All about oak furniture

All about oak furniture
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Furniture made of natural wood will always remain the highest quality, environmentally friendly and presentable. Various wood species are used in furniture factories. One of the most sought-after and illustrious options is oak. The article will focus on furniture made from this type of wood.


Natural wood furniture has always been very popular. Such products are chosen by people who want to transform their home, to decorate it effectively and expensively. In addition, wooden furniture will always attract people with its environmental friendliness - it contains no harmful chemical components that can harm the health of households. One of the most desirable are solid oak furniture constructions.

Oak furniture is most often found in expensively furnished dwellings. Such pieces of furniture easily fit into any setting, making it more presentable, solid and even aristocratic.

Solid oak furniture is the dream of many people who want to equip their home with dignity.

Oak furniture, like structures made of any other materials, has its own strengths and weaknesses. The consumer is better off considering both. First, we will find out what the main advantages of such products are.

  • Oak furniture structures boast unsurpassed strength characteristics. They are not so easy to damage or spoil, which cannot be said about furniture made from cheap chipboard and MDF.
  • Oak furniture has a long service life. A quality product can last for many years. Often such things in families are passed down from generation to generation.
  • The products in question are as reliable and practical as possible. For example, using a high-quality sofa made of solid oak, a person may not think about the fact that at a certain moment the furniture under it will fold like a house of cards.
  • Oak products are environmentally friendly. Oak does not contain caustic and chemical substances that can negatively affect human health.

This natural material also does not emit strong unpleasant odors.

  • Oak is a natural material that exudes a very pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. Many people like it because it doesn't cause irritation or headaches.
  • Furniture made of solid oak is always immediately visible in the interior. Such products look especially presentable and rich. This breed is distinguished by a special natural print and structure that cannot be ignored. Often in interiors they use oak furniture, decorated with a carved surface or other beautiful decorations.
  • Oak furniture is presented in a variety of shades. This indicates that the owners can find the perfect specimen for almost any interior.
  • The solid oak contains special essential oils that protect the tree from the attacks of tree pests. And also the material in question is moisture resistant, so a high level of humidity is not terrible for it. Sharp temperature jumps also cannot harm oak furniture.

Not every wood species can boast of such performance characteristics.

  • Oak products can be restoredif any defects or damage have appeared on them.

Oak furniture has plenty of advantages. But not without drawbacks.

  • One of the biggest drawbacks is the rather high cost. Often, buyers refuse oak furniture only because of the high price tag.
  • Furniture structures made of solid oak are distinguished by their impressive weight. They are difficult to move from place to place, and where such furniture stands, dents or scuffs often remain.
  • Furniture structures made of oak that look solid and expensive are poorly suited for the arrangement of small apartments. In such conditions, these products look too intrusive and heavy.
  • Despite its practicality and durability, oak, like any other wood species, needs additional protective treatments. Thanks to this, the natural material can last much longer, remaining as attractive as at the very beginning of use.


A variety of types of furniture are made from handsome oak. Buyers can choose almost any option for their homes. Let's consider the most popular and demanded ones.

Shelves and cabinets

If you want to transform your living room or bedroom, you can pick up beautiful shelving and wardrobes made of solid oak. Even the simplest TV cabinet or compact sideboard made of natural material will look amazing.

Very comfortable and spacious shelves and walls are made of oak. Such products require quite a lot of free space in the room. This could be a hall, a living room, or a chic home library. The furniture in question may well be complemented by a hinged shelf, designed in the same style.

The result is solid ensembles.

Sideboards and chests of drawers

Natural material is perfect for making beautiful nightstands or dressers. Curbstones can be bedside, designed specifically for TV. Often such products are found in bathrooms, where they are displayed under the sink.

Kitchen cabinets can also be made from solid wood. The result is very practical products that do not suffer from being in a room where there is often a high level of humidity, coupled with temperature changes.

Oak chests of drawers look especially rich and elegant. This kind of furniture is often installed in luxurious bedrooms. It can be a whole set, in which the chest of drawers, the bed, and the bedside tables are made in the same key.

Such ensembles look great, but they also stand accordingly.

Stools and chairs

Dining areas can stand out with solid oak products. With such furniture, the atmosphere begins to play with completely different colors. The interior immediately becomes more expensive and solid.

Even the simplest stool or children's growing chair made of oak looks special.


The dream of many people is a chic oak bed. Most often, a beautiful headboard attracts a lot of attention in such products. It can be complemented with carvings or figured decor along the edges - there are a lot of design options. Fully assembled headsets look most impressive in bedrooms, in which several items are provided, designed in the same style.

Most often in the bedrooms there is a solid double bed made of solid wood. A high quality 2-tier model can be supplied to the nursery.


