Projects and layout of one-story houses with a bay window

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  2. Types of bay windows
  3. Projects
  4. Design features
  5. Beautiful examples

Architecture is an area of ​​human activity that is constantly evolving and improving. So, in the past few years, such an architectural element as a bay window has gained particular popularity. Today in our article we will talk in detail about what it is, what advantages and disadvantages are characteristic of a bay window and what types of architectural elements exist.

Advantages and disadvantages

Generally speaking, a bay window is a protruding part of any structures. In ancient times, she performed a protective role, helping to defend against various attacks from the outside. Today, an architectural bay window is a ledge on the wall of living quarters. It plays a decorative and functional role.

Most often, the bay window is placed on the front side of the building. It can be designed as a balcony, as a loggia or as an entrance (depending on how many floors there are in the building). Typically, architects create this element in order to give uniqueness and identity to the building. Moreover, it is appropriate in structures made of wood, brick, concrete blocks and other building materials. Bay windows can vary in depth.

Before building a one-story house with a bay window, it is important to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of this architectural element. Only in this case can you make the most balanced and objective decision.

The pluses include:

  • the bay window significantly increases the level of illumination of the house (first of all, this is due to the fact that windows are usually built into the bay window);
  • such an architectural element increases the building area;
  • a bay window is not only functional, but also a decorative element that can beautifully decorate your home and give it some originality, etc.

At the same time, among the minuses are usually distinguished:

  • the device will require large financial investments (this is due to the fact that increased requirements are put forward for this element regarding safety, the insulation process, etc.);
  • the difficulty and duration of the installation process (the work requires high qualifications of both the architect and the builders);
  • the need for comprehensive care (for example, difficulties arise in the process of washing windows), etc.

Thus, a bay window is an unusual architectural element that looks quite impressive, but at the same time requires additional efforts (both during construction and during maintenance).

Types of bay windows

Today there are several types of bay windows. The main ones include:

  • polygonal (for example, in the form of a hexagon);
  • trapezoidal (this type is considered one of the most common);
  • rectangular and square (they are considered the simplest and relatively cheapest to perform);
  • Venetian (have rounded or semicircular shapes).

Thus, depending on the taste preferences of the owner of the house, as well as on the features of the building, you can choose one of many types.


When building a one-story house (country or residential), architects can both use standard projects and follow the individual wishes of the customer. So, it is possible to build a structure with two bay windows and a garage, a 1-storey house with a terrace or an attic, a brick or timber bay window, etc. All these issues are resolved in the process of planning a house on the 1st floor. Today in our article we will look at several home projects.

Project # 1

Consider a plan for the construction of a brick house, the total area of ​​which is 165 m2. The base of the building (and, accordingly, the roof) is square. An architectural element such as a bay window breaks the existing symmetry, its dimensions are 14x15 m.

It is part of the living room.

Project # 2

The building material for this house is timber (which saves construction costs several times). Moreover, the total area of ​​the building is 65 m2. As in the previous case, the bay window complements the living room, significantly increasing its size. The house has only 1 entrance.

Project no. 3

    This building was built taking into account and in accordance with the requirements of the current and popular Scandinavian style today. There are 2 bay windows, which are located on both sides of the building, they form symmetry. The front door is located between them.

    During the construction of your own one-story house with a bay window, you can be based on 1 of the above projects, or you can approach the issue individually and focus solely on your personal needs and wishes.

    Design features

    If you decide to build a house with a bay window, then you need to take care not only of how this element will look from the outside, but also how you decorate the bay window from the inside. In this situation, first of all, you need to focus on your personal preferences. At the same time, there are universal rules. So, without fail, the bay window must be decorated in light colors. In addition, so-called black-out curtains should not be used to decorate windows. Experts also do not recommend using a large amount of furniture when arranging a bay window.

    Consider the design features of the bay window, depending on which room this architectural element is part of.

    Living room

          If the house has a bay window, then most often it becomes part of the living room. This architectural element fits perfectly into the country design. At the same time, an electric fireplace is very often installed inside the bay window. Designers recommend using natural materials for decorating the bay window (for example, wood or marble). Flowers will become a beautiful decoration.

          An unusual architectural element can be an excellent addition to both the kitchen itself and the dining area. At the same time, do not forget that it should be as light as possible. So, quite often a dining table is placed in the bay window, at which you will gather with the whole family several times a day. In addition, kitchen work surfaces (for example, a sink) can be placed in the bay window.

          Thanks to this, you can enjoy the beautiful view at the same time as you do your household chores.


          If the architectural ledge is located in the bedroom, then it can be separated (for example, using plasterboard structures or ordinary curtains). In such an area, you can place a dressing table or wardrobe. This way you can create a separate dedicated area in your room. Also, quite often, the bay window is turned into a place for reading.


          In the process of decorating a bay window in a children's room, it is necessary to build on the age of the child. So, the zone can be a great play or work mini-room. In addition, a sports corner can be organized here. One way or another, but without fail, you need to consult with your child so that he is satisfied with the final version.

          Thus, A bay window is a great architectural addition to any room in your home. It allows you to place more furniture or zone a particular room. However, do not forget to pay special attention to the interior design of the bay window.

          Beautiful examples

          Consider some beautiful examples of one-story houses with a bay window.

          Bright living room

          Every hostess dreams of a spacious and bright living room that could accommodate a large number of people. A similar result can be achieved with a bay window. As you can see, in this interior, only light and natural shades are used, which also visually enlarges the space.

          Stylish kitchen

          Stylish and modern kitchen with a bay window is a real decoration of any home. The optimal solution is to place the dining table in the bay window. In this case, you can use a carpet for zoning.

          Cozy nursery

          A bay window in the nursery can be equipped with a cozy and soft sofa, which also serves as a storage. In this case, special attention should be paid to the color scheme, since it should at the same time be as light as possible and correspond to the general mood of the room.

          Light minimalistic house

          This house is designed in a minimalist style and painted in neutral white color. Moreover, it has a high and reliable foundation. It should be borne in mind that caring for such a house from the outside will be accompanied by a lot of difficulties.

          Brick Farm House

          The white bay window adorns the brick house beautifully in dark shades. At the same time, such an architectural element gives comfort to the structure. However, remember that you should not "overload" the textile decoration with dark curtains.

          Otherwise, the whole effect will come to naught.

          Thus, in the process of building your own one-story house with a bay window, you can focus on the examples that were described above. However, at the same time, remember that each building is unique and unrepeatable. Also, keep in mind that you should focus on your personal needs as well as the needs of your household.

          The project and an overview of the layout of a one-story house with a bay window, see the next video.

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