The subtleties of creating an interesting home design

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Layout
  3. Outdoor decoration
  4. Styles
  5. Finishing materials
  6. We create the interior of the rooms
  7. Furniture selection principles
  8. Types of stairs
  9. Design Tips
  10. Colors and decor
  11. Beautiful examples and options

A country house is not only a resting place, but also a place of permanent residence for many people. Therefore, it is very important that the cottage is cozy and comfortable for all family members. And how to achieve this - we will try to figure it out.


The design of a country house implies the creation of a space in which both adults and young children would like to relax, study or work, fortunately, the living space of most cottages allows this to be realized. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the opinions and ideas of all household members when creating a project.

Even in a small private house of 100 sq. m you can bring your plans to life. To do this, first of all, you will need to decide on the stylistic direction in which this or that room will be created, with the color scheme.

The next step is planning the room, creating or removing protrusions, niches, and zoning. This takes into account the architecture of the house, ventilation system, sewerage.

After that, furniture is already arranged, textiles, household appliances and electronics are selected. Lighting plays a special role at this stage - spotlights, chandeliers, sconces, floor and table lamps will decorate any interior.

The finishing touch is the decoration process - the arrangement of the tea service, figurines, vases, as well as hanging pictures or photographs in frames. The decor elements will be different for each room.


Usually houses in the private sector are built according to the scheme 6 by 9 or 10 by 10. It does not matter if it is an elite cottage village or low-rise economy-class housing - the standards are the same everywhere. In this regard, the implemented design projects in most cases are suitable for borrowing.

As a rule, on the ground floor of a two-story house, built according to a 10 by 10 scheme, there is a kitchen (about 16 sq. M), a bathroom (11 sq. M), as well as an entrance hall (8 sq. M), a living room (21 sq. M ), a gym (14 sq. m.), a storage room and a boiler room. The second floor is given over to bedrooms, an office, a children's room, in some cases an additional bathroom and toilet are being built.

As you can see from the list, there are many rooms in a private house, and each of them must be decorated in its own style and color. Of course, there are cottages with other room sizes, differing both upward and downward, but the design principle is the same everywhere. By the way, in small houses, zoning is preferred; a partition is often used to separate one part from another.

Outdoor decoration

The exterior design of a building depends on many factors, including neighboring cottages. When choosing a style for the exterior of a house, they pay attention to both climatic features and nature. There is no obligatory program, the choice depends only on the preferences of the owners.

For example, for a one-story house made of bricks, siding is suitable as a cladding. Keep in mind that the color of the roof is also taken into account when decorating windows.

And for the design of a two-story and three-story cottage (excluding the basement), it is permissible to use a combination with interior decoration. If the Gothic style is implemented from the inside of the room, then you can resort to the Gothic style outside.

A bay window not only increases the usable space, but also tries to bring in additional lighting. Living rooms and dining rooms are often equipped with bay windows.

When decorating your patio, do not forget about paths and a gazebo. The gazebo can be combined with the main building, this will only emphasize the composition.


Vanguard appeared in the design of living space at the beginning of the last century. It is characterized by the use of modern building materials, the latest innovations in household appliances and electronics, non-standard furniture, windows and doors. Including an unusual color scheme for a certain stylization. This direction is suitable for young and stylish people.

English style suitable for decoration of both large and small rooms. But it is important to observe conservatism and elegance, because this style direction appeared long ago. Antiques are suitable for him - a carpet, a mirror with a bronze frame, a fireplace.

You can't do without a library. Natural options are selected from building materials, first of all - wood and its imitation. Stone is often used. White striped wallpaper is suitable for walls, but experts recommend using panels. From furniture, you should buy a desk, a chest of drawers, and a sideboard for dining rooms. A Chesterfield sofa and wicker armchairs go well with a secretaire and a grandfather clock.

Lighting is preferably not centralized, but spot - floor lamps, in offices - table lamps. A special place is occupied by textiles - thick curtains made of natural materials, Persian carpets, blankets, tablecloths.

The room should be packed, the shelves should contain decor - caskets, souvenirs, old collections.

Empire style Is a palace style. Expensive furniture with oval contours suits him - a round table, display cases, musical instruments, as well as mirrors, monograms on the floor and on the ceiling. At the same time, the ceiling should be high, stucco moldings should be attached to the walls. Preference is given to wood and expensive natural textiles of purple color; plastic and paper wallpaper are excluded. The color scheme is dominated by snow-white, gold and sapphire colors. Chandeliers and expensive lamps are used for lighting.

