Small house layout: what should you pay attention to?

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Building options
  3. Layout
  4. Materials (edit)
  5. Design Tips

A small house will be an excellent option not only for suburban, but also for permanent residence. In this article, we will look at which layout is popular for a small home.

Features and Benefits

Small houses are now quite common. They look attractive, and each person inside feels the comfort and coziness of a warm home.

Let's consider the main advantages of such buildings:

  • Cost savings. It is the compact houses that will allow you to save your family budget. You will not need to purchase a lot of materials to build a comfortable home.
  • Simple foundation without reinforcement. This is also a clear advantage.
  • Construction will not be delayed. Therefore, you will be able to carry out your project in the minimum time for you and enjoy living in a beautiful house.
  • People will be pleasantly surprised by the costs of heating and air conditioning. Since the house is small, you will not waste a lot of resources.
  • Easy to care for. This important indicator will be appreciated by all zealous owners. You will not need to clean a large area. A small, compact home will be easy to clean and clean at the time you want, unlike a large space.
  • Stylish option. Often, it is the mini-models that are quite simple and at the same time stylish and beautiful. You can create an attractive interior for your house to please not only yourself, but also your guests.
  • Practicality and durability. I use high-quality materials in construction, you can create a durable and reliable home. Your home will serve you for a long time. At the same time, you can create the most successful project for a private rural house, which you will fall in love with at first sight.

Building options

There can be a variety of options for compact buildings. These are models for permanent residence, which have a stylish design inside, and options for a pleasant pastime with the whole family.

If we are talking about a house where you will live permanently, then it will include more requirements for layout and comfort. Respectively, the model should be developed based on sanitary standards - more than twelve square meters per person.

If this is a private building, then this indicator will not play a special role here. Usually, each person wants to choose the parameters of his home for the number of people in his family.

Basically, an area of ​​up to one hundred square meters is enough for a family of four to six people. At the same time, you can plan creative architecture, balconies, attics, original windows. You can create any decorations for your own home to feel comfortable and cozy there.

If this is a simple country house, then take care of useful infrastructure... So you can spend your time efficiently and pleasantly on your personal plot.


First of all, the layout of a compact dwelling should be convenient for all family members. Residential and household premises should be harmoniously combined here. Experienced designers advise to provide one or two bedrooms, and sometimes more, as well hall, living room... So you can perfectly distinguish all the necessary areas - for your own relaxation, receiving guests, and so on.

Sometimes, in order to save space, the hallway is connected to the kitchen or living room.In this version, the kitchen will have a small corner - 2-3 square meters. You can separate this area from the hall with a bar counter or put a plasterboard partition.

Often, the kitchen is made separately from other rooms, it has a door. The size of its area will be from six to fourteen square meters. As for the bedroom, its area is also generally nine to eighteen square meters. This will be enough to accommodate all the necessary recreational supplies.

As for the living room, experts advise to take under it 16 - 24 square meters. Here you can comfortably accommodate guests, meet your relatives, as well as just have an interesting and fun time in front of the TV, for example. It is advised to lay three to four square meters on the toilet. But the bathroom can be allocated a little more - four to nine square meters. 2-6 sq. m. can be taken to the hallway. This footage is optimal for small houses.

Of course, you should proceed from your own home and your own needs, and build your own concept.

Materials (edit)

Your own small home can be built from a wide variety of materials. Let's consider the most basic ones:

  • Wood. This raw material is environmentally friendly, which means it will not harm the health of your family. Also, this material retains heat well. A miniature house made of wooden beams is well heated and provides unhindered air exchange. Thus, a comfortable microclimate is formed. However, there are disadvantages, among which a high fire hazard can be distinguished, the need to actively take care of natural wood in order to preserve all its operational properties.

  • Brick... Houses made of this raw material will be durable and strong. This material will serve you for decades. Such a building will retain heat well, it has a high level of thermal insulation. As for the disadvantages of such structures, then they can be attributed to the severity. Accordingly, it will take more effort to erect the structure. The construction process itself will take considerable time.
  • Foam blocks. Such buildings are reliable, frost-resistant, easy to finish. In addition, such a house will cost quite cheaply compared to other models. This raw material is a cross between expensive brick and affordable frame houses.

Design Tips

Whatever house you are building - a summer cottage, Finnish or another, you should pay close attention to the layout of the house. Be sure to show patience and accuracy. All calculations must be accurate, because the space will be small... Determine the financial resources that you want to spend on creating your own home.

Consider the main criteria: the number of people who will live in the house, the area of ​​the room, the presence of small children. Also decide if you will be living in it for a long time or will be visiting the house temporarily. To begin with, it is worth determining the number of floors of the building, then choosing high-quality materials that will help to implement the project. Now you should draw a layout diagram inside the rooms, choose the most optimal porch design, determine the configuration of the roof and roofing materials.

Traditionally, the living room is considered the focal point. At the same time, it can serve as an additional sleeping place for guests, a playroom for children. It is better to choose furniture here that is practical and functional, without cluttering up the space. An excellent option can be transforming sofas, folding chairs. Each element should give the room a cozy and unique style. A fireplace can become the central part of the room.

You should also carefully consider and draw on the diagram the location of all other rooms and rooms that are important to you. For example, the kitchen. This is where you will prepare meals for the whole family.When planning the parameters of this room, it is worth laying down the area that will be needed for household appliances. Be sure to consider the process of artificial or natural lighting.

If you are planning a bedroom in a small country house, it is better to keep it small. This will help you not only make the room cozy, but also significantly save on heating costs in the winter.

In order for the rest to be complete, you can install a comfortable wardrobe, a bed, and other decorative elements here.

Thus, you can successfully create the layout of your own small home. Now you know what points you should pay attention to. Be sure to decide on a budget before you start building a building. Let your home be your fortress.

For information on how to make a project at home, see the next video.

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