What is a patio and how to equip it?

  1. What it is?
  3. How to equip with your own hands?
  4. How to decorate?
  5. Beautiful examples

In a country house or dacha there is a unique opportunity to create a corner in nature for a pleasant pastime with your family or a secluded getaway. Each owner equips this place in his own way. But many will find it useful to know what a patio is, how to equip it, what materials are best to use and what style to choose, as well as how to decorate it so that it all looks stylish and invites you to relax. Ready-made examples will help you navigate the variety of ideas.

What it is?

Patio is a Spanish word, which means patio. Usually this is a recreation area that allows you to spend time comfortably. It should not only be beautiful here, but everything you need to be at hand. Usually, the construction of such a site begins with thinking about the project, since this zone has a huge number of implementation options. But it is worth choosing the one that is more convenient in a particular case, and often more budgetary.

The patio area can accommodate everything that the owner's imagination and facilities are capable of, starting, for example, from a pool or a pond with fish, and ending with a fireplace and a hookah room.

The following main points should be planned right away:

  • what material to build the site from;
  • what will be placed on it;
  • what decor to choose.

And all these decisions must be made based on the preferences of all family members, as well as taking into account the location of the house, climate and other building nuances. It would be nice to think in advance in what style it will all be decorated. Indeed, only in the case of stylistic unity will it be possible to create a truly beautiful and cozy corner.


Patios can be of many different types. Therefore, it is worth considering all the possible options and features of their creation, so that it is easier to dwell on one thing.

By appointment

Before equipping the site, you need to clearly understand what it will be intended for.

The option when a barbecue area is equipped is the most common. Most often, it can be equipped on a site of any size. There is a table with chairs near the barbecue. The size of the furniture and its quantity depend on how many people are planned to be received here.

The area can be supplemented with soft sofas and fresh flowers. In case of rain, it is worthwhile to provide a canopy to protect against bad weather. And in the heat it will come in handy.

The site can be equipped with a fireplace. There is also a charm in gathering around a live fire area. One has only to provide for all the subtleties of the hearth device, so as not to violate fire safety standards and not to put the risk of your household and guests. Most often it is built from stone or brick. This patio design looks very picturesque.

The pool area has other functions. Here you can set a couple of sun loungers, small tables. And it will be a wonderful place for sunbathing and water treatments. If you also equip the pool with special equipment for hydromassage, you will get a wonderful spa area. Of course, green plants and flowers are appropriate here.

In addition, there is an option for arranging a dance floor for home discos and karaoke battles. You just need to take care of a comfortable floor covering, as well as provide walls to protect the equipment. Walls made of glass or transparent plastic will look good. Or it could be just a canopy with a niche for equipment.

By location

In a private house or country house, it is more convenient to equip a patio in the backyard. As a rule, there are trees, shrubs, flowers. It is possible to specially equip the area so that it accommodates flower beds or rock gardens. It is great if there is a small pond with fish or turtles nearby. A small decorative fountain will also be appropriate.

In the absence of sufficient free space on the site, you can build a place for rest and near the entrance to the house. To do this, you only need to clear a small area and put wicker furniture, which will be surrounded by green spaces. As a result, the place for evening tea and morning coffee in the fresh air is ready.

In a flat roof house, a rooftop patio is a great option. There you can sunbathe, and install a small pool, and place a dining area, and plant flowers. It all depends on the purpose of this zone.

Based on materials

The choice of materials depends on how solid the structure will be, as well as what funds are available for its construction.

The patio can be equipped with the following materials:

  • bricks;
  • stone;
  • wood;
  • terrace board;
  • tiles;
  • pallets (pallets).

The choice of material is directly related to which style will be chosen. For a loft, high-tech, minimalism, brick, stone, tile are suitable. For Provence, chalet, country, wood and decking will be the ideal choice. You can whip up something from pallets, but at the same time it is possible to adjust such material to different styles. The main thing is to choose the right decor. In the hands of a skilled craftsman with a rich imagination, even such a simple material can become the basis for creating a stylish and cozy corner.

In addition, you need to take into account the nuances of the seasons: whether, for example, the patio will be used in cool or cold weather. If so, then you should take care of the insulation of the structure.

By style and design

Thinking over the design in advance, it is advisable to subordinate it to some specific style. The simpler the style, the easier and faster it is to reproduce it when equipping a recreation area.

  • Rustic. For a small summer residence, this style is a win-win option. It is enough to arrange a platform with a wooden floor and a canopy, put a table, a bench, add the appropriate textiles - and a cozy corner is ready. If desired, you can install a stove.
  • Provence. The area with light wicker furniture, flowers in flowerpots and hanging pots will be an ideal place for family and friendly gatherings.
  • Scandinavian. An open space not limited by walls, a wooden floor and furniture, light flowing curtains, cozy sofas in blue tones - everything will set up not a serene rest on a summer day or on a cool evening.
  • High tech. Clear and laconic forms, the presence of glass and metal surfaces will complement leather sofas and a fireplace. The gray stone decor will blend perfectly with the rest of the decor.
  • Japanese. Low tables, wicker rugs, pillows on the floor, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a nearby stream babbling - this option will set you in a meditative mood, will allow you to feel harmony with yourself and the surrounding nature.
  • Loft. Brickwork, a fireplace, as simple furniture as possible, a bar with high chairs, original lighting - all this will create a stylish space for parties with friends.