For the bedroom, designers are advised to take a closer look to the Arab direction... It is characterized by geometry, complex ornaments that give a certain zest, and it is emphasized by lighting and color design. Dark carved furniture - a sideboard, an ottoman, a table will decorate any room. A bed is masked behind a canopy, a sofa and a footrest are additionally placed in the main room.

Minimalism - it's simplicity in the setting. Any decor is excluded, furniture is only the most necessary, preferably cabinet-type, simple. The color scheme is neutral, zoned lighting, large windows, an abundance of metal and glass inserts. Wall covering - untreated concrete or brick, old plaster.

Art deco is based on luxury and wealth, which are realized in multi-level ceilings, exclusive furniture in ivory and crocodile leather. All this is emphasized by light and expensive textiles. Both parquet board and porcelain stoneware are suitable for flooring. The walls are covered with wallpaper with geometric patterns or painted in similar colors. The ceiling is white with gold moldings, antique figurines, works of underestimated artists are suitable for decoration.

Baroque style Is a theater in your own home. Impressive objects, mirrors, carpets are selected for him. Stucco moldings and frescoes are mounted on the ceiling, the walls are decorated with panels. Preference is given to caramel and coffee colors. Mustard and burgundy shades are possible. The use of leather, cheap and modern building materials is prohibited. Appropriate furniture - armchairs, sofas, beds. Of the textiles, canopy, curtains made in gold, ruby ​​and emerald shades can be noted.

Boho style suitable for creative people. In recent years, it has been gaining great popularity among young people. This trend includes an abundance of textiles and handmade items. Wall decoration depends only on the tastes of the owner. Walls can be pasted over or painted. A wooden board or tile is laid on the floor, on top of the paths and hand-knitted rugs. From furniture, preference is given to the vintage collection or its imitation.

For decoration, drawings of children, painted plafonds, hand-made crafts are suitable.

Venetian style - This is marble flooring, columns, the presence of silver and gold inserts, mirrors, forged items and complex color schemes. Venetian plaster or silk-screen printing is used for the walls, mosaics in the bathroom. Massive furniture of light shades, necessarily made of wood, is welcome. For decoration, old maps, globes, velvet or silk textiles, paintings, vases and masks are selected.

A special place in the design is occupied by the stylistic direction vintage... This is a recreation of a piece of the past in a room, with the temporary emphasis on a period close to a person. It could be the 50s of the last century and the beginning of the 70s. The building materials used are mainly wood and ceramics, for furnishings - shabby furniture, black and white photographs, book collections, antique dolls, vinyl.

It is enough to paint the walls or paste over with wallpaper of dull colors; carpet is chosen for the floor. Lighting should be appropriate for the era. If this is the middle of the last century - floor lamps, sconces, lamps are suitable for some rooms. From furniture they buy a rocking chair, a chest of drawers, for a bedroom - a bed with a large headboard, even an old sewing machine can, if desired, be placed in the room.

Outstanding ethnic styles Russian direction... This is a combination of snow-white and sea colors in design, use in decorating household items of past centuries. Experts advise to use Gzhel in dosage - it can be dishes, bed linen or a vase. It is not forbidden to buy wood and ceramics from building materials. Lighting should be with forged inserts, on the table - a hand-embroidered tablecloth.

Gothic in the interior has been known since the Middle Ages. It is characterized by a spiral staircase, mosaic floors, stained glass windows. The decoration also uses stone and wood, bronze. Furniture - sideboards, tables covered with leather, chairs with high backs. Color palette with a predominance of brown, blue and yellow. High ceilings with visible hardwood floors. Arched windows and interior doors; mosaic masonry is used for the floor. Lighting is mainly natural, artificial light is hidden behind stained glass decor.

It is recommended to add fur capes, wooden or silver figurines, tapestry carpets to the decor for the entourage.

Grunge suitable for people tired of the urban pace of life, seeking retirement. For him, spacious rooms are suitable, illuminated by the sun's rays. By the way, you don't even need to decorate the walls, but leave the brickwork.

It is not advised to work especially above the ceiling, negligence suits this style.

Suitable for flooring wood, stone. The textiles are natural, but at the same time without any frills. The main thing in the setting is furniture. It should be elegant and from well-known manufacturing plants. Shelves, sliding tables and flowing cabinets will adorn any room. For decoration, things with artificial scuffs, forged items, mirrors with patina on the frames are bought.

