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When buying furniture, practical people think about how to care for it in order to maintain its original appearance. Often, buyers abandon luxury wood items for fear that they will not be able to maintain the condition of the natural surface. Are these fears still valid today, when you can find affordable tools for any task in the store?

Advantages and disadvantages

Pronto furniture products and polishes can be found in almost every home, since the line provides for a variety of situations when the traditional option (water and rag) is not suitable.

Users find that cleaning and caring for furniture with Pronto differs from expectations.

Manufacturers of modern household chemicals understand that people value their time, especially the time that they do not need to spend on daily or many hours of cleaning. Therefore, SC Johnson has developed several options to meet the needs of hostesses and sellers of furniture and home appliances.

Let's see what are the advantages of a series of polishes for home use.

  • Polishes take care of different surfaces: suitable for textured wood or technological and sensitive plastic.
  • Economical application implies low consumption.
  • Can be applied to the surface itself or to a napkin for cleaning, while the result will be equally good.
  • Polish completely grinds on the surfacewithout leaving marks and streaks.
  • Simple composition with natural wax and its substitutes protects against moisture, surfactants in a minimum concentration and organic solvent remove traces and prints from glossy surfaces without a trace.
  • Cleans traces of glue from smooth and varnished objects quickly and without serious effort, eliminates damage and scratches.
  • Compact vial volumes - one more advantage. They do not require much storage space and are fully utilized.
  • Good value for money: purchase of funds is available to any family.
  • As part of no strong perfumery fragrances or aggressive solvents that can leave marks on the surface. Therefore, use is safe if you follow all the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The tools are universal and are suitable for caring for materials of different structure and color.
  • Pronto polishes can be found at all major or well-known network locations. In addition, the entire series is available to order in online stores and marketplaces.

There are also disadvantages to polishes.

  • The product has no long-term antistatic properties. If there is a source of dust in the room, for example, textiles, pets, carpets, curtains, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to eradicate the problem of dust settling on dark surfaces.
  • It is stated that the products can mask scratches. For serious and noticeable scratches, use special leveling polishes and even mastics. Small defects in the polish simply make it less visible.
  • There are complaints about the spray system... The composition of the polish can thicken over time, so it should be used regularly so that the mass does not solidify and does not get stuck in the nozzle.
  • Most people find the smell pleasant and unobtrusive, but with high sensitivity, you can ventilate the room after using the product.


SC Johnson launches 300 ml of two types:

  • Pronto "Classic" suitable for regular care;
  • Pronto "Lemon" it has a delicate citrus aroma.

The following Pronto polishes are available in the form of 250 ml sprayers:

  • Classic 5 in 1 - universal product for cleaning and maintaining furniture;
  • "Intensive care with beeswax" takes care of woody textures, creating protection from excessively dry or humid air;
  • "Antidust" has improved antistatic properties;
  • "Anti-dust antiallergen" suitable for people with high sensitivity, better cleans wood surfaces from dust.

Review overview

Basically, buyers praise Pronto and are sure that the polish lives up to expectations and its cost. They are happy to recommend the product and plan to buy it in the future.

The dissatisfied noted that the antistatic problem is solved insignificantly for dark surfaces, where dust is especially noticeable. But even they recognize that polish makes cleaning easier and helps to care for sensitive and moody materials.

All that remains is to choose your product from the Pronto assortment and evaluate the result.

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