By size

The choice of sizes depends only on the size of the site itself and the number of people who will use this area. If you wish, you can place everything you need on an area of ​​3x3 m.But in order to equip the area more comfortably, with seating and decorative elements, it is good to have a 6x4 m area.

In addition, it all depends on the configuration of the intended zone - it can be in the form of the letter G or P.If this is a round platform, then a circle with a diameter of 4 m is needed for the harmonious arrangement of the necessary items.

In any case, there are no strict dimensions that would obey any standards. It all depends on the configuration of the site and the territory, which can be allocated for the recreation area without prejudice.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the larger the area, the more materials will be needed for its arrangement.

How to equip with your own hands?

Starting to implement the creation of a recreation corner in a country house or in a summer cottage, you should prepare a project where the location of the dining area, fireplace or barbecue, fountain or pool will be indicated. You need to decide in advance where in the garden area the gazebo will be located.

After choosing a site, you need to prepare the site: remove all unnecessary plants, objects and debris, remove the top layer of soil. After preparation, you need to lay the selected base - slabs, stone or wooden boards. When using wooden materials, it is necessary to treat them with a special coating that protects against moisture and fungus.

Making a budget patio is easy and beautiful.

  • First you need to clear a small area, make a flooring. It can even be regular gravel. It is worth setting up a few flower beds around.
  • Next, you should deal with the device of the canopy. It is usually built on four pillars. You can purchase a ready-made canopy and install it firmly in the ground. These are now sold in any garden store.
  • In the center, you need to arrange light rattan furniture, place a brazier a little to the side, and mount a swing on the other side. A cozy place to relax is ready.

But if you have to build something more solid, then you will have to carefully think over every stroke. For example, if a fountain or a pool is planned in the recreation area, you need to make sure that the appropriate communications are connected. In cases where a fireplace will be built or a fireplace will be installed, you need to think over fire safety techniques. Materials for manufacturing - stone and brick, near - no flammable items.

If the patio is to function in the winter, it is better to provide sliding systems so that in winter you can light a fireplace and admire the winter landscapes through panoramic glazing.

Provided that a large space is allocated for the recreation area, it can be divided into zones. In one part there will be a table with armchairs, in the other - sofas, next to which you can put a TV or a stereo system, if there is a need for it.

It is good to decorate the space with flowers - they always give comfort, make the space bright and at the same time delicate, fill it with colors and cheer up.

How to decorate?

Any patio will look like a harmonious and logically finished object if you carefully consider the design ideas. But since this corner is created in nature, then, of course, the use of natural materials will be the highlight. You should take advantage of the surrounding natural decor elements - stones, flowers, shrubs and trees. Junipers and roses look great next to such a zone. You can twine a gazebo with grapes. Flowers are placed in vases and pots.

A water source will add comfort: a waterfall, fountain, stream or pond. Do not forget that garden figurines corresponding to the style of the conceived object can also be located here.

Lighting is also worth considering. Usually in such areas night lights look very natural and harmonious. It is preferable to arrange a cozy, slightly dim light that does not break the magic of the evening.

Additional decorative elements here can be pillows on sofas, blankets on armchairs, tablecloths on tables, light air curtains. It is not worth overloading this space.

Beautiful examples

There are many ideas for creating beautiful and stylish patios. Let's take a look at some of them.

  • A cozy sofa and armchairs with cushions surrounded by green trees and bushes are a great place for a measured rest. There is a small table for tea drinking. A canopy will save you from the rain.
  • The lightweight design in white blends perfectly with the summer landscape. Soft sofas and colorful pillows are conducive to relaxation. A nearby fountain will complement a sultry day with a light murmur of water.
  • A very cozy little corner for a summer vacation. At the same time, there is everything you need to be comfortable and cozy. The highlight is the well-thought-out lighting that sets you in a romantic mood.
  • A good place for a small company. The hearth adds coziness and disposes to rest. A romantic candlelit evening would be a great option.
  • In such a wonderful place, you can completely relax and fully relax. Soft comfortable furniture surrounded by flowering plants is ideal for this.
  • A small cozy seating area is perfect for a small family for dinners, morning coffee and just socializing. Lanterns and plants add coziness.
  • Lovely umbrellas, comfortable chairs and lots of plants. What else do you need to relax on a summer day? Harmony and tranquility reign in the soul when you rest in such a place.

The following video shows you how to set up a patio.

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