And here industrial styleon the contrary, it is suitable for those who love the rhythm of megacities. Industrial is characterized by free premises, finishing with modern building materials - metal, concrete, it is not forbidden to use wood.Plaster or liquid wallpaper is applied to the walls, tiles to the floor, metal roller shutters are used on the windows.

The furniture is functional, and various objects are often transformed, for example, you can store things on a stepladder, and use wine boxes as a table. Sometimes outright rubbish also comes into play - some people adapt a failed motor as a table stand, a disc from a car wheel is made a chair.

The color scheme is cold, with a predominance of gray, white and brown tones. It is acceptable to use yellow, green and purple colors.

Egyptian style has been stirring the minds of many people for several decades. A color palette with a predominance of yellow, orange, blue and red is suitable for large and small rooms. It is important to use only natural building materials and textiles, select massive furniture with carved and glass inserts, gilding. Papyrus, Egyptian-themed rugs and yellow pillows are perfect as decor.

Country Is a style suitable for rustic furnishings. During its existence, this stylistic trend has absorbed the Italian flavor, and the American ranch, and the French accent.

It is strictly forbidden to use modern materials - plastic, organic glass.

Furniture is bought not only for sofas, but also benches and dressers. The lighting is mainly lamp-based, decorated with fabric caps. Clay dishes, wooden cutlery, samovars are suitable for the kitchen. Items made of cast iron or copper, as well as forged parts, will especially emphasize the atmosphere. Among the textiles are lace tablecloths and napkins, sheepskin carpets, scraps of floorboards.

Classic will be used at all times, it has absorbed not only historical, antique samples, but also national ones. The classic style is characterized by natural finishing materials and correct geometry. All parts must be symmetrical, connected to each other.

Lighting is suitable not only central, but also zoned. Columns, arches and stucco moldings are desirable. A special place is reserved for the fireplace. The color scheme is predominantly pastel shades. For decor, designers are advised to buy a grandfather clock and expensive vases.

Finishing materials

Repairs made in brick cottages will, of course, be different from renovations in a wooden house. Brickwork can be sheathed with clapboard, pasted over with wallpaper, plastered or painted. For wood, painting or varnishing is mainly used, they do this in order to emphasize the base, in contrast to the brick, which they tend to hide from prying eyes.

But first things first.


For decades, people have used glass, wallpaper, plaster, plastic, wood, tiles, and paint to decorate walls. And it's safe to say that these materials will never go out of style. But at the same time, manufacturing plants, competing with each other, present improved options to consumers. This section will review the new items in the construction market.

These innovative materials include live wallpapers, they are also called thermo wallpapers.... They change color when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, they can exhibit additional patterns or designs. Such qualities of thermal wallpaper are obtained due to a special paint that covers their surface. There is no particular difficulty in pasting walls with such wallpaper, but it must be borne in mind that heat sources are needed to change the color - fireplaces, radiators or direct sunlight. Like any new product, this building material is more expensive than its counterparts.

Another novelty is liquid wallpaper. Is a kind of decorative plaster made from natural materials - paper and cotton.They are applied with a spatula, while it is not even necessary to level the base, since liquid wallpaper themselves mask minor irregularities and drops. Damaged areas can be repaired in a few minutes, it is enough just to dismantle the damage and apply a new layer.

Neither paper nor cotton is damaged by moldy fungi, so this building material is also suitable for children's rooms.

Flexible stone is used to imitate expensive finishes. It is a processed small layer of sandstone that is glued to a textile base. In hardware stores, it is found in the form of wallpaper or tiles. The material does not deteriorate under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, is wear-resistant and goes well with any interior, while no butt seams are formed.

The wall looks monolithic, this is achieved due to the adhesive composition on which the flexible stone is attached. After carrying out all the work, the seams are rubbed, the sand, which is part of the building material, fills the joints and makes them invisible. Keep in mind that technology does not stand still, and today flexible stone can be photoprinted, which makes this finishing material an alternative to paper photo wallpaper.

And due to the fact that sandstone is not afraid of moisture, it can also be used in rooms with high humidity - in swimming pools, bathrooms and kitchens.

Many people met marker wallpapers in household stores, they are also called chalk Are self-adhesive rolls that are mounted on walls, cabinet doors. They are used for drawing, but in the process of gluing them, air bubbles and joints can form. All this negatively affects the perception of the situation, so chemical engineers came up with slate paints. After applying a layer and drying it completely, the wall becomes like a slate board.

