Projects of houses from a bar with an attic: a fashionable interior for all times

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. disadvantages
  3. How to equip outside?
  4. Adjusting to the area
  5. Indoor furnishing ideas
  6. Building and renovation tips
  7. Spectacular examples for inspiration

Projects of houses from a bar with an attic stand out for a rational approach to the construction of a structure with saving of the usable area of ​​a summer cottage or garden plot. In order for the environment to be not only practical, but also special, appropriate for all times, you need to take care of a number of factors. Consider the subtleties of the arrangement, taking into account different areas and recommendations for construction and repair.

Features and Benefits

The construction of a building from a bar with an attic room gives a lot of advantages to the owners of the house. Unlike the attic, the attic is included in the total footage of the living space. It is documented, it is an insulated room that can be used for any of the rooms of an ordinary house, provided that communications are supplied.

A house made of timber is noticeably lighter than a brick structure, but it also requires a high-quality and reliable foundation.

The advantages of such a building are many:

  • Timber houses with an attic are distinguished by an increased level of comfort.
  • They are durable and environmentally friendly, due to this they are harmless to human health and do not provoke allergies.
  • The solid wood house has a special microclimate.
  • Inside it, dry or excessively humid air is excluded.
  • The material has high thermal insulation properties. The timber keeps heat well, which is especially noticeable in the cold season. In the summer, coolness is created in such a dwelling.
  • The timber can be insulated, treated with plasterboard, siding or other cladding. At the same time, the walls remain strong with a small thickness.
  • Most often, these buildings are typical, so the construction is carried out quickly and automatically. To get rid of excess moisture, a lightweight sealant on a natural basis is provided.
  • The timber itself is resistant to deformation during operation. Unlike other types of building materials, it is not afraid of temperature drops and other unfavorable environmental factors.
  • In addition, houses with an attic are aesthetically pleasing. Due to the creative approach to their construction and interior arrangement, you can create a special cozy atmosphere. A house from a bar can be decorated in any interior style. The tree is perfectly combined with other building materials. Against their background, it acquires expressiveness.


It is impossible not to note several negative aspects of wooden houses with an attic.

  • The bar needs more careful maintenance. It will have to be impregnated with antiseptics and tinted.
  • The thermal insulation qualities of the timber are inferior to log houses.
  • It is rare that any type of wood is not affected by insects.
  • Such building material is highly flammable and requires fireproofing.

How to equip outside?

Home improvement from a bar with an attic outside depends on a number of factors. These include the size of the site, the area allocated for the building, its position, the budget allocated for the construction and the taste preferences of the customer. Since today it is customary to use the site rationally and functionally, one house is not enough for a good rest.

Typically, the building is complemented with a seating area in order to be able to relax in the fresh air. It can be an open or closed gazebo, a veranda or a terrace.The gazebo differs from the veranda in that it is erected separately from the main building, it is not connected to the wall of the house. The terrace is nothing more than an open area near the door, complemented by a canopy or awning with an assembly system. Such an addition to a glued or profiled timber structure will give it greater originality and increase its attractiveness.

The presence of an additional structure makes the exterior of the house more comfortable. Each selected object undergoes a thorough architectural study and design. This allows modern users to provide themselves with comfortable conditions for life and recreation.

For the arrangement of the local area, you can use different elements: awnings, umbrellas, plastic furniture, laying out paths with stones and landscape design.

One of the prerequisites for arranging a site with a wooden house from a bar is its decor through various techniques. For example, you can put small statues in the garden, make beautiful flowerpots on your own. The technique of landscaping is also interesting, which is especially attractive in the design of gazebos and terraces adjacent to a log house. All these factors are discussed at the design stage, each plant component is selected taking into account the climatic background of a particular region.

Vases and other decor for flowers are chosen in a single way for the design of the entire site.

