Two-storey house with a size of 7x7 m: interesting layout options

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Options, advantages and disadvantages
  3. Typical projects
  4. Which material should you choose?
  5. What will be the costs?

The demand for two-story private housing is increasing from year to year. Most often, a common space is placed at the bottom of the building, and personal rooms and sanitary facilities are located at the top. But there are a number of subtleties that should be taken into account when designing such a structure.


The two-storey house 7 by 7 m is distinguished by a number of advantages, among which we can name, first of all:

  • The possibility of using a wide variety of building and finishing materials.

  • A wide variety of permissible dimensions of the entire building and its individual parts.

  • The possibility of introducing additional premises, which were not in the initial version of the project.

Where you have to live not only in the summer, it makes sense to use brick, which radically increases the level of thermal insulation.

Options, advantages and disadvantages

A very good idea is a cottage complete with a garage. It allows you to radically reduce the amount of occupied space with the same efficiency of use, and in addition to form your own original style, if you invite a designer. Unlike a one-story building, in this case, you can form not only a terrace, but also a balcony. There will be much more opportunities for decorating the space inside the dwelling itself.

On the other hand, you need to take into account that the cost of building and maintaining a house will be higher. This disadvantage is canceled out by the fact that when redevelopment, the cost of work is reduced.

Typical projects

The layout in most cases implies that the entrance is located on the same side as the porch. For the sake of greater convenience and safety of using the house in the winter months, they will equip the dressing room in the hallway. Only from it you can go to all the other rooms or go outside. The guest room can be made adjacent to the kitchen. A little further to arrange a bathroom, and directly from the living room to equip a staircase leading to the second floor. The upper part of the house is used for sleeping places and a rest room; in the warm season, the terrace can also be used for leisure.

In another version, the cottage is equipped with a pair of porches, one of them is a front door, the other leads to the kitchen.

This distribution of space is attractive because:

  • In the courtyard, you can create a space inaccessible to outside observers for personal needs;

  • An additional exit appears in case of a breakage (jamming) of the lock or an extreme situation that cuts off the path to the main door;

  • It is possible to organize a miniature garden, a playground for children, a tennis court or a swimming pool in the adjacent area.

These are only the main options for planning space in a house with 2 floors. In practice, there may be many more. When choosing, always take into account the financial aspects, and the available territory, and the time required for construction, and stylistic moments.

The area of ​​a two-story house with 7x7 sides can exceed 100 square meters, while for a one-story building of the same dimensions it is only 49 square meters. m. Therefore, even a family of five in a two-story cottage will not face special problems.

The construction of such housing, meanwhile, is relatively simple and cheap.

The original step is to blur the boundaries between floors. The ceiling in the kitchen and living room is made alone, under the main roof. The house is equipped with a swing staircase leading to the attic, under which it becomes possible to place a sauna inside.

It is useful to provide at the entrance to the house not just a hall, but also storage space for shoes, skis, and bicycles. Even if none of you uses a "steel horse" and does not cut through the snow with sticks, over time, everything can change. And many guests will be happy with this attribute.

In the living room (a little further), upholstered furniture should be used in combination with a table, which will allow for a comfortable meeting, a serious or romantic conversation without invading personal space. In this version, the kitchen is located to the left of the living room, and in order to save space, they use corner and compact furniture, lightweight versions of household appliances.

Which material should you choose?

Houses 7 by 7 meters can be made of various materials, each of which has its own advantages and weaknesses. Foam blocks are environmentally friendly and durable, perfectly save heat and restrain extraneous sounds. Houses from a bar serve a long time and are mechanically strong, structures based on logs surpass them in terms of heat retention and aesthetic properties, although they are more expensive. A stone two-story house looks noble, reliable, resistant to most external influences and has a minimal risk of fire for capital partitions. The final choice depends on which of these parameters is most valuable to you.

What will be the costs?

It is completely impossible to accurately predict costs with only one project. After all, even a specific building site affects the final price. It may be necessary to deepen the foundation, drain the site, enhance thermal protection, increase the seismic protection of the house. Changes in materials, proportions, additional approvals also affect the final cost of the finished house.

The second floor in the form of an attic is preferable if the building plot is very small. Then the dwelling is clearly divided into night and day parts. This design also saves energy and heat. The design project should take into account the reduction in available space due to roof slopes and the use of attic walls to compensate for this effect.

For information on the features of construction from a log and how much it will cost, see the next video.

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