How to quickly and effectively clean upholstered furniture at home?

  1. Fast cleaning methods
  2. The choice of method depending on the material
  3. Expert advice

Surely every housewife wants her house to be clean and comfortable. Upholstered furniture are those interior items that are exposed to intense stress and are constantly used. For this reason, armchairs and sofas often suffer from all kinds of dirt, which can be removed with a few quick and effective methods.

Fast cleaning methods

To clean upholstered furniture at home quickly and efficiently, you can use popular methods, namely professional household chemicals, safe folk remedies, as well as modern technology.

Popular professional products

The opinion of the hostesses that it is possible to clean sofas and armchairs with high quality only with the use of special-purpose household chemicals is not entirely mistaken. The most effective store products that eliminate stains and dirt from upholstered furniture are the following.

  • Sprays. These substances easily cope with the problem of a dirty, greasy sofa. In addition, sprays easily eliminate unpleasant odors from stubborn stains. In addition, the cost of these goods is affordable.
  • Shampoos. These universal products are used for cleaning carpets, car covers, upholstered types of furniture. The product easily removes grease, ink stains, blood, wine. The shampoo is sprayed over the contaminated surface and then wiped off with a sponge or brush. An example of a quality product of this type is the "Sun Wedge" shampoo.
  • Grass Universal Cleaner. This substance not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also removes stains and dirt.
  • Water-soluble tablets Karcher SPRAY-EX TABS RM 760. Tablets of this type professionally clean carpets, soft types of furniture. This solution with particular speed and efficiency returns cleanliness, freshness, and an attractive appearance to interior items.

Mechanical methods

In a situation where dusty deposits or small spots appear on the sofa, pouf or armchair, you can use a vacuum cleaner, steam generator. It is better to remove stains on the upholstery with a washing vacuum cleaner. In a situation where you need to remove dust from the upholstery of the sofa and armchair, you can use a vacuum cleaner without attachments. Thus, many housewives clean hard-to-reach places on interior items. When stains have formed on upholstered furniture that need to be immediately eliminated, as well as ingrained unpleasant odors, then you should use a steam cleaner or steam generator. When choosing household appliances for cleaning interior items, you should know that it is better to use a steamer to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Traditional methods

Despite the abundance of household appliances, as well as professional chemicals, many owners of upholstered furniture remain fans of stain elimination with the help of folk remedies. Here are some effective options.

  • To clean contaminated furniture, mix 1 liter of water, 150 milliliters of table vinegar, 80 grams of baking soda, 5 grams of detergent in a container. Stains on upholstered furniture are treated with this mixture, kept for a quarter of an hour, and then removed with a damp cloth.
  • To quickly eliminate grease, you need to mix 2 liters of water, a pack of powder, 20 grams of soda and vinegar. This mixture should be used to treat the contaminated areas, and then dry the upholstery with a hair dryer.
    • A light sofa can be removed from streaks and stains with an effective homemade remedy. To prepare a solution, it is worth mixing a glass of water, 100 milliliters of peroxide, 150 grams of baking soda. The product is poured into a spray bottle, stains are treated with it. When the liquid dries, there will be no traces on the upholstery.

    The choice of method depending on the material

    In order not to spoil the upholstery while cleaning furniture, you need to take into account the fabric from which it is made.

    If you do not adhere to the correct cleaning of this or that material, then you can completely ruin the furniture.

    Specialist recommendations for cleaning a certain type of upholstery:

    • velvet is cleaned by knocking out with a wet sheet;
    • for chenille, velor, flock, it is worth using a steam generator or a soap solution, while the velor upholstery is cleaned with a brush or napkin in the direction of the pile;
    • jacquard, tapestry, viscose upholstery should be cleaned only with dry methods, for example, with a vacuum cleaner, brush, sponge;
    • for suede and nubuck, you should use a regular vacuum cleaner, and stains that are quite difficult to remove can be treated with alcohol or saline.

    Expert advice

    For housewives who decided to clean upholstered furniture on their own, the experts have prepared the following tips.

    • Before cleaning the upholstery of a sofa, armchair, pouf, the product should be tested. To do this, a small amount of it should be applied to an inconspicuous area of ​​the upholstery and wait. If the substance does not harm the fabric, then it can be safely used on all furniture.
    • In order to prevent stains on the furniture, it is recommended to initially process the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner, removing the dust on it. After that, you can start wet cleaning the sofa.
    • To prevent the growth of the spot, its processing must be started from the peripheral part, moving towards the center.
    • For colored upholstery, do not use products that contain chlorine, soda and hydrogen peroxide.
    • It is worth using only one remedy to eliminate the stain, as the interaction of different substances can harm the material.
    • After cleaning the furniture, do not forget to dry it thoroughly with a heating, fan, hair dryer with high power.

      To eliminate unpleasant odors from upholstered furniture, you can use special shampoos. If the aroma is quite persistent, then you can use the following folk remedies:

      • lemon juice solution;
      • vinegar solution.

            Basic rules for quick and effective cleaning of a sofa and an armchair at home:

            • choice of a product that is ideal for fabric upholstery;
            • familiarization with the instructions of the furniture, which indicates how it can and cannot be cleaned;
            • if the cover is removable, then it can be washed in the washing machine, if the manufacturer does not prohibit it;
            • do not mix cleaning with professional and folk remedies.

            Also, experts recommend regular cleaning of upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner in order to maintain its constant cleanliness.

            If wet cleaning was carried out, then do not forget about cleaning excess moisture with napkins. Despite the fact that cleaning sofas and armchairs at home is a laborious process, but every housewife can do it. However, you can achieve a good result if you follow the recommendations from professionals.

            For the experience of cleaning upholstered furniture at home, see the video below.

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