Adjusting to the area

Each project is unique in its own way. Consider the demanded projects:

  • 6 x 4 m. The small area is convenient for an open studio layout and a bay window downstairs, the attic will be used as a bedroom.
  • 6 x 6 m. An interesting design solution for the first floor for a living room and kitchen. The attic should be taken under the bedroom. You can use the space of the lower tier for a studio room and a terrace, take the attic under a bedroom and a balcony.
  • 6 x 7 m. Here it is possible to arrange the lower tier for a kitchen, living room and hall, then the attic will be equipped with 2 bedrooms.
  • 6 x 9 m. It is better to place the living room, kitchen, small vestibule and children's rooms downstairs. Upstairs, 2 bedrooms can be placed under the attic roof.
  • 7 x 8 m. Rational placement of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway and bedroom on the ground floor. The attic contains a hall and 3 bedrooms.
  • 7 x 9 m. The house with a veranda, nursery, living room and kitchen is hospitable. Upstairs there is space for 2 bedrooms.
  • 8 x 8 m. We leave the attic area for 2 bedrooms for family members. It is better to take the lower space for a children's, spacious living room and a hospitable kitchen-dining room.
  • 8 x 9 m. Important functional rooms (kitchen, children's room, living room) will be located downstairs. The upper floor should be equipped for bedrooms or personal space of households.

When the footage is increased (for example, the area for the building is 8 x 10, 9 x 9 m), you can spend useful centimeters under the bay window ledges. They can be used as a dining area, play area or resting place.

Indoor furnishing ideas

The main rule of a harmonious interior space is the consistency of the interior in a single style. It is unacceptable that the attic or other rooms of the cottage are immersed in design styles of different temperament and historical period. Inside country or country buildings with an attic, you should choose a neutral design, taking into account the number, age and interests of household members. For example, military and avant-garde themes are excluded where there are children.

Everything needs order and utmost simplicity, based on four rules: space + lightness + functionality + attractiveness. In such houses, an abundance of wood in the design is undesirable. If there is a lot of it, it is imperative to mask the texture. Otherwise, there is a risk of turning the house from a bar into a wooden box. The texture must stand out, otherwise it will create a depressing environment.

Furniture for such houses is selected compact, preferably in a set.The sofa and armchairs must have a comfortable and reliable transformation system. They are placed in the living room, complemented by a coffee table with a glass top made of reinforced glass.

Glass stretches any interior. It makes the space lighter, even if it is painted in a noble chocolate shade.

It is better to choose light shades for decorating the walls and ceiling of such a house. Due to this, you can visually increase the width and height of the walls, erasing the clear boundaries of the floors. For the ceiling, you can choose drywall and stretch film. Both materials provide for a transition to the wall to highlight a separate functional area. For lighting, it is better to choose spotlights and flexible strip lighting, embedded in walls or ceilings.

Complexity can be created by the roof of the attic, which is both the roof and the walls of the attic space. In addition, it has beams that complicate the design of the ceiling. In order not to create difficulties in decoration, you can deliberately emphasize the beams by hanging unusual lamps on them, for example, fans or spots with a system for adjusting the angle of inclination of the light flux.

Building and renovation tips

  • The construction of a house with an attic is carried out at the highest point of the site. The thickness of the walls of buildings made of timber should be 10 - 15 cm. For the overlapping of the first floor, timber material should be used on a flax-jute cloth. In this case, the partitions must be frame.
  • For the second floor (attic), it is allowed to use bars with a thickness of 50 - 100 mm. In case of repair, they can be sheathed with clapboard. Any partitions created during construction or repair can only be frame.
  • Partitions for the attic floor must be frame-panel. The minimum height of the walls of the main structure should not be less than 2.4 m. For the attic, this figure is 2.2 m. The staircase leading to the attic can be one- and two-flight. Its location should not hide the useful area of ​​the 1st floor. Therefore, it can be screwed. The material of the steps must be non-slip.
  • Windows for the attic and the main building should be double winter, with an opening function. For the ceiling and floor, it is necessary to provide for insulation up to 5 cm thick with a heat and vapor barrier gasket. For the roof, it is worth using galvanized corrugated board. For doors, it is better to choose hardboard.
  • For the rafters, it is better to use an edged board with a thickness of 5 - 10 cm. An unedged board is required for the lathing. To extend the life of such a house, the main building material must be maintained in good condition. It is important to follow the construction technology in accordance with all the rules.

Spectacular examples for inspiration

To get a closer look at the demand for the idea of ​​building log houses with an attic, examples of photo galleries will help.

  • An original example of a construction from a profiled beam.
  • An interesting solution with a balcony and a gable roof.
  • House with elongated configuration and bay window ledge.
  • An interesting solution with support pillars, a balcony and a gable roof.
  • Complex roof configuration, the presence of balconies, awnings, two entrances on adjacent planes of the house.

For information on how to build a house from a bar with an attic, see the next video.

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