This is a great opportunity not only to please your children by providing them with a place to draw, but also to keep the rest of the decoration intact, which the kids could accidentally spoil. Marker paints are also on sale, based on which you can draw with markers.

Magnetic paints are considered another novelty for children's rooms, they contain metal particles, thanks to which magnets brought from travel and other trinkets can be placed on the wall.

It is not necessary to paint all walls with slate or marker paint, it is enough to paint one wall or a small part of it. And paint the remaining surfaces with antibacterial paints. Such building material, under the influence of sunlight and artificial lighting, independently cleans the air.

Doctors recommend painting with them not only children's rooms, but also rooms in which allergy sufferers live.

In the tile segment, three-dimensional ceramic, pebble and liquid tiles can be noted. Bulk ceramics have not only convex, but also concave shapes, which makes it possible to achieve optical illusion. Pebbles are suitable for decorating bathrooms and swimming pools. Keep in mind that stones glued to the mesh have a massage effect when mounted on the floor.

Liquid tiles, which can also be found on sale under the name "living", change the pattern or pattern on the surface after mechanical action. It is used not only for walls but also for floors.

Decorative 3D wall panels have replaced plaster finishing. Thanks to them, you can create three-dimensional paintings on both brick and concrete surfaces. It is an environmentally friendly material that will last for decades. 3D panels have excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction properties.

Gypsum is a good stabilizer of both temperature and humidity in the room; therefore, the room will have an optimal microclimate both in winter and in summer.

From technological innovations, designers prefer smart glass to create partitions and as interior doors. The unusualness of such "smart" glass lies in its properties. For example, it can turn from the usual version to matte or absorb heat. Smart glass, if desired, can block natural light from entering the room.

Smart filling, changing under the influence of temperature and light, allows the product to turn on the heating without human assistance, to self-clean, and to open for micro-ventilation. Additional signals are given by means of an electrical impulse from the control panel.


When choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to take into account the stylistic direction, existing or planned furniture. Remember that each building material has its own pros and cons.

Linoleum is very popular among buyers. It is characterized by a huge number of colors, ease of installation, good thermal insulation properties. It is easy to care for linoleum, it does not allow extraneous noise from the street and from other rooms. In addition, it is cheaper than its competitors and at the same time will last up to 50 years.

Of the minuses, it can be noted insufficient durability - under the weight of large household appliances and massive furniture, dents remain on the product, and if it is carelessly moved, it can even be torn. Another disadvantage is sensitivity to temperature conditions - at low rates, linoleum will crack.

In total, five varieties of this building material are produced - natural, rubber, vinyl, nitrocellulose and glyphthal.

For a country house, the ideal option would be a natural, vinyl and glyphthal version, but it is important to consider when buying a wear resistance class and an abrasion group.

Laminate and parquet boards are successfully used in private houses. For domestic use, experts recommend looking closely at products that have a 31 class of wear resistance. If it is planned to install a warm floor, it is necessary to make sure that the laminate or parquet board interacts with high temperatures. Keep in mind that cheap options use resins that can release formaldehyde, a substance hazardous to human health.

The advantages of these building materials are high-quality imitation of wood and stone, hygiene, ease of maintenance and installation.

Moisture resistant products are suitable for rooms with high humidity, including basements and swimming pools.

For lovers of the classics, we can recommend purchasing a parquet or solid board. They will bring coziness, comfort and warmth to the house. These are natural, environmentally friendly building materials, but, nevertheless, they need careful care.

The advantage of parquet is durability, excellent sound insulation, decorative pattern, impact resistance and ease of surface repair. The disadvantages include the fact that parquet is not suitable for damp rooms, for underfloor heating, it is highly flammable. In addition, there is a high cost and labor-intensive repairs - the surface must be periodically sanded and varnished.

Floor tiles are valued for their durability, high humidity and high temperature, environmental friendliness - even when interacting with the heating system, no harmful substances are emitted. The service life of ceramics or tiles can be up to 50 years. The tile is easy to clean, does not rot, does not burn, and is suitable for rooms where allergy sufferers live. Of the shortcomings, experts note the difficulty in laying, poor sound insulation, in addition, the material is cold and hard, with it there is a high probability of injury and bruising.

A separate paragraph would like to note such a floor covering as carpet. It, unlike a carpet, has no clear dimensions, so it can be laid over the entire area of ​​the room, and not limited to a nook. Installation is quick and easy.

