How to make the layout of a one-story house correctly?

  1. How to create a project?
  2. Types and features
  3. Style and design
  4. Beautiful interior options

The layout of a one-story house is a demanding task. If you have enough confidence in your talents and inspiration, then you can handle this task on your own. Otherwise, it is better to trust the professionals who will draw up a plan for the future home, taking into account all your wishes. This article will help you decide which option to choose. Plus, you can find some inspirational ideas that might work for you.

How to create a project?

If you have at least basic technical knowledge, you can work on a one-story house project yourself. The finished work should not be just a schematic sketch, but a full-fledged project with accurate measurements of all walls, ceilings, windows and doors.

After you prepare such a plan, you can move on to drawing up an accurate estimate. In the event that you cooperate with some company that is engaged in the planning of cottages, you need pre-conclude an agreement with her.

When you plan a room project, you need to take into account several main points at once. First of all, calculate the dimensions of the site itself. The house should not be too large so that there is a little free area around the edges of the plot. This is especially true if the site is fenced off or you are just planning to install it. In this case, the fence will close the windows and interfere with the penetration of light into the room.

Another important point is soil characteristics. Depending on the area in which you are building the house, it will be possible to supplement the room with a basement, for example.

Also plan how many rooms you will need to live comfortably. Their size depends on this. The more rooms you want to place on one site, the more compact they will be. There are two options here. First, you can reduce the number of rooms while keeping them spacious. In another case, you will not have to sacrifice rooms, but their size.

If you are building a house from scratch on a new site, then it is also important to consider the availability of autonomous communications. Next to the house there should be a highway with sewerage, gas, water supply etc. In this case, you do not need to spend extra time and money on doing everything yourself. By the way, if you plan to install a private water supply, then this should also be noted when drawing up a project.

An attic will not be superfluous in a private one-story house. It will add free space where you can make a play area or dining space.

The internal layout of the house also needs to be thought out, placing the rooms so that all residents feel comfortable. The standard layout of a simple one-story house, as a rule, consists of a small number of rooms. First of all, it is a sufficient number of bedrooms, a dining room or hallway, a kitchen and a bathroom. Each of the rooms should suit your lifestyle. That is, if you live quite secluded, then you will not need a large living room.

Bedrooms should be as comfortable as possible and designed for the right number of residents. So, if a couple lives in a room, then it can be cozy and small. And the nursery, designed for several growing up kids, is better made more spacious.

In order to save space, many donate canteens.This is a room that does not have to be present in the apartment. It is quite possible to do with a living room or kitchen, in which you allocate space for a dining area. In general, it is the dining room connected to the kitchen that corresponds to the concept of most Soviet apartments.

You also often have to face a choice when decorating a bathroom. It can be separate or combined. Choose the option that seems more convenient to you. Someone wants everything they need to be always at hand, while someone prefers to share the space. If you live with a family, then the second option, of course, is more practical, since everyone can go about their business at the same time in different rooms.

If you have a place for a small room, then it can be used to organize a small convenient pantry. In this room you can store utensils that are not currently in use, as well as your own provisions.

Types and features

All the rooms you need can be arranged as you like, even in a fairly small area. So both a small 8x8 house and a large 10x10 building can be an excellent home for a family. In any case, you can experience all the advantages of a one-story house. Starting from the fact that no noise is heard from the upper floor and ending with the simplicity of the layout and the reduction in the time to translate it into reality. Let's take a look at a few different types of layouts so you can figure out what to expect when building a home on a small plot.


A house of such a compact size requires a particularly thoughtful approach. It is necessary to arrange all rooms so that every free meter is used. If possible, it is better to supplement the house with a basement. It will not take as many building materials as the main structure.

Such a move will strengthen the foundation... In addition, there you can place all the necessary equipment for water supply and heating. Also, there it will be possible to allocate a room for storing your stocks, which will become an alternative to the pantry.


A more spacious room measuring 10 by 10 also has its advantages. Such a house is enough for a large family. There is room for several bedrooms, a kitchen and even a small dining room. You can also complement such a project with a small stylish attic, where the family will gather for lunches and dinners in good weather.

If after the construction of the house there is free space, then a convenient garage can also be located nearby. It will be a good help for everyone who has not only a car, but also any other means of transport. In addition, all temporarily unused items can be stored in the garage.

With an excellent thought-out layout in a small house on the 1st floor, there is room even for 5 rooms, the main thing is to use space rationally and be able to sacrifice unnecessary ones.

Style and design

The design of a private one-story house can be almost anything. But there are several popular ideas that are used by many. Perhaps they will be the source of your inspiration when planning a new home.


A classic brick house with a dark slate roof looks really cozy. Such a house will be an excellent refuge for a small family. There should not be any unnecessary details - simple shapes, beautiful neat windows and standard doors. All things that are used to decorate such a house should be simple.

A small garage or a cozy fenced attic will look great next to it. Such a one-storey house in a classic style will suit both a young couple who wants to escape from the noise of the city and a mature family.

Contemporary sophistication

If the previous version of a country house seems too simple and boring to you, then you can equip the room using the latest innovations in the world of design.For example, large transparent windows covering almost the entire wall or tempered glass sliding doors. The walls of such a dwelling can be either stone or plastered, so that everything looks more aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Inspired by nature

If you live outside the city, then you will love a beautiful house made of natural wood. Almost any material can be selected - it can be pine, oak or any other species. The wooden house inside and outside not only looks very stylish, but also pleases with its environmental friendliness.

The wood is of high quality, breathable and creates a very cozy atmosphere in all rooms.

Beautiful interior options

A one-story country house should be beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, it is important to think over the interior to the smallest detail, choosing a high-quality wall covering, furniture, and decorative trifles.

Perhaps it looks best in a country house country style... This style goes well with the wooden base of the house. Country is characterized by simplicity and a touch of rustic charm. Simple raw wood furniture, wicker chairs and metal coasters or chained lamps will fit perfectly into such a simple home.

Also suitable for a home outside the city and Provence style. It is characterized by a peculiar charm of the French province - floral wallpaper, light curtains, tulle, upholstered furniture with a wooden frame. The Provence style interior will appeal to both romantic girls and real family men.

If you like classic, then in this style you can decorate the house not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Classic style is something that is always in trend and looks a win-win. The living room, bedrooms and kitchen can be decorated in a classic style. For the living room, you can pick up a wide sofa or vintage armchairs. In the kitchen, light wood furniture, neat tiles and light parquet will be appropriate.

A classic-style bedroom will look very good if you install there a beautiful bed with a delicate rug and furniture with openwork decorations.

Lovers of modernity do not have to go against their desires. Stylish minimalist rooms will look good not only in a luxurious apartment, but also in a cozy house. Modern, Scandinavian style, hi-tech - the choice is large enough, and all of them are suitable for decorating a modern small-sized country house. Choose wallpaper in the style you want, look for a few designer tables or simple laconic armchairs, and even a simple brick building with one floor will turn into an excellent dwelling for a young couple.

A one-story house can be decorated in different ways, just pay proper time and attention to planning, and you will be happy with the result. You can turn even a small building into a cozy room for the whole family.

We offer you to watch the project of a one-story house with a garage in the next video.

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