House project of 8 by 6 m: layout options

House project of 8 by 6 m: layout options
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  2. With attic

Houses of 6x8 meters are considered the most demanded type of buildings in modern construction. Projects with such dimensions are very popular with developers, as they allow you to save land area, and make it possible to create comfortable housing with an excellent layout. These buildings are well suited for small and narrow areas, they can be used as a country house or a full-fledged residential option.

For the construction of such houses, various building materials are used, and thanks to a correctly drawn up plan, not only a living room, several bedrooms, a kitchen are easily placed in miniature buildings, but there is also enough space for arranging a boiler room, a dressing room and a bathroom.

Design features

One-story building

A house project of 8 by 6 meters with one floor is most often chosen by couples or small families, which do not require a lot of space to live. Most often in such buildings there are main rooms, a bathhouse and a boiler room.

Many owners also add a separate terrace or veranda to them, resulting in a chic place for a summer vacation.

The one-story house is very popular, as it has a number of advantages, among which are:

  • Nice appearance.
  • Fast construction process.
  • Possibility of installing the building on the ground.
  • Saving land area.
  • Low heating costs.

In order to improve the thermal insulation of the premises and increase the lighting, it is recommended to place all rooms to the south. If the building is located in the wind zone, then you need to plant dense plantings and reduce the number of windows. The same applies to the terrace, it is best to allocate a place for it in the south side, and for the bathroom and kitchen an east or north location is suitable.

The internal layout depends entirely on the number of people living in the house.

Traditionally, a project might look like this:

  • Living room. She is given no more than 10 m2. In order to rationally use the area, it is recommended to combine the living room with the kitchen, after which you get one room measuring 20-25 sq. m.
  • Bathroom. A combined room with a toilet and a bathroom would be a good option. This will simplify the arrangement and save on finishing work.
  • Bedroom. If one room is planned, then it can be made large up to 15 m2; for a project with two bedrooms, you will have to allocate two rooms of 9 m2 each.
  • Boiler room. It is usually installed next to a toilet or kitchen. The boiler room can occupy up to 2 sq. m.
  • The corridor. Since the house is small, the length and width of this room will have to be reduced.

To increase the net dimensions of the building, the walls should be insulated from the outside. At the same time, hydro and thermal insulation must be performed evenly, not have flaws, otherwise additional alignment will be required, which will reduce the usable area. Often, to expand the space, they make projects of houses without a corridor. In this design, the entrance to the building is carried out directly into the kitchen or living room. As for the hallway, then it can be allocated a small place and placed near the door.

Two-storey house

Families who permanently live outside the city prefer to choose projects of two-story buildings. In order to properly organize an area of ​​8x6 m, the usual layout is used, in which the living room, kitchen and toilet are located on the ground floor, and the second floor is allocated for the bedroom, study and bathroom.In addition, the building can be equipped with a balcony.

A 2-storey house from a bar looks beautiful, it can have both frame and veneered appearance. At the same time, a wooden house will delight not only with its architectural aesthetics, but will also provide good thermal insulation to the rooms.

The layout of such buildings also lacks a corridor, thanks to this, more free space is obtained, and the zoning of space is simplified. Conventionally, the building is divided into active and passive zones: the active zone houses the kitchen and the hall, and the passive zone is intended for the bathroom and bedroom.

Therefore, it is recommended to equip a seating area, a living room and a dining room on the ground floor, where it will be possible to comfortably meet guests and hold special events.

As for the second floor, it is suitable for organizing personal space, so it is often used to accommodate one or more bedrooms.

During the planning of the premises, it is important to provide for a convenient location of the bathroom, it should be accessible from both the first and second floors. The dining room, kitchen and living room can be combined into one room, performing visual zoning using furniture and various finishing materials. Thus, the illusion of a large space will be created. At the same time, it is advisable to place the kitchen close to the bathroom, thanks to which it will be possible to use the same communications in two rooms.

The main decoration of the building will be a staircase, therefore, in order to further highlight it against the general background of the interior, it is recommended to install the structure near the hallway. On the second floor, in addition to bedrooms, you can also place a nursery.

If the family consists only of adults, then instead of a nursery, it is recommended to equip a study.

The second floor will have good soundproofing, which will allow you to work calmly and fully relax.

With attic

A private house of 8x6 meters with an attic is considered not only an excellent housing option that can be originally equipped, but also an example of an economical type of construction that allows you to significantly save money on construction and finishing. The attic space in such buildings can be used as a living room, thereby increasing the planning possibilities.

Usually on the first floor there is a large kitchen-living room and a hall, and on the second there is a bedroom. The project of a house of 8 by 6 m2 is good in that it provides for a large number of living rooms, a beautiful hall with a staircase and an additional floor. If the upper room is not used in winter, then it must be separated by a tight door, which will reliably protect the building from cold air currents.

There are many projects of a house with an attic, but in each of them the hall is considered the main room; it acts as the central room from which you can get to any area of ​​the building. Often the hall is connected to the living room, resulting in a large and spacious room.

This option is suitable for families with frequent visits.

In addition, such a layout is very convenient: the family gathers at one large table, and then each of the tenants can comfortably relax in their room.

Typically, these houses have two entrances, and the kitchen can be entered through a side staircase. This makes cleaning easier, as all the dirt from the street remains in only one room. A project with a separate entrance to the kitchen is well suited for owners who like to grow herbs and vegetables in the garden, so that all fresh food goes directly to the cutting table. For young families planning to have children in the future, it is necessary to provide in the house not only the presence of a bedroom, but also a children's room, play corners. A small sports area will not hurt either.

Houses of 8x6 meters can be provided with small cans, and if you install one French balcony, it will become an original part of the living room.The room for the dressing room in the building is assigned to the personal discretion of the owners, as a rule, the area of ​​the house allows you to equip it with a size of up to 2 m2, where the most necessary cabinet furniture can be conveniently placed. The project of such housing for a family of three requires the presence of a kitchen, hall and living room. Moreover, all of the above rooms can be additionally zoned. To give the house a cozy feel, it is recommended to attach a small veranda.

Different projects of houses with an attic can be viewed in the following video.

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