How to make timber furniture?

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Tools and materials
  3. How to make a bedside table?
  4. Bed making technique
  5. Making a sofa
  6. Homemade shelving

Today, wooden furniture occupies a leading position in quality and environmental friendliness. On sale, consumers can find many beautiful and reliable designs that can serve them for a very long time. However, it is not at all necessary to buy wooden furniture - you can do it yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

The demand for timber structures is not surprising, because they have many advantages.

  • The main advantage of such furniture is its durability... A properly executed and properly processed structure can last for many years.
  • Another significant plus of such products is their design... The appearance of timber furniture has always attracted a lot of attention, because it was beautiful, and often quite luxurious. Natural wood structures often complement very expensive and sophisticated interiors.
  • The timber is a natural material, so you can safely talk about it environmental safety. The same chipboard, from which a lot of different furniture is made today, cannot boast of the same properties. Natural wooden products do not emit pungent odors, they do not contain hazardous substances that can harm the health of households.
  • You can really build from a bar ergonomic furniture. We are talking about structures that are created taking into account the characteristics of a person's complexion.
  • Lumber furniture can be repairedif the need arises. Usually, repair work takes little time and does not require special knowledge / skills.
  • You can build furniture from a bar absolutely any shape, size and design... A home craftsman can let his imagination go free and make a real work of interior art with his own hands.
  • Do-it-yourself furniture from a bar will surely become highlight of the interior, its exclusive addition. You will not find the same item with friends or neighbors.
  • It should be noted versatility furniture structures made of timber. They can be easily integrated into almost any interiors, regardless of their stylistic and color trends.
  • Wooden furniture boasts high resistance... Of course, it is difficult to move it from place to place, but it is not so easy to drop it either.

Furniture from a bar has no serious drawbacks, but the owners must take into account the fact that it will need to be properly looked after.

Periodically, any wooden products have to be treated with protective solutions: antiseptics. It is thanks to these products that wooden furniture can last longer, not rot, mold or attack by insect pests.

Some users attribute it to the disadvantages of such furniture. impressive weight. This design feature can be attributed to both pluses and minuses. Transporting or moving such products is quite difficult.

Tools and materials

If you have planned to make beautiful and high-quality furniture from a bar with your own hands, you will need to stock up on all the necessary tools and materials. First, let's look at what exactly the wizard will need from the toolkit.

  • Circular Saw... When choosing such a tool, it is recommended to pay attention to the cutting depth. In more compact devices, it is 55–65 cm. This parameter will not be enough.
  • Manual or electric plane.
  • Sander for woodworking: vibration or belt.
  • Drill complete with brush for brushing.
  • Drill for woodworking (16–20 mm in diameter).
  • Brush for processing wood with varnish.

It is generally believed that wooden furniture is very expensive, but this is not the case. There are also budget items. For example, you can use laminated veneer lumber panels. To make good furniture, window sills or door panels from laminated veneer lumber, you will need to stock up on such components:

  • wooden dowels;
  • special carpentry glue for working with wood;
  • varnish (if the furniture is made for the home, a varnish for parquet is suitable, and if for a garden, then it is better to choose a yacht varnish).

How to make a bedside table?

A very nice and sturdy bedside table can be made from a bar. Let's consider in detail how you can do it yourself.

  • First, the master must prepare drawing with a diagram of the future table.
  • Next, you need to select for assembly knot-free material. After that, you need to walk on it with a plane. It is recommended to make the bedside table massive so that it is as stable as possible.
  • From glued laminated timber, you can build not only a tabletop, but also the entire furniture structure as a whole. The top of the table can be made in almost any shape.
  • Cut the countertop can be circular saw.

If legs are planned in the structure, they can be made from bars or furniture boards.

Bed making technique

A home craftsman can build a full-fledged comfortable bed from a bar with his own hands. We will find out what stages such work consists of.

