage of the finishing material is the instability to punctures.

      Due to modern technologies, such material can be used for photo printing, decorating the interior of the room with an unusual pattern.


      The use of laminate for interior decoration of a private house is usually partial. The material is lightweight compared to ceramic tiles. The walls and the floor are sheathed with it. This is a good way of arranging a kitchen apron, highlighting an accent area in the living room, bedroom. However, if the house is located in an area with high humidity and constant condensation, the back side will delaminate over time.


      This material for a finished floor has its own classification. It is characterized by ease of installation and the absence of the need for glue fixation with a small floor area of ​​specific premises. He needs preliminary leveling of the base and laying the sub-floor. The texture can resemble parquet, board, laminate. The foam backing will add warmth to the floor.


      This material is appropriate for partial interior decoration. This is due to the fact that the house can lead. However, if the climate of the region and the location allow, such material will decorate walls and partitions. This can be a partial accent in the form of a bas-relief or stucco. In other cases, it is possible to perform Venetian, Versailles plaster, texture under a stone or bark beetle. The latter option perfectly mimics an array sharpened by beetles. This texture looks stylish, today it is in demand for interior decoration.


      The wallpaper material is divided into 2 types according to the form of release: roll and coating. The first line includes coatings of different thickness, composition and texture. With their help, you can add an original background design to the interior. Today, the focus is on the reception of contrast, therefore, companion wallpapers are often bought to highlight the necessary functional areas (kitchen, bedroom, rest, bay window).

      Noteworthy are liquid wallpapers. This material is in the form of a ready-made mixture and a powder that requires dilution with water. This finish looks expensive, it creates an unusual effect, but it is applicable only in dry rooms.


      The tiles in the decoration are traditional materials. However, due to the low weight of the array, it must be used in dosage. This can be a kitchen backsplash, bathroom panel trim, or shower enclosure cladding. Sometimes the walls are decorated with mosaics. This material attracts varieties on the mesh that do not need to adjust the gaps. The material is lightweight, allows you to diversify the interior of the bathroom. In addition to a smooth texture, it can have a relief, roughness, and a three-dimensional effect.

      For stairs

      Often a wooden house is equipped with a staircase. For it, wood, metal, reinforced glass, less often stone and tiles, as well as plastic are used. Wood helps to maintain identity, such balusters look massive. Forging from metal brings lightness to the finishing of the stairs, gives it an original look, and helps to ensure safety. Facing the steps with patterned tiles allows you to indicate belonging to a particular design idea.

      For stove or fireplace

      Different materials are used in the decoration of the fireplace area. This allows you to diversify the design, taking into account the chosen style. Clinker with different die thicknesses will be a good material. You can use modular tiles to cover your fireplace ledge or catwalk.

      Lightweight options with a stone texture are interesting. Imitation brick is lighter, it does not create a colossal load on the foundation. The material is distinguished by realistic shades, which brings the desired mood into the interior.


      Design solutions for interior decoration of a wooden house made of rounded beams or logs (debarked or with a round cross-section) are varied. For walls today, a zoning solution is in demand. At the same time, it is possible to partially preserve the structural features of the tree. It can be tinted taking into account the general concept of the chosen style. It is believed that this gives a special character to the room. It takes on a rural note, a technique reminiscent of a house in a village.

      An oil finish will help protect and preserve the texture of the wood.

      Finishing with a block house is a tricky trick. This is a siding design for wall cladding inside the house. An interesting solution is to paint the wall or ceiling boards. By highlighting the beams in a different color, it is possible to delimit the ceiling space, to emphasize its uniqueness. This allows you to make the texture of the wood finish expressive.

      The fashionable texture of wall coverings is an imitation of an old log. This effect is popular for vintage designs. However, in order for the design to look stylish, it is better to decorate one of the walls with a different material (for example, make it in the form of brickwork, using imitation of tiles or siding). The design options are different. You can emphasize the laconic design of the ceiling with lamps of unusual shapes.

      One finish should soften the other. The same goes for accessories. For example, walls should not be overloaded with an abundance of drawing. It is better if a picture or a small panel will be located on them. At the same time, the focus is on the unusual texture of the coatings. If there are niches, you can accentuate them with built-in lighting.

      For the bathroom, it is better to use the ideas of using shades of a natural color palette. Beige, olive, bleached coral tones combined with white are in fashion. White is popular, diluted with light gray, as well as ivory. The design ideas are different. However, you cannot fill everything around with a single texture and color.

      Furniture and plumbing

      Furniture is of particular importance today. It is the accent of the interior of any room in a private house. It is these elements of the interior arrangement that indicate the desired style and hint at the well-being of the home owners. The priority is the emphasis on functionality. Any item in the interior composition of each room in a log house should be as useful as possible.

