Russian style: layout of a 6x6 m house with a stove

Russian style: layout of a 6x6 m house with a stove
  1. Design features
  2. Typical projects
  3. Heating system
  4. Arrangement Tips
  5. Unusual ideas
  6. Interesting interior options

Residents of megalopolises are increasingly striving to escape from the bustle of the city closer to nature. Country houses, dachas, houses in the countryside have always been popular, but recently the fashion for the purchase of suburban housing has reached unprecedented proportions. And it's not just about growing vegetables and growing flower beds.

Middle-aged people, retirees and young people strive to move to nature for permanent residence, just as past generations strove to escape to the city. And this is no coincidence, because in the modern world, the city is a source of endless stress, insane speeds and bad ecology.

Countryside housing can be decorated in any style, but in order to fully feel the unity with nature, many choose one of the country style directions - the rural orientation of a particular area, as a rule, of the whole country, with its unique features and flavor. In all the variety of country style, they are especially popular french provence, american ranch, alpine chalet and of course, Russian hut.

Design features

The classic version of the samples of Russian culture that have come down to us - a hut, a tower, a Russian bath - was finally formed by the middle of the 19th century. It is he who is considered to be the standard of the Russian style, although this is not entirely complete. Do not forget that there are also South Russian buildings - whitewashed brick huts, and Russian merchant estates. Nevertheless, the Russian hut, which was widespread in central and northwestern Russia in the 19th century, is considered an example of the style.

The main attributes of the style are the wooden frame of the house, carved window frames, the presence of a Russian stove, and furniture made of natural solid wood.

Typical projects

Standard suburban housing projects presented on the real estate market range from the smallest country houses (6 x 6 sq. M.) To spacious country houses with a veranda and entrance hall (10x10 sq. M.). This is a typical project of a square one-story building of a private country house. The standard also includes a rectangular layout of houses with dimensions of 6x9, 7x7, 9x8 sq. m, which may include additional outbuildings in the form of a vestibule and a veranda.

One-story suburban buildings most often do not imply heating systems, so they should be taken care of separately.

Heating system

Experienced home designers begin designing a home by designing a heating system. This may not be so relevant for summer cottages, but if you plan to live outside the city for a long time, then you cannot do without a stove in the cold season. Among the many modern heating options for the Russian style, fit classic Russian oven. It will not only become the main accent of the interior, but also serve as an inexpensive source of heat.

Electric heating is not cost-effective for a country house, gas heating is not always possible, and a properly located wood-burning stove can heat the entire room even in the most severe frosts.

Stove heating will be effective only if the stove is installed in the center of the building and is in contact with each of the rooms. Therefore, in the classic layout of the Russian hut, the stove is installed in the walls between the rooms. It is best to bring the firebox out into the corridor or living room-kitchen adjacent to the corridor.So it will be more convenient to bring in firewood, keep the rooms clean, and not disturb the guests in the rooms.

A centrally located large stove is preferable to several small ones, as it allows heat to be evenly distributed throughout all rooms and significantly saves fuel consumption.

If the house does not imply division into rooms, then the stove will become a natural space divider, zoning it into functional parts. In two-story houses, installing a stove requires certain safety precautions. It is necessary to consider the construction of reliable floors between floors.

Also, at the planning stage, a variant of the furnace itself and its functions are selected. It can be a Russian stove with a hob, with a stove bench, or a decorative stove that serves only for heating and decorating a home.

Arrangement Tips

The Russian style of the interior presupposes an abundance of wood materials and textiles. Usually, the walls of the log house are not exposed to cladding, which gives a natural naturalness to the whole dwelling. Often the ceiling space is decorated with wooden beams, which does not contradict the rural style.

For the decoration of houses from a bar or panel board country buildings, materials such as lining or blockhouse can be used. You should not expose the walls to additional finishing: wallpaper can negate all the charm of the Russian rustic style.

In a wooden one-story house with high ceilings, you can equip a mezzanine. This kind of dividing a part of the room into two half-floors will help not only save space, create an additional sleeping place, but also give the interior the look of a hut with floors.

It is preferable to install wooden windows, but plastic in the color of the tree is also suitable. Plank floors are left to be painted or covered with special compounds. They help prevent premature wood wear, repel insects, and make the surface easy to clean and clean.

There are also fire-resistant compounds that are used without fail in public wooden buildings.


Decorations that existed among our ancestors long before the appearance of the usual furniture add a special atmosphere to the Russian style. It is worth noting that all products are made of wood of varying degrees of processing. Besides the stove, the main attribute of the Russian hut is a large dining table, able to arrange a large family around itself. The stylistic orientation and long shops are emphasized. They are not as comfortable to sit as chairs, but as an element of decor along the wall they will look very colorful.

Comfortable sofas and armchairs, indispensable in modern home furnishings, are best chosen with minimal design simplicity. It can be an ottoman, sofa or a regular sofa upholstered with a coarse fabric - linen or cotton.

Wooden beds with a beautiful carved headboard and soft feather beds, ladders, small tables, stools, open wooden shelves can be made with your own hands, which will give the interior originality and homeliness.

Decor elements

The style direction of the village house is especially emphasized by the symbols of the everyday life of the area, in the style of which the space is decorated. The Russian style is characterized by woodcarving, earthen and wooden dishes, which are decorated with Khokhloma or Gzhel. In general, folk crafts are in great harmony with everything related to the Russian style. These can be nesting dolls, painted figurines of fairy-tale characters (brownie, firebird, cat-bayun) and, of course, a samovar. For storing things, old chests with forging elements or wicker baskets are suitable.

They can also serve as a pedestal table.


The abundance of fabric jewelry, especially hand-made, will be a great addition to the style. It is better to give preference to simple fabrics - linen, cotton, chintz or even regular burlap. National embroidery on curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads and pillows is encouraged. Curtains with patterned embroidery on dense fabric can be used to zone the space.

Wicker or knitted floor rugs are an indispensable attribute of any Russian-style hut. Often housewives make them with their own hands, which gives a special atmosphere to the village house.

Unusual ideas

Since it does not make any practical sense to completely recreate the old way of life in modern conditions, some items of the latest technologies can simply be decorated in antique style. For example, a conventional wall niche can be given the appearance of a volumetric cabinet from floor to ceiling using pylons and cornices. Doors made of artificially aged wood and decorations with friezes and borders will create the appearance of a free-standing product in the old style.

One of the options for decorating a house in the Russian style can be a blende facade, which will look completely like a Russian hut. For example, if you buy a real house of an old building with carved decorated platbands on the windows, a massive oak door and a light under the roof.

Inside the premises, you can make redevelopment in a modern style, up to the use of high-tech style elements.

Interesting interior options

The interior of a merchant's house or a noble estate is best recreated in spacious two-story houses. There will be no difficulties with the design, since everyday items typical of the vintage style will fit here: 19th century furniture, antique dishes, cuckoo clocks, mirrors in heavy frames. Perfectly complements the style forged furniture or metal twisted decor elements.

Antique dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards, consoles can be artificially aged, and wooden walls are painted with wallpaper in delicate tones. Antique items can always be found at a flea market or even in your own attic if the house is inherited.

Ceiling moldings, columns in the living room and a fireplace in the room are no strangers to the noble estate. Elements of the Provence style are also suitable here - furniture in pastel colors, bleached oak colors, light airy curtains of tulle and silk, English armchairs. The style of the Russian noble estate is a symbol aristocracy, conservative traditions and the continuity of generations.

You can find out where exactly to place the stove in the house for optimal heating in the next video.

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