Drawings and dimensions

First, you need to develop a plan and drawing of the future product. All dimensions of the bed should be indicated on the drawings. At the same stage, it is advisable to think over the design of the homemade product, choose a certain style for it. For example, it can be a loft-style design or a more modern high-tech option for a teenager. When developing a plan for a future furniture structure from a bar, you need to pay attention to:

  • volume of materials;
  • method of joining parts;
  • the size and shape of the product;
  • its appearance, finishing option;
  • the need for protective parts (it is advisable to provide for when collecting children's furniture).

Sizes of a bed from a bar can be any. It all depends on who the furniture is made for. The design can be single, double or one-and-a-half. The following sizes are relevant: 50X50, 100X100, 150X150, 180X200, 200X200 cm.

Step by step diagram

Having prepared the drawings, you can proceed to the assembly of the bed.

  • It is necessary to assemble the frame. The beam is divided into 4 parts: 2 by 16 cm and 2 by 21 cm. They are laid out on the floor together with the frame and fastened with glue.
  • The second layer impose more bars installed on self-tapping screws from 2 sides... It is necessary to check the evenness of the structure. Any excess glue protruding should be wiped off with a cloth.
  • Assemble the bed base... It is made of slats with a thickness of 3 cm. It is recommended to install a stiffener that will run along the entire length of the furniture with 2 supports.
  • Next, 4 supports must be installed in each corner of the frame. They can be made from the remnants (pieces) of the timber.
  • Then they put the base for the mattress... The slats should be installed at a distance of about 20 mm, fixing on self-tapping screws.
  • This is followed by sanding and painting of furniture. Before painting, the base is covered with a primer.

They paint only with high-quality varnish in 3-4 layers.

Making a sofa

From the bars you can not only build any bed model (even a fashionable podium bed), but also a comfortable sofa for your home or summer cottage. In this case, you will also need to draw up a drawing first. At the stage of drawing up the drawing, you need to decide what kind of sofa will be: garden, country or home. Having all the necessary schemes, you can assemble a sofa. Let's see how to do this using the example of a rectangular wireframe option.

  • First, the frame is assembled... It will be based on bars of 45–55 mm (section). You can assemble the base using a screwdriver and bolts. Details can be fixed with special glue.
  • A frame is assembled from the boards. It can be bound with furniture straps for convenience.
  • The back of the furniture is made... It is sheathed with plywood or other similar materials.
  • The same is done sidewalls.
  • This is followed by pasting the base with foam rubber... Mats need to be pasted over the sidewalls and back.
  • Irregularities can be hidden with padding polyester... First, all the corners of the frame are polished, and then the synthetic winterizer is laid.
  • Sheathe the base upholstery fabric.
  • At the last stage, all components are collected into a single whole.

If you want to make antique-style furniture yourself, it is advisable to make it from brushed timber.

Homemade shelving

Often good and sturdy racks are made of timber. They can be placed in a garage, workshop or living space - each master decides for himself where such structures will be more necessary for him. Assembling a good wooden rack with your own hands is not at all difficult. As in other cases, first a diagram of the future product is developed, indicating all dimensional indicators. We will analyze step by step how to assemble a homemade rack from a bar.

  • It is necessary to purchase a bar with parameters 40X40 or 50X50 mm. You will also need to stock up on boards or plywood for the shelves.
  • All components will need to be cut according to the dimensions in the drawing.
  • The timber can be sanded immediately.
  • Next, the bar is sawn using a miter box or a miter saw.
  • When all the parts are ready, you can assemble the rack. First, the support posts are assembled.
  • Crossbars are made, then shelves are laid. Everything is fastened with wood glue and self-tapping screws.
  • Additionally, the structure must be sanded with sandpaper
  • Finally, the rack is finished with a topcoat.

The design is easy and simple to assemble, the main thing is to treat it with a good varnish, stain or drying oil.

For information on how to make a chair from a bar with your own hands, see the next video.

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