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Many people build attics in country houses. Such premises fit perfectly into almost any home, increasing its usable area. Today there are a large number of design projects for the arrangement of attic rooms. This article will tell you how you can arrange a private house with an attic up to 100 m2.


Currently, the most popular are one-story houses made of brick or timber. As a rule, such buildings are small in size (up to 100 sq. M.). Therefore, experts often suggest that the owners of such buildings build attics that increase the living space.

First of all, when arranging the attic area, it is important to pay attention to the warming process, because such rooms are more influenced by the external environment than others.

One of the best roof insulation options is glass wool.

This material has a number of important positive qualities:

  • low cost;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high resistance to combustion;
  • ability to retain heat.

However, glass wool also has some disadvantages:

  • the presence of fragments of glass fibers;
  • difficulty in use (when working on insulation);
  • the need to install a powerful ventilation system.

Another material suitable for insulating an attic is mineral wool. According to many professional builders, it is one of the best options. This type of product consists of massive parts pressed from fibers.

Mineral wool boasts many benefits:

  • ease;
  • ease of installation;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • security;
  • durability;
  • waterproofness;
  • fire resistance.

The builders include the negative aspects:

  • release of vapors of some harmful resins;
  • loss of positive qualities after strong wetting;
  • frequent emission of dust.

The foundation of houses with attics deserves special attention. Only by creating a high-quality foundation can you make your home safe and reliable.

Today, experts can offer several options for arranging such bases:

  • pile;
  • tape;
  • tiled;
  • columnar.


Most often, this type is used for the construction of private houses located on too soft soil or on steep slopes. This type of foundation is represented by large piles. They are driven into the ground in an upright position. Similar structures are made of asbestos, reinforced concrete or wood.


According to many builders, this particular type of foundation is the most suitable option for houses with attics. Often, this type of foundation is also used for multi-storey structures, because the tape structure can withstand rather heavy loads. Such a base is a massive reinforced concrete tape embedded in the ground.


This type of foundation is one of the most expensive. Moreover, most experts confidently assert that the quality of such a foundation fully justifies the high monetary value. This look boasts a special strength and hardness. It is a superposition of several large reinforced concrete slabs.


It is important to consider that this type of foundation is only suitable for small, lightweight buildings. That is why the columnar base is rarely used for private houses with attics. This type is in the form of timber structures superimposed on small concrete or reinforced concrete pillars.

Materials (edit)

Today, a huge number of different materials are presented on the construction market, suitable for creating private houses with attics.

The most popular are:

  • wooden beam;
  • SIP panels;
  • foam blocks;
  • gas silicate blocks;
  • brick.

Wooden beams

Currently, in the manufacture of this material, modern technologies are used, with the help of which additional important properties are given to the timber (high thermal insulation, moisture resistance).

Most often, conifers are used for such a base. Often, varieties of Canadian wood are used to create a product, which is distinguished by its high quality and excellent appearance. Parts are attached to frame structures.

SIP panels

This material is obtained by connecting two OSB panels. Many designers note the wonderful appearance of this design. It is also worth noting that such foundations will allow you to make the layout of your house and attic as you wish. Boards of this type are easy to install, you can install them yourself.

Foam blocks

Many builders consider this type of material to be the most suitable for private houses with attics. Parts from foam blocks are environmentally friendly and also inexpensive. It should be noted that this type of product has good strength and hardness, and with proper installation, such a base will also show its aesthetic qualities.

Gas silicate blocks

This material is quite durable and reliable, so it is often used for home improvement. During construction, gas silicate blocks are stacked on top of each other in a specific order. But at the same time, designers are often advised to do the exterior decoration of the structure with the help of other coatings, because aerated concrete does not differ in its beautiful appearance.


This basis is the most common among consumers. Today, on the building materials market, you can find a huge variety of brick products. Each of them will differ not only in color, but also in structure. It is also worth noting that this material can rightfully be called one of the most durable.


To date, designers have developed a considerable number of projects for houses with attic rooms. Experts believe that even with a small area of ​​100 squares, everyone can decorate their house in a beautiful and original way.

Also, builders are often advised to add small terraces to the arrangement of the house, which give the site a "zest" and visually expand the territory.

Often in projects of such buildings, you can see a separate color accent on the top of the building. Many owners highlight the attic area with a lighter or darker shade compared to the main color. The attic room can also be decorated with decorative stone. It should be remembered that you cannot overload the zone with design techniques, otherwise the design will turn out to be tasteless.

Often in projects of country houses with attics, you can also find large panoramic windows. They can visually expand the space and give the room an interesting appearance. A similar technique can also decorate the interior decoration of the building.

Beautiful examples

A brick house with a dark roof (brown, dark gray) will look spectacular on your land plot. In this case, the windows and balcony of the attic are best done in white. The steps can be finished with decorative stone.

A house made in a light gray or beige shade will also look great. At the same time, it is more profitable to make the roof and windows darker (orange, brown).The base of the building can be made in a different color or decorated with decorative elements.

For what a home project can be, see the next video.

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