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The appearance of furniture can change due to the negative influence of a number of factors. Constant dryness in the room, a huge amount of dust, exposure to sunlight - all this badly affects the integrity of the surface structure of room furnishings made of wood and not only.

In addition, even the smallest human actions on furniture can deteriorate its appearance. However, it is possible to prevent the appearance of flaws, as well as return the radiance and attractiveness. To do this, it is best to use good polishes that can give the furniture its original appearance and ensure its preservation for a long time.


A polish is a compound for removing stains and other problems from the surface of furniture. In addition, there are varieties on the market that allow you to restore the original color of the product. Most types are presented in the form of a spray or aerosol, and you can also find suspensions that resemble a cream. When applying the second option, a soft cloth is usually used, but the spray can be sprayed directly onto the surface of the furniture.

Such remedies are mostly suitable only for wooden products, however, they can also be used to polish other materials if required. A distinctive feature of the polish is that it provides an attractive shine to the surface, and also hides microcracks or small scratches, and has a positive effect on the appearance of the product.

The presence of unique components allows you to remove grease, sweat, various dirt and fingerprints from lacquered wood furniture.

In addition, such products are distinguished by their protective characteristics. Polished wood surfaces look like new after application. If household chemicals are constantly used, then this negatively affects the structure of the material, and polish will help to fix this. Most of the varieties on the market include components such as beeswax, herbal extracts and synthetics. The composition is generally very similar, however, depending on the type, you can see different enhancers that provide certain properties of the product.

In order for the polish to be able to fully cope with its functions, it is necessary to use it correctly. It is best not to apply the product to a damp surface, as this negatively affects performance and destroys some components. The versatility of the polish allows you to use it for almost any furniture, regardless of its type and purpose.

Funds overview

There are a huge number of types of furniture polishes on the modern market, which mainly differ in their additional components.

With a tinting effect

If minor damage or stains are visible on the interior items used, then it is best to purchase an option with tinting additives. It is a tinting ointment that is suitable for leather and wood products and allows you to restore the former color of furniture. In addition, such products contain antistatic components that help repel dust from the treated surface, so that it retains its attractive appearance much longer.In the process of using such a tool, there is no need to varnish the wood, since the furniture will be bright and stylish.

The presence of unique substances in the polish with a tinting effect ensures the restoration of the wooden surface and allows it to acquire a glossy appearance. One of the most popular on the market is the company's products Branco... The composition of the products includes unique components that allow you to restore the original color of the furniture and make it more attractive.

These 500 ml color polishes with a coloring effect are unique, as they can be used to transform interior items made of any kind of wood.

For a matte surface

The composition of such products also contains antistatic components that provide reliable protection of furniture from dust and other contaminants. In addition, the use of such a polish makes it possible to get rid of reflections on the surface. A striking representative of the line is Mebeluxperfect for matte furniture. Among the main components there is also wax, which allows you to hide any minor scratches and defects.

With wax

To prevent scratches and other similar damage on the surface of interior items, wax-based products are usually used. The unique properties of this component provide reliable protection of wooden surfaces from scratches, as well as hide small defects. The main advantage of wax polish is its durability, which makes it an excellent solution for kitchen furniture, which is very often exposed to external influences. It is extremely rare to cover wood with such a composition, since the film lasts for a long time and guarantees powerful protective characteristics. The only negative point from using wax polish is that touch marks are visible on such a surface.

One of the most popular polish on the market is Chirton polish, which provides reliable protection against dust and allows you to give furniture surfaces a shine. A distinctive feature of the product is its low cost. At the same time, a competent consumption will allow you to stretch the bottle for several months. Immediately after spraying, the product forms a reliable film that prevents dust from accumulating on the surface. Chirton suitable only for manual cleaning, as it will be necessary to rub in the polish intensively.

For varnished coating

If the furniture was originally covered with varnish, then it is worth using a special polish for the varnish surface. The components included in the composition are not capable of damaging the coating, which is extremely important, since the use of the wrong products can lead to cracks and streaks.

Nordland - a relatively inexpensive product for the maintenance of lacquered furniture. The main advantage of the product is its unique formula, which provides the most gentle care. The composition contains ultra-modern synthetic wax, which does not even allow the appearance of fingerprints on the surface.