      This is expressed in the presence of transformation systems, compactness. Manufacturers provide different models, taking into account the design features of the premises. For example, for bay window ledges, you can order special sofas that can occupy a rounded wall as tightly as possible.

      If space is limited, compact models can be installed in it, leaving space for freedom of movement.

      Bedside tables have been developed for bedrooms and living rooms. They are distinguished by good functionality at a minimum size. Even for the bathroom, you can choose products taking into account the peculiarities of the layout. On sale there are corner and straight bathtubs, options for one, two users, seating products with different bowl shapes. The streamlined shape allows for the safe operation of the premises.

      Sinks for private houses made of wood are chosen lightweight. Stone countertops are undesirable here: they will create a large load on the foundation. Toilet bowls can be with microlift or heated. The presence of a frame installation will contribute to the reliability of fastening products. A metal heated towel rail will be a useful purchase. It weighs a little, but brings organization into the room.


      The style of interior decoration is subject to the temperament of the owners of the house. If this is a family of several people, they try to choose an option that suits everyone. Otherwise, being in the house can become uncomfortable. The project can represent one of the branches of design, be it modern, classic, vintage, ethnic or creative direction of the interior.

      If you wish, you can make the interior look like a hunting lodge. Someone prefers the Provence style with its craving for light colors and the texture of painted wood. Such a solution gives off lightness, it is pleasant, the style of the French hinterland gives off a touch of vintage. Others like the boho style with its striving for variegation. In this case, the background decoration of the walls and the ceiling usually softens the abundance of bright spots and textiles characteristic of the design.

      Elements of palace solemnity are inherent in the classic solution of a country cottage. The house is kept in the same style to maintain the desired atmosphere. In the decoration of the ceiling, they can use imitation of plaster moldings, moldings, walls are decorated with paintings or panels. For the floor, they choose a finish like parquet or cover it with expensive carpets.

      Carpets are used for stairs, decorating the balusters with ball-shaped lamps.

      For different rooms

      The design of each room has its own characteristics.

      • Bright tones of interior decoration are appropriate for the living room. You can highlight the guest area with a separate ceiling composition and separate lighting.
      • A calm range and lightness of texture are welcome in the bedroom. Coating types can be different. These are wallpaper, plasterboard panels, stretch film for the ceiling.
      • In the decoration of the second floor or attic, light materials are used. Drywall is appropriate here, a natural roof or imitation of a board looks good.
      • Panels in combination with washable wallpaper are good for the kitchen. You can use slatted materials, ceiling tiles. An interesting solution would be the allocation of cooking and dining areas.
      • Light panels are chosen for the nursery. Often it is decorated with patchwork-style wallpaper. Walls can be decorated with vinyl decals over wallpaper or panels.
      • For a bathroom, the best solution would be to use panels or siding. Wet areas can be tiled or mosaic. If space allows, furniture is placed in it. If there is not enough space, they equip niches made of moisture-resistant drywall.

      Tips & Tricks

      In principle, all work can be done by hand without the involvement of outside specialists. But you need to follow the order of finishing work. Sheathing of vertical, inclined and horizontal planes has its own characteristics. However, everywhere it will be of high quality only with proper preliminary preparation of the foundation.

      The decor from the timber is appropriate in the decoration of the attic floor. At the bottom, such a coating will look rough, putting a certain imprint on the entire atmosphere. However, it should be dosed at the top too. For example, if all the walls are decorated in this way, the decor will be difficult. You can, of course, rely on the style of a chalet-style hunting lodge. However, where there are children, this decision is not always appropriate.

      It is important to bring lightness. If all household items echo the wood finish, including the massiveness of the furniture, the roughness of the finish, the interior will be ruined. It doesn't matter what style is taken as a basis. The house should be cozy, while it can be decorated in the style of grunge, loft, modern, neoclassical.You can bet on the use of light shades for the background and furniture. Simple forms of interior elements soften the perception.

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      Examples of photo galleries will help you evaluate the possibilities of stylish design of a wooden house.

      • Using laminate flooring, painting wood. Furniture stretches the interior, the chandelier makes the ceiling elegant.
      • Stylish solution for the attic space. Combining textures, highlighting the fireplace area.
      • An equally successful technique for combining textures using lumber material and boards. Mixing textures relieves boredom in an open-plan interior.
      • An example of the execution of the attic in the Scandinavian style. Using white for the ceiling visually erases the boundaries of the upper slab.
      • An interesting solution for decorating a home library. Using materials of different textures for the ceiling, walls and floor.
      • An unusual technique for making a doorway in the form of an arch. Stylish and successful solution for a spacious building.

      For information on how to properly make the interior decoration of a wooden house, see the next video.

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