Building material is sold at a democratic cost, which depends on the naturalness or artificiality of raw materials, it is easy to care for it.


In the domestic market of building materials, a special place is occupied by whitewash... It differs in that it is equally suitable for both concrete and plasterboard ceilings. Paint for it is sold at a low price, easy to apply, eco-friendly. Of the minuses, the universal white color is noted, which completely fades in 2.5 years.

Holds a little longer on the base dye... Water-based and water-based paints are suitable for this operation. The main advantages include a variety of colors, ease of application, glossy and matte finish. Such a ceiling is easy to maintain, the paint is environmentally friendly, and also not so expensive. The service life is influenced by the base base. It must be cleaned, sanded, putty and primed.

Complex multi-level ceilings are obtained using drywall... If you use moisture-resistant drywall, then finishing can be carried out in rooms with high humidity. This building material is safe for the health of households, because it is made from gypsum and cardboard. Installation is carried out in a few hours - it is enough to erect a metal frame. Aluminum or steel profiles have virtually no effect on the floor slab.

Thanks to drywall, flat surfaces are achieved, and all communications, including the wires of the security alarm, can be hidden in the frame. But without subsequent finishing, drywall is not used, and wallpaper or paint are suitable for the topcoat.

Thanks to stretch ceilings, you can hide all the irregularities and electrical wiring. The PVC film stretches under the influence of moisture, but does not tear; in case of flooding, water will not get onto the flooring and furniture. Keep in mind that if you use a glossy vinyl film instead of matte, then you can visually expand the room due to reflection. The service life of such a building material is over 25 years, it has good sound insulation and thermal insulation, modern options are not flammable, and various color schemes are presented in the catalogs.

For some styles, designers recommend using foam boards., they have a certain relief, do not deteriorate under the influence of moisture, and are easily mounted with glue. In case of renovation, it is enough to glue one tile. Styrofoam is easy to care for, it is not afraid of strong household chemicals. The tile goes well with stucco and moldings.

The basic rule is that the surface must be cleaned and leveled, otherwise the tile will not stick.

Lining and MDF boards are suitable for cladding saunas and baths. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that looks beautiful in any room and, with proper care, will last for several decades, has good thermal insulation and noise-reducing qualities, and is easy to install. The disadvantages include easy flammability, deterioration due to moisture, mold and pests.

One of the cheapest options for finishing ceilings is wallpapering. In this case, you can use the same wallpaper as pasted on the wall. Thus, you can visually expand the height of the room.

When using washable wallpaper, they do not worry about cleanliness, because they are easily cleaned not only with a damp cloth, but also with household chemicals.

Plastic panels are suitable for both wall and ceiling decoration. Good plastic does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture, ultraviolet radiation, and is not afraid of low temperatures. There are smooth and rough plastic panels in various colors that are suitable for many stylistic directions.

But keep in mind that plastic breaks easily and, when burned, can release corrosive substances that are hazardous to human health, moreover, plastic begins to drip when melted. Therefore, it is best used for finishing balconies and non-residential premises.

Among the new products, design specialists note metal, mirror and glass. These materials are capable of reflecting the surface, creating an illusory deception. They are resistant to combustion, interact with moisture, have a long service life, and are easy to care for.

We create the interior of the rooms

As noted earlier, even inside a small house, you can create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. And light plays an important role in this matter.


It is important to place both a play area, a recreation area and a workplace in this room. A warm, spacious, well-lit room is selected for the nursery. Additional lighting should be installed in each area.

For zoning, you can use different wallpapers or paint in different colors, lay several types of flooring - laminate, parquet in combination with a carpet. The color scheme should be performed with a predominance of bright shades - yellow, green, blue, pink.

When choosing wallpaper, the emphasis is on washable options; the use of slate paint or chalk wallpaper is recommended. The furniture is bought functional with rounded corners.

The presence of pillows will make the room safe for the baby.


Gone are the days when dark brown colors were chosen for the interior of the office, now preference is given to light shades - beige, gray. If the owner of the house often writes something, magnetic wallpapers or slate paint can be used instead of a notebook.

The workplace should be well lit, and a comfortable and functional desk will do. For artificial lighting, table lamps, lamps and LED lighting are used. Necessary things should always be at hand, so cabinets and shelves should be placed in the office.

In order not to be distracted by a snack or making coffee, small household appliances can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the workplace.

For a five-minute break and a lunchtime nap, experts advise putting a sofa in the office.


