Projects of one-story houses with an attic: the choice of design for a cottage of any size

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. How to make a plan?
  3. Materials (edit)
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  5. Subtleties of decor
  6. Design options
  7. Best examples for inspiration

Many projects of one-story houses with an attic were developed according to a standard design, but there are also unique options. And the undoubted advantage of a one-story house with an attic is that it is not at all necessary to make repairs in all rooms at the same time. You can equip the first floor, install a staircase to the attic, celebrate a housewarming, and after that move on to arranging the attic space.

Features and Benefits

If the roof of a private house is pitched, then a fairly spacious room is formed under it, which can be used as an attic or attic.

Today, many owners of small one-story cottages are interested in arranging an attic, and there are weighty explanations for this:

  • The attic increases the useful living area of ​​the house, but at the same time the cost of building additional space is half that of building a full-fledged additional floor.
  • The exterior of the house becomes more attractive and interesting.
  • Uncomplicated construction work, and ease of communication.
  • Low utility bills in the future.
  • Reducing heat loss through the roof.
  • An opportunity to reveal your design skills by creating a unique interior.
  • During the renovation work, there is no need to look for temporary housing, all family members can safely be on the first floor of the house.

Now let's talk about the cons:

  • If you equip the attic without observing the rules, this can lead to a weakening of the structure of the house. Therefore, you should choose light finishing materials and lightweight furniture.
  • Also, violation of the rules during repairs can lead to freezing of the attic.
  • The complexity of the layout of the additional room.
  • Skylights are not a cheap pleasure, the price compared to standard double-glazed windows can vary by 1.5-2 times.

As we can see, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of the attic space. And in this case, everyone weighs himself all the pros and cons.

How to make a plan?

An attic is a great way to expand your home's living space. And before proceeding to the arrangement of the additional floor, it is necessary to draw up a drawing that will clearly show the future structure.

There are several factors to consider when drawing up an original plan:

  • for how many people an additional room should be designed for;
  • what functional areas should be located: study, children's room, guest bedroom, additional bathroom;
  • it is necessary to immediately carry out all the necessary communications: water, electricity, sewerage, Internet;
  • what time of the year it will be used: all year round or only in the summer season;
  • roof structure (gable, domed, semi-hip or hip);
  • what materials the house is built from (brick, foam block, timber, cinder block, and so on);
  • what materials are used for floors.

Materials (edit)

The construction of a frame attic requires certain skills and abilities, and also obliges to adhere to the original plan, to observe accurate calculations. Most often, in the construction of private homes, foam blocks are used.

Foam block houses have many advantages:

  • significant savings on building material compared to brick;
  • foam blocks are of a larger size, which allows you to build houses several times faster, while getting perfectly flat masonry;
  • lower solution consumption;
  • the heat loss of the walls decreases: in winter it is warm in the house, and in the hot summer season it is cool;
  • environmentally friendly and fire resistant material;
  • resistant to water and mold;
  • provides good sound insulation.

But when building a one-story house with an attic, you should also take into account the disadvantages of foam blocks:

  • unlike brick and other building materials, foam blocks can withstand less stress;
  • facing material as a finishing touch when decorating a house will require additional costs.

If desired, from the outside, you can plaster or paint the house from foam blocks. Also, some designers prefer to use various decorative facade materials: stone, siding, tiles or decorative bricks.

The brick house looks reliable. Such houses can be classified as classic. But it should be noted right away that the construction of brick houses is several times more expensive.

A house from a bar looks harmonious and holistic. In addition, these houses have excellent thermal insulation. In addition, a special indoor microclimate is created, which contributes to the preservation and maintenance of health.

For the roof, you need to choose reliable materials. The main condition is that the roof should not freeze in winter and overheat under the hot sun rays in summer.

The most suitable materials are:

  • metal tile;
  • ceramic tile;
  • bituminous composite tile.

The wooden parts of the roof must be treated with an antifungal solution. Since over time, waterproofing materials will lose their properties, which can lead to rotting of the rafters.


In a house with an area of ​​100 square meters, you can easily arrange three rooms, a kitchen-dining room, two separate bathrooms and a boiler room. When building a house with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters, it must be borne in mind that the roof exerts a significant load on the supporting structures. Therefore, it is recommended to use lightweight materials as internal partitions on the attic floor. A great option is drywall. It has good sound insulation performance. And the most important thing is that plasterboard partitions will not put a load on the structure and foundation of the house.

The construction of such a house is comparatively cheaper than larger and more spacious houses. But with the right layout, the interior space will be illuminated by natural light. And the house itself will be incredibly beautiful and practical.

House with an area of ​​120-150 sq. m should be placed exclusively in large areas. Otherwise, the neighbors will see everything that happens in your house. And besides, there will be no free space on the site. With this area, three full-fledged rooms can be placed on the attic floor. But in this case, an additional bathroom and toilet will be a prerequisite.

It is worth considering the fact that the construction of houses with an area of ​​about 200 square meters involves certain features:

  • Each floor must have separate bathrooms.
  • It is recommended to allocate a separate room for the boiler room next to the kitchen on the ground floor.
  • It is necessary to think in advance about the location of the rooms for all households.
  • Take care of the soundproofing of the premises even at the planning stage - otherwise you will hardly be able to stay in silence.

Subtleties of decor

After the completion of all stages of construction, the time comes when it is necessary to turn a damp and dark room into a cozy and warm room under the roof. Designers say that all rooms in the house should be combined and complementary in style, design and decor.

Do not use opposite directions in different rooms or on different floors. For example, if on the ground floor you chose the minimalism style, and you decided to decorate the bedroom in the attic in a stunning Parisian chic style with a lot of decorative elements and details, then keep in mind that such radical changes will look absurd and perceived luridly. Of course, the bedroom is a personal, intimate space where guests will not enter, and if you personally do not feel imbalance and a kind of tastelessness, you can afford to use different styles in a very limited space.