When used on a permanent basis, it can even get rid of old stains and restore the original look of furniture.

With antistatic agent

A distinctive characteristic of such polishes is that this includes special anti-static components. They allow you to repel dust, as well as prevent it from settling on the surface. Most of the varieties on the market are offered as a spray. This polish is considered an indispensable tool in regions that are characterized by frequent winds and a large amount of dust in the premises.

Among the products with antistatic components, it is worth highlighting Unicum... A distinctive feature of the product is the presence of a spray bottle, thanks to which you can evenly distribute the product over the surface. The product contains carnauba wax that can deal with all stains, including the greasiest and oldest. Also, this polish does not allow dust to settle and boasts a pleasant aroma. In the production process, only components that are safe for humans are used that do not cause any allergic reactions. The technical characteristics of this anti-dust polish greatly simplify the cleaning process.


These polishes are considered one of the most popular, as, thanks to the presence of silicone, they are able to fill in small chips, cracks and scratches. It is due to this that it is possible to level the surfaces and give the furniture its original look. The main advantage of silicone is also that such a composition dries out rather quickly, forming an additional protective film in the process... This makes it an excellent choice for glossy surfaces.

An excellent polish with silicone is Emsal, which makes it possible to remove any stains and fingerprints from furniture. Suitable for both polished and untreated wood.


Such polishes usually include special additives that can not only polish furniture, but also allow you to clean it of extremely stubborn stains. The main difference is that this product can be harmful to human health and skin, so it is best to use protective masks and gloves during use. Very often, professional formulations include fragrances that provide indoor air with freshness and help get rid of unpleasant odors.

One of the most famous professional polishes is GraSS Torus. Distinctive features of the product are its liquid consistency, as well as the presence of a spray bottle, which greatly simplifies the process of use. The composition contains exclusively natural oils, characterized by a pleasant aroma. GraSS Torus is also renowned for its anti-static effect, which prevents dust from accumulating on furniture.

Criterias of choice

In order to choose the most suitable furniture polish, in the selection process, you need to pay attention to several factors.

  • Furniture type. If the surface is polished, then special compounds are required. But if untreated wood was used for the manufacture of furniture, then you can get by with universal means, which will be quite enough to ensure proper care.
  • Surface condition, as well as the prescription of the purchase. Too old pieces of furniture are best rubbed with compounds that include wax and additional components to refresh the appearance.
  • The presence of damage and scratches on the furniture. The more microcracks and other problems, the more carefully it is necessary to select the best option. It is best to give preference to thick products that include artificial or natural wax. The main advantage of such products is that they are able to penetrate microcracks, making the surface perfectly flat and eliminating any defects.
  • The presence in the composition of components that can harm human health... In addition, it is worth considering the possibility of allergic reactions to some components of the polish. That is why, in case of allergies, it is best to buy not a spray, but a paste that is applied to the surface and does not end up in the air.
  • Brand awareness. There are many companies on the market that have been able to recommend their products as high-quality and safe.

It is best to first study the reviews and make sure that the polish really improves the appearance of the furniture and does not harm it.

Instructions for use

In order for the result to be as effective as possible, the polish must be applied correctly. Among the main recommendations for using this tool at home, the following should be highlighted.

  • Best to use soft cloth or microfiber, which, thanks to its unique structure, does not harm the surface of the furniture.
  • Before using the spray be sure to shake it up, so that all components are "included" in work.
  • If the polish is presented in the form of a spray, then it is sprayed onto the surface of the furniture, but thick mass applied first to a cloth, then to the surface.
  • Before using it is necessary get rid of dust and other substances that may be on the surface of the furniture.
  • Processing is carried out in a circular motion until the furniture begins to shine. Do not rub too hard, as this will not increase the effectiveness of the product.
  • If the furniture is scratched or too obvious defects, then these areas should be given close attention.
  • Better to give up the brush and wipe off the product an ordinary rag.

Before using the polish, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions to find out the rules for using the product. In addition, the composition of the product should be examined to ensure that there are no components harmful to human health. If they are, then the surface treatment process should be carried out using protective equipment.

Thus, polish is a universal remedy for restoring the appearance of furniture. In the process of choosing the best option, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of interior item, surface features and the degree of problems. There are a huge number of polishes on the market, so you can find the right solution for any occasion.

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