Examples of the design of the second floor in a private house

  1. Exterior attic design
  2. Second floor interior
  3. Design ideas
  4. Second floor window decoration
  5. Bevel design
  6. Wall design options
  7. Furniture design

The second floor of a two-story private house is also called an attic. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it has a sloping ceiling. Because of this, many people do not know how to properly decorate the interior of the attic, often assigning the role of a large storage room to the second floor of the house.

However, the design of the attic floor can be stylish, modern, comfortable and very cozy, which will turn this room into a full-fledged living room.

Exterior attic design

Outside, the second floor of a private house can have absolutely any design. It should match the overall appearance of the home.

Usually, the exterior design of the attic is discussed in advance with the developers, they draw up a project that takes into account all the wishes of the customer.

The only common feature that all attic floors in private houses have is sloping roofs.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with examples of finished works for the exterior design of private houses with an attic.

Second floor interior

The attic floor in a private house can have various functional purposes, namely:

  • you can allocate the second floor for an additional bedroom;
  • you can equip a small cozy living room, which will become a comfortable recreation area for the whole family;
  • the attic can be a living room combined with a kitchen or a bar. The convenience of this option is that during your stay on the second floor you will not need to bring food and drinks from the first;
  • if the attic floor inside is large enough, you can turn it into a full-fledged studio apartment with all the amenities.

Design ideas

On the second floor, you can place almost any room and arrange it conveniently and beautifully.


In the bedroom of a married couple, you can install a large double bed, as well as a not too tall wardrobe and a bookcase.

If space permits, you can complement the interior with a small desk, as well as a comfortable chair for reading books.

Living room

In the living room on the second floor of the house, it should be convenient to relax in the company of family and friends, so the room should be comfortable and cozy.

It is worth installing a comfortable corner or straight sofa in the room, and in front of it is a stylish coffee table. A decorative fireplace will also be appropriate in the living room.

The walls can be hung with stylish open shelves for storing books, framed photos and other accessories.

Living sector

If the second floor of the house has a large area, you can safely implement a full-fledged living area on it, which can consist of a bedroom, a living room combined with a kitchen, as well as a separate bathroom.

You can separate the sleeping area with a bed from the living room using a decorative partition.

The living room is a "studio" combined with a kitchen. These two zones are separated using a bar counter.

Second floor window decoration

In order for you to be pleasant to be in a room on the second floor, it must be airy, spacious and filled with light as much as possible. In this issue, the main role is played by the design of the attic windows.

There are two types of windows on the attic floor:

  • standard designs - they are mounted in flat walls;
  • non-standard designs - developed individually for installation in sloped walls.

The most important requirement for dormer windows is the largest possible size, since this will make the room visually larger, more spacious and lighter. Otherwise, sloped walls can have a "crushing" effect.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the shape of the windows, their color and style, turn on your imagination and experiment.

Here are some examples of attic window designs.

Bevel design

Today, the most trendy solution in interior design is the naturalness and environmental friendliness of materials. That is why there is no need to sheathe wooden beams with clapboard or drywall. Wooden bevels will become a stylish highlight in the design of the attic.

If the wooden beams have a dark natural color, you can choose a light finish for the walls, in this version you will get a very beautiful and stylish contrast in the interior.

Also, a correctly installed interesting backlight will play a great role in the appearance of the bevels.

Wall design options

The second floor of a private house can serve not only as a bedroom, but also as a study or a place for relaxation. Depending on this, it is necessary to choose the design for the walls.

You can paint them in different colors, use unusual decor, you can also stick wallpaper on the walls: bright or, conversely, in gentle pastel colors.

Plasterboard is often chosen as a material for wall decoration. Its advantages lie in ease of installation and the possibility of implementing absolutely any further design.

Another popular option for the material for decorating the walls of the attic floor is eurolining. This material is practical and durable, has a rather attractive modern design. The installation of the Euro lining is also quite simple: it is attached directly to the wall and does not need to additionally create a frame.

Wall decoration with boards, which can be painted in contrasting colors - dark and light, looks gorgeous and very expensive. This will further emphasize the beauty of the cladding.

Walls lined with silk-screened wallpaper will look stylish and original.

To add an original twist to the interior design, you can decorate a small part of the wall using decorative stone.

Furniture design

If the ceiling on the second floor of the house has a beveled shape, it can be problematic to pick up furniture. However, if you connect a creative and experiment a little, you can come up with wonderful layout options for the attic second floor.

A very successful and convenient furniture option for the second floor of a private house is a variety of niches, open shelves and racks, as well as built-in wardrobes. It is most convenient to use modular furniture - it will be much easier to match it to the height of the walls.

In the area where the height of the room is the smallest, you can install a desk, bed or chair for reading books.

If you decide to take the second floor for a children's room, then decorate it in bright colors, use a cartoon design in furniture and wall decoration.

As you can see, turning the second floor of 2-storey buildings into a full-fledged, convenient, comfortable, functional and fully habitable room is not difficult at all, even if its size is only 10 by 10 meters.

How to equip a living room in the attic, see below.

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