One-bed ottoman

One-bed ottoman
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  3. Materials (edit)
  4. How to choose?

One of the options for a berth is an ottoman. This word in Turkic languages ​​means "board". The Persians call this a large sofa, but without a back.

Modern models differ from their predecessors, so now the ottoman combines some of the characteristics of a sofa and a bed. Today, a huge assortment of various models is presented, so you can find the ideal option for a good sleep and a pleasant pastime.


If you need a functional and compact sleeping place, then you should pay attention to the single ottoman. The stores have models made of various materials, whether equipped with drawers or not. If you wish, you can order an ottoman by individual design, then the specialist will take into account all your wishes.

The one-bedroom couch is in great demand as it is comfortable and decorates the room. If the presence of a bed indicates that we have a bedroom in front of us, the ottoman does not cause such associations. However, this type of furniture is ideal for sleeping.

A one-bedroom couch is a great option for a nursery or a living room, it will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, it can even be placed on the balcony.

A standard single ottoman with a drawer measures 90 x 200 cm. These dimensions are ideal for an adult. The best solution is models made of natural wood, although you can purchase an option from chipboard or MDF.

Manufacturers offer different forms of a single ottoman. It can have a massive headboard or side back. The most common option is an ottoman with a drawer, and a retractable mechanism will allow you to quickly and conveniently get to it.

Convenient design and affordable price are among the advantages of this furniture product.


Manufacturers offer a wide range of single-bed models. They surprise with a variety of colors, decor, attractive appearance and functionality.

Ottoman sofa

An excellent solution to save space is a corner single sofa ottoman. In appearance, it is very similar to a sofa. It can be placed in any room - it will harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room, kitchen, as well as office premises.

Corner couch

A corner single ottoman sofa is usually equipped with two backs, while the smaller back can be positioned on the left or right and can be rearranged as desired.

The corner model is available in different sizes.

Ottoman with lifting mechanism

If you are looking for a comfortable and functional model of a single ottoman, then you should take a closer look at models with a lifting mechanism. You can easily open the laundry drawer if the lifting mechanism is equipped with special shock absorbers filled with gas. Thanks to this design, the rigid base with the mattress rises completely, and you can get to the drawer.

Ottoman for the kitchen

A single ottoman is a great choice even for a normal sized kitchen. A small corner-type product is perfect here. It will allow you to embellish the interior, and also not sweat a lot of space.

Such furniture will add comfort and coziness to the kitchen.

The ottoman in the kitchen can be used as a roomy wardrobe, since dishes and various cutlery can be conveniently placed in its drawer.This arrangement of this furniture will solve the problem with the guest - there will always be an extra bed for him.

Materials (edit)

The ottoman is made from various materials, which allows each buyer to choose an option for themselves.

The reliability and design of the models largely depends on the material of the frame. Modern manufacturers use both wood and metal, which affects the cost and durability of the product:

  • The frame made of wood is fragile, so this model is usually made more for decoration, for the embodiment of design ideas.
  • An economical option is to make a frame made of laminated chipboard, which often conveys the texture of different types of wood.
  • A one-bedroom solid wood ottoman is more expensive. Usually birch or pine is used. The value is provided by the furniture of the Karelian pine. Although wood is inferior to metal in strength, it is an environmentally friendly material. It does not emit harmful substances during use. The pleasant smell of wood is sure to reflect on your sleep.
  • The metal frame belongs to strong and reliable structures. High-quality metal guarantees durability and practicality of furniture on which you can sit and sleep comfortably.

The fabric that is used in the manufacture of the ottoman can be presented in nine categories:

  • The zero category includes the cheapest materials such as lightweight chenille and cotton. These fabrics are unreliable.
  • The first category includes fabrics with better durability than zero and are also inexpensive. These include suede, flock, corduroy.
  • Medium-strength fabrics with a complicated structure belong to the second category. It can be reinforced suede or thick chenille.
  • The third category includes fabrics of normal strength. For the ottoman, tapestries are often used, as well as thickened suede with a pattern.
  • Natural fabrics, which are characterized by good quality and durability, belong to the next category.
  • The fifth category includes artificial leather, which not only has an attractive appearance, but is also reliable and durable.
  • Genuine leather belongs to the sixth category, although it cannot boast of the same excellent quality as the last group. It is also inferior in price.
  • The seventh category is genuine leather of excellent quality, which looks beautiful and stylish. It is very pleasant to the touch and is characterized by strength and reliability.

If you are not limited in price, then it is worth purchasing an ottoman made only of high-quality genuine leather. It is characterized by good thickness, elasticity and practicality.

How to choose?

In order for the purchase of an ottoman to bring you only positive emotions and feelings, it is worth adhering to several recommendations of professionals:

  1. First you need to carefully examine the ottoman. There should be no defective seams or distortions on it.
  2. You need to check it for functionality - open the top and get to the box. The retractable part of the ottoman should not move out.
  3. If the furniture is equipped with a folding mechanism, then it is worth checking it several times.
  4. Pay attention to the inner drawer. It should be made of practical material. The presence of a burr indicates poor product quality.
  5. It is worth examining the legs to make sure they are reliable.
  6. Measure the dimensions of the ottoman with a tape measure to make sure that it will "fit" into the place intended for it.
  7. The consultant must provide you with all the information you are interested in about the manufacturer.
  8. Be sure to check the warranty for the furniture item and choose a delivery method.
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