The basement is often used as a gym, library, laundry or cinema. Some people set aside a basement for their living room. Depending on the purpose of this area, furniture, lighting, and colors are selected.


Often, studios are a combined kitchen and living room space. Directly in the working area there is a kitchen set and various household appliances; in order to save space, the dining area is transferred to the living room. Electronics are also installed there - televisions, satellite TV receivers, game consoles. The color scheme should correspond to the chosen style, zoning is permissible.

In the kitchen, designers recommend laying porcelain stoneware, and a durable laminate is suitable for the living room. The joints of the connecting seams are perfectly sealed with a sealant.

Dining room

Let's dwell separately at the dining room. If the family is large or many guests often come, then, from the point of view of saving space, a sliding table is used. On normal days, it can be easily assembled and stowed away in a far corner. In order not to occupy the room with unnecessary furniture - chairs and benches, you should use a sofa. By the way, book sofas are also suitable for night accommodation of guests.

When decorating the dining room, light shades and wallpapers of neutral colors are used. The flooring is mainly laminate or parquet. These building materials create coziness.


A shower cabin, bidet, toilet and bathtub are installed in the bathroom. From building materials it is necessary to choose moisture-resistant products - tiles, plastic or laminate.The color scheme should correspond to the chosen stylistic direction. Try to select functional furniture and remember that the sewage system must be hidden in it.

Furniture selection principles

The main task when choosing furniture is that it should fit the room, match the area. For large rooms, it will be correct to buy massive and dimensional furniture, and for small rooms - compact. Expensive items from the Lux series are perfectly combined with luxurious finishes, and designer items are suitable for boho style.

To focus attention on furniture, bright options for colorful design or decoration are selected. At the same time, one should not forget about harmony - an armchair or cabinets should not be knocked out of the main composition.

Modern solutions implemented in furniture stores include modular wardrobes, pull-out sofas and chest of drawers. All this can be used in small spaces. For example, the latest models of ottomans become a coffee table when the lid is turned over. This can significantly save space.

Types of stairs

A country cottage is unthinkable without a staircase - it is not only practical, but also beautiful. In this case, the ladder can be bought ready-made or come up with an original sketch. They can be carved in wood or wrought metal. It is important that they are equipped with handrails. Steps are often made of marble, concrete, plastic. Tempered glass is acceptable. Wooden stairs require maintenance, so periodically they need to be varnished.

A pantry or utility room can be arranged under the swing stairs to store seasonal items. With the correct layout, a door leading to the basement is installed under the staircase.

Design Tips

A designer is a creative person who is able to bring any ideas to life, starting from the preferences and financial situation of the customer. At the same time, it is important to understand that you do not need a lot of money to create a comfortable home. The modern market offers not only expensive building materials, but also imitation, which is sold at a democratic price.

Even at the stage of construction of a frame house, it is necessary to sketch a children's room, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom on the plan. Thanks to this, you can significantly save on the designer.

If the house was bought on the secondary real estate market, the furnishings will need to be done for themselves. But keep in mind, if the rooms have non-standard shapes or there are few of them, using zoning, you can divide the room into recreation, sleep and work areas.

As noted earlier, partitions, wallpaper and paints of various colors, podiums and flooring variations are used for zoning.

If you wish, you can build a wall using a metal profile and drywall. Such a wall is easy to paint, it can be pasted over with wallpaper to match the main interior.

Colors and decor

Color schemes can transform any room. Both the mood and the well-being of the household depend on the color. The choice of colors is influenced by the purpose of the room, the location of the windows, the cardinal points. After all, it is the sun's rays that can beat any color. For example, even black and white can be used for round rooms, since the sun evenly illuminates the living space.

But for a narrow corridor, dark shades will not work, otherwise additional lighting will be required - wall lamps and a massive chandelier. For the hallway, light, warm colors - sand or apricot are ideal.

It is not recommended to use large patterns or flowers in small rooms, they will focus on themselves and visually reduce an already small room.

To increase in length or height, you need to select wallpaper, respectively, with a horizontal or vertical stripe.

An interesting decor can bring fresh colors, divert attention from defects, and complement the design. The decor is selected for different styles.

Beautiful examples and options

This section will present the design of a country house, including the first and second floors. Modern interior of residential and non-residential premises - library, swimming pool and bathroom. The finishing touch to the interior is the decor, even a Christmas tree can transform a room beyond recognition, so you need to pay close attention to the decoration.

For the 20 best DIY home interior design ideas, see the next video.

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