A sofa or armchairs made of solid oak will successfully fit into many furnishings. Often in such products there are additional mechanisms, for example, an accordion. The furniture in question is most often done floor-standing. Sometimes you can find modular copies on sale.

Not only straight, but also corner sofas are made of oak. The second options are often placed not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen. Corner structures take up less space and look no less impressive.


From the breed in question, wonderful tables are obtained. We are talking not only about kitchen products, but also about structures intended for classrooms or school corners. Such specimens are obtained as stable and reliable as possible. They can be decorated with hand-carving.

garden furniture

Since the massif is a very practical and durable material, high-quality and beautiful structures for the garden are made from it. If you want to decorate your summer cottage by furnishing it as richly as possible, then oak garden furniture will be a win-win solution. Such products will immediately catch the eye and cause admiration of friends / relatives who decide to stay at your dacha.


Oak furniture looks good in interiors designed in different styles. Let's consider several popular options.

  • Oak furniture looks great in modern interiors. For example, a huge full-wall (or half-wall) wardrobe made of light oak will look gorgeous in a minimalist interior with a predominance of white. Around you can arrange light armchairs with chrome frames, put a sofa or bed made of the same light wood.
  • Furniture from the breed in question will perfectly fit into an antique-styled interior. It can be a solid kitchen set, made in dark shades with a predominance of uneven lines and rough shapes.
  • In the living room in the Scandinavian style, you can place a snow-white corner sofa, and in front of it put coffee tables made of light material. And also a light oak bedside table will find its place near the armrest of upholstered furniture. Such wooden details will harmoniously fit into the existing ensemble.
  • Oak furniture can decorate loft-style interiors. For example, in a spacious kitchen with brick walls, a snow-white ceiling and a wooden floor, a bar counter, a kitchen set and an island of solid oak will look gorgeous.

Oak furniture designs can fit into the interiors of many other areas. Many are sure that oak products are suitable only for classics, but with a competent approach, they can complement almost any interiors and styles.


Let's list some well-known manufacturers that produce the best natural wood furniture.


The furniture factory offers wonderful oak furniture. The Saransk company has been operating since 1990. Today, Orimex products are offered in a huge assortment.

The oak products of this Russian manufacturer are of very high quality, beautiful and practical.


A furniture company that produces high-quality furniture structures made of natural wood. In the assortment of the Moscow manufacturer, you can find many expensive but very beautiful products from solid oak. "Progress" offers furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, offices and hallways.

"Leader Array"

A company that has been manufacturing exclusive solid wood furniture of different models and at different prices for more than 10 years. Both stationary and transformable structures are offered.

Of course, these are not all companies that produce oak furniture. Very good products are offered by Belarusian factories. Furniture from Belarus has always been famous for its impeccable quality and adequate pricing policy.

How to choose?

Consider what to look for in order to choose the right solid wood furniture.

  • It all depends on where exactly you choose the product - in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and so on. Measure the space you have chosen in advance to buy a product of the right size.
  • Pay attention to the design matching of furniture and interior. The oak structure should match both in color and style. So, in modern interiors, antique-styled products will look strange, so you shouldn't forget about design.
  • Make sure of the quality of the selected furniture. Ask the seller for all the necessary certificates to save yourself from buying a product made of imitation oak. Inspect the product.There should not be a single defect on the furniture in the form of scuffs, chips or scratches. The material should be strong and dense, not emit strong chemical odors.
  • Buy and order oak furniture only in branded furniture showrooms. It makes no sense to look for such things in the market or in small shops. Not always high-quality imitations are often sold here, which are several times cheaper than real oak furniture.

Remember: solid wood furniture won't be surprisingly cheap. Too low a cost should cause the buyer to doubt the naturalness of the product.

How to care?

Let's find out how to properly care for solid oak furniture.

  • Although oak is not so much afraid of temperature fluctuations and water than other species, it is still not worth exposing it to such influences. It is desirable to find oak furniture in optimal climatic conditions (air temperature +20 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 70%).
  • It is not recommended to put too hot objects on solid wood furniture without a special heat-resistant napkin.
  • You should sometimes tighten the fittings, that is, tighten the bolts and nuts.
  • Wipe the furniture regularly with a dry cloth. A plush or flannel rag will do.
  • The facades should be wiped in the direction of the wood pattern.
  • Do not use abrasive, alcohol or similar products for cleaning.

Beautiful examples

In a bedroom with walls the color of a delicate peach, a set made of bleached oak will look gorgeous. From the decor, paintings above the headboard, soft pink curtains on the windows and fresh flowers are suitable.

In a luxurious interior with a stone fireplace and high ceilings, oak finishes will look amazing, as well as oak cabinets, tables and cabinets.

A loft-style bedroom with brick walls and wood-beamed ceilings is complemented by a crisp white oak double bed.

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