House for two generations with a shared kitchen

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  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Who is it suitable for?
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A two-generation house with a shared kitchen is somewhat more difficult to design than an ordinary individual private house. If earlier such layouts were popular only as country houses, today more and more different generations are ready to unite under one roof of cottage duplexes. In fact, such a house looks quite ordinary, the difference is that it consists of two apartments. There are a lot of planning options: with separate and shared kitchens, living rooms, baths, entrances.

Such plans are suitable for families of different generations who communicate well, but do not feel the need or desire to live in the same house. Duplex will provide an opportunity to leave children and elderly parents under supervision, will help get rid of many problems associated with an unpleasant neighborhood. Moreover, each family will have its own sovereign territory, without interfering with each other.


In addition to duplexes, popular projects are:

  • townhouses intended for a larger number of families, they are distinguished by the monotonous design of facades and layouts;
  • lanehouses - allow you to create housing for different owners, while the apartment layout and decoration are different;
  • quad-houses, that is, houses divided into 4 parts, each of which has its own entrance and adjoining territory.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of two apartments under one roof:

  • the ability to live in close proximity to family members, quickly solve everyday problems;
  • immediate neighborhood does not oblige you to daily communication, everything happens exclusively at will;
  • the adjoining space, equipped with a barbecue and gazebos, is perfectly used for joint holidays and just family evenings;
  • it is possible to build housing on one site without purchasing two;
  • the cost-effectiveness of such a construction in comparison with individual cottages - common walls, a roof reduce the cost of construction and insulation;
  • there are no intractable neighbors nearby who lead a lifestyle that interferes with household members;
  • separate registration of independent real estate allows you to put it up for sale without the consent of neighbors;
  • the house is almost always under the supervision of loved ones, so you do not need to spend money on an alarm;
  • general supply of communications makes it possible to reduce costs;
  • you can design an individual apartment of your dreams, taking into account the needs of each family.

The only one minus you can call the annoying presence of relatives, but it is better to think it over before starting construction. If the neighbors are chosen "to your liking", this project has no drawbacks. Unless you have to carefully consider the location of the house on the site, but this is recommended for any type of construction.

Who is it suitable for?

Not only relatives should consider the duplex as a home. This option is suitable for friends or those who are ready to live in one apartment themselves, and offer another for rent. In addition, many families prefer to build two separate apartments at once with the expectation of the future of their children, which are provided with housing in advance.

A huge house with a lot of rooms does not have this advantage, and the construction costs are roughly equivalent to a duplex.


Let's consider some of the nuances that need to be taken into account at the stage of planning a house.

  • Must be present harmony and symmetry of both halves of the house, this will make the structure solid.It is not always easy to achieve this, especially if buildings of different sizes are planned, separate entrances.
  • General wiring of communicationsdividing into two parts in the house will require the coordination of future neighbors.
  • Layout... It is necessary to create a visual project on which absolutely all rooms of both apartments will be. Also requires a drawing version of the facade, adjoining area.
  • Materials (edit)... Here it is important to come to a common decision, most often they build houses from self-supporting insulated wire panels, foam and cinder blocks, timber, bricks. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, even at the stage of drafting the project, you need to agree on what the duplex will be.


As a rule, such structures are subdivided according to the number of storeys and the number of entrances. A standard project includes the presence of a certain number of rooms in each apartment... It:

  • hall;
  • living room;
  • bedrooms by the number of family members;
  • pantry or dressing room;
  • garage;
  • kitchen.

Some of these areas, such as the kitchen and living room, garage and storage room, can be shared. As for the location, halls, living rooms, kitchens are placed in the front zone. Two-story project allows you to place certain rooms on different floors. Most often, halls, a toilet, living rooms are located on the first. On the second floor there are sleeping quarters, baths with a toilet, offices.

Depending on the possibilities, projects can include:

  • gym;
  • entertainment rooms;
  • pool;
  • bath or sauna;
  • cabinets or workshops.

When creating an apartment scheme, you should think through many nuances. Most of these are mirror-type rooms. They are simple to design, it is easier to arrange communications, in addition, such schemes are cheaper.

Most often, architects propose to arrange as adjacent premises of a non-residential room: toilet, baths, storerooms, stairs, hallways. Such a layout will allow the living rooms to be removed and physically soundproofed. Although it is not worth saving at this point. It is not at all necessary to place kitchens and toilets adjacent, since the wiring of communications is carried out individually.

Design features:

  • a large home area may require separate foundations and a roof;
  • the layout of apartments can be individual or the same;
  • it is necessary to think over the scheme of the local area, separate or common, the second option is not suitable for families of friends and when renting out one room;
  • if the financial capabilities or needs of families are different, one of the apartments is designed in a smaller size;
  • in a two-story project, rooms for families can be located on separate floors, in which case the entrance to the second floor will require an external or internal staircase;
  • a common kitchen allows you to have a common hallway and one entrance, which will significantly save costs on construction and renovation.


Despite the choice of the layout of the room, the interior can be created completely individual... Even if you prefer a project with mirrored apartments, the identity of the apartments may end there. The choice of color scheme, style direction remains with each family. The only point that will have to be negotiated is the common kitchen and other premises, which are planned to be left in the use of both families.

In all other rooms, the design can be radically different and meet the tastes of each family: be restrained and laconic or modern, challenging. In addition, if the financial capabilities are different, this will allow everyone to meet the planned budget for the finishing item.

See the video below for the history of building a two-family house.

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