Designers recommend following a few simple rules and tips:

  • Choose a consistent color scheme for every nook and cranny throughout your home.
  • Patterns on the walls, wallpaper patterns, textures and other elements should be fragmentarily repeated.
  • Don't be afraid to use interesting and bold ideas to create a unique interior.
  • Don't skimp on windows. Skylights can be installed not only on walls, but also on roof slopes, then you will have the opportunity to admire the starry sky in the middle of the night. But installing windows on inclined surfaces is not cheap, and it will be difficult to keep the windows clean.

But when decorating the attic, special attention should be paid to the choice of color palette and lighting.

Color solutions

The attic design should be done in the same style as the whole house. To make the room look as comfortable as possible, use light and pastel shades in the interior. But if you want to create an unusual and stylish design, then you can combine bright and saturated colors.

It is worth considering the fact that different color palettes have a direct impact on our perception and mood.

  • White, beige, pale yellow - symbolize purity, tranquility and harmony. They are used to visually increase the space and go well with almost all shades and colors.
  • Brown and beige are traditional colors that are often used in tranquil interiors. Associated with conservatism, confidence and nobility.
  • Gray - goes well with a variety of palettes. Despite its neutrality, it looks advantageous in many interiors, does not narrow the space.
  • Blue - associated with lightness and carelessness. Can be used as a primary color even in a small room.
  • Blue - helps to relax and calm down. Symbolizes solitude and harmony with nature. Adds elegance and sophistication to the room.
  • Red is a confident color, symbolizing energy, love and success. Helps fight depression and bad mood. But over time, it can get tired and interfere with relaxation.
  • Purple - has a beneficial effect on a person's mood, especially when combined with bold colors like yellow or orange. But it should be borne in mind that purple is not always suitable for finishing small rooms, because a rich color narrows the space.
  • Green is the color of nature, harmony and youth. Any shade of green looks great in combination with light or dark tones. Delicate colors have a calming effect, while rich emerald hues help fight stress.
  • Orange is a cheerful color that fills the room with positive and improves mood. A great option for the kitchen, living room or children's room. For the bedroom and study, designers recommend using calmer and more conservative colors.


The choice of lighting fixtures depends on the purpose of the attic floor.

If you decide to place guest bedrooms on the additional floor, then in combination with large windows it will be enough to use wall sconces, floor lamps, bedside lamps and table lamps.

In the study, as in the children's room, lighting must be thought out. Opt for spotlights or a ceiling chandelier, and in addition use individual lighting: a table lamp or floor lamp for working at a desk, as well as wall lights with directional lighting.

The staircase and corridor in the attic should be well lit. Additional lighting can be installed on the walls near the staircase or on the steps. It will allow you to safely move around the house at night, as well as create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Design options

Today, designers offer standard and individual projects of one-story houses with an attic. Houses with bay windows are in great demand; they look unique and elegant. Such a non-standard project is usually chosen by nature lovers. In the extra space of an unusual shape, you can place a table for tea drinking or a comfortable chair for reading books. Living rooms from bay windows look luxuriously aristocratic.

Bay windows can be arranged not only on the ground floor. In the attic, they help create additional natural light. Also today, options for one-story houses with a basement or with a basement are very popular. This is a great option for unloading living space.

Column projects speak of the status and taste of the home owner. Such houses look very unusual and give even small buildings a rare chic and grace. In this case, the columns act as a supporting structure to support the roof.

A project with a terrace will give even a boring small house an interesting look. In addition, the arrangement of an open space on the roof is permissible for almost any building.

A mansard-type house with an attached garage is an excellent option for a comfortable stay. This very good idea allows you to use the land in the best possible way.

  • The wall, which is not in contact with the street, reduces the heat loss of the room.
  • If you equip the entrance to the garage through the house, then you do not have to go to the car in the rain or snow, if necessary, and spend time warming up the engine in winter cold.

In addition, between the garage and the house, you can equip a small vestibule in which you can store the necessary, but not fire hazardous things, and thereby significantly relieve the living space in the house. And even such a small additional room will allow organizing a reliable ventilation system and exhaust gases will not enter the house.

Best examples for inspiration

For a country house, the attic is a completely modern technical solution. Because even a simple small attic can be turned into a cozy bedroom.

The rafters of the sloped roof can be painted with a contrasting color. This detail will look stylish and modern in the bright interior of the living room.

If the area of ​​the house allows, then on the attic floor you can equip a separate studio apartment with open space. It may well accommodate a living room, bedroom and work area. Designers advise to use different materials for decorating each zone when decorating walls and floors, as well as combining different lighting fixtures.

If you have no desire to place expensive skylights on a pitched roof, then you should consider the option of arranging a home theater on an additional floor. In this case, you do not need to worry about full-fledged lighting of the space. On the contrary, additional windows will get in the way.

It is not always worth avoiding corners from the roof slope - experienced designers know how to turn the disadvantages of an attic into undeniable advantages. So, for example, soft sofas with backs allow you to perfectly beat the attic room.

The construction of a staircase in a one-story house must be reliable and comfortable. As a rule, in such houses there is no need to install a massive structure. It is better to choose a ladder with a small width.To save space, a spiral staircase is perfect, it looks quite impressive and does not take up much space. But designers are also advised to choose a structure taking into account the savings in time spent on lifting.

A walk-in closet in the attic is a unique way to make the most of your free space. Compact and spacious storage systems with a large mirror will not take up much space, but they will greatly facilitate life and relieve space in the living rooms on the ground floor.

In the next video, the owner of the house will explain how he designed and built a one-story house with an attic.

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