Why are wooden chairs with an upholstered seat better?

Why are wooden chairs with an upholstered seat better?
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This type of furniture, such as wooden chairs with upholstered seats, is presented in a variety of models. The material used for the manufacture of furniture is different, so everyone can find something that would suit him in all respects. For your room, you can choose a semi-soft version or a model with armrests, made of leatherette or wenge color. Such chairs should be combined with the overall style of the interior.


The raw materials that serve as the basis of the chair body can be of several types. The classic option is wood. The most popular types of wood are oak, beech and pine. Some companies produce birch products. Products made of this material should be treated with caution, since the resulting wood is inferior to those listed above in strength. The wooden parts of the chair must be varnished on top to avoid premature destruction.

The material for the manufacture of furniture is also metal. However, this type of product is less popular. In terms of weight, metal is superior to wood, its weight creates problems when moving products. Metal chair frames conduct heat well, unlike wood, and remain constantly cold to the touch.

It is much more pleasant to touch wood products. It has low thermal conductivity and practically does not participate in heat exchange with the human body. For this reason, wooden chairs are more comfortable than metal ones.

Besides the frame, the upholstery is an important part of the chair. First of all, strength and antistatic properties are valued in it. For a long time, genuine leather remains the most demanded upholstery material. Leather substitute reduces the cost of the chair, however, it has poor durability and requires frequent replacement. Often the seat is made of fabric. When choosing such a product, you need to keep in mind that dirt quickly forms on the woven fabric.

Depending on the color of the wood, they determine the correspondence of the chair to the general interior. Wood-colored furniture elements look win-win. When drawing up a strictly thought-out room design, you can choose chairs from material painted in the desired color. Furniture in black colors looks elegant. Pastel colors will fit into the atmosphere of the living room. Reddish furniture imitating the wood of a rare tropical mahogany is especially loved.


The chair frame is based on a certain design. There are several such options. The first of them is a carpentry, the process of creating which involves gluing the parts of the product. The semi-glued construction includes a frame secured with veneer strips.

Among the diverse assortment of chairs, there are model frames with and without prongs. This detail is an additional overlap between the chair legs, located below the seat. Legs are installed parallel to it and give the furniture additional stability. However, there is also a demand for products with no projectiles.

A chair, the frame of which is movable and can take up little space when folded, is called a folding chair. This type of furniture is preferred by connoisseurs of free space or hiking. The design features allow the chairs to be placed compactly, saving room space, using them only in certain cases.The mobility of the folding frame makes it possible to take it with you to nature.

Features of the shape of the chairs are the basis for their classification. Unique external features distinguish Viennese chairs from others. Their distinctive feature is gracefully curved legs. Chairs, each part of which has a circular cross-section, are called chiseled. Their legs, back and seat in appearance resemble flexible cylinders interconnected. Wicker chairs look original and cozy. They are based on weaving of willow twigs.


At the beginning of the 19th century, the eco-friendly style became popular. Its distinctive feature is the abundance of natural ingredients combined with eco-leather. Unlike the usual leatherette, this material consists of two layers, the top of which is made of polyurethane. The soft seat upholstered in flexible eco-leather is highly durable, and the chair frame made of willow rods will perfectly fit into the eco-interior. Natural colors are inherent in this style, a priori are pastel blues, browns and greens, but in some places accent details in red tones are allowed.

Often, when creating a design, art connoisseurs turn to the styles of bygone eras. The luxurious baroque was most clearly reflected in the furniture. A chair in this style is made of carved wood, and the legs are given bizarre curves. The wood frame is decorated in every possible way, and the surface is covered with gold paint. Upholstery material - tapestry with a calm pastoral theme, popular at the time.

Design in the style of ancient Rome combines rigor and majesty. The chair in the manner of the ancient Roman consuls has a memorable distinctive feature - X-shaped legs. The soft, woven seat is square, with fluffy tassels hanging from the back.

The classic style remains the favorite option. The absence of sharp corners in the design and unpretentious tones appeal to many. The color of the wood remains close to natural, but black and white are common. The rounded soft seat consists of a traditional material - genuine leather.


A wooden chair with an upholstered seat can be decorated in different ways, the focus can be on both the frame itself and the upholstery.

The back of the chair can be decorated with light fluffy tassels, imitating the ancient Roman pomp. It can be made from solid wood, but you can add individualism to the model with the help of skillful carvings. The legs of the chair covered with carved patterns will ennoble any interior.

The upholstery of the chair will help to embody almost any fantasy, because its choice depends not only on the pattern, but also on the material itself. The fabric for upholstery can be covered with an author's or folk painting, decorated with the finest embroidery or create a unique pattern by combining pieces of woven fabric of different colors and textures.


A room made in nautical design can resemble the cabin of a ship sailing on the waves. Since the elements can rage at any moment, in this situation there is no place for bulky and pretentious forms. Mobile folding chairs with striped woven upholstery fit perfectly into the nautical design.

The design in the Gothic style brings airiness and upward aspiration to the whole composition of the interior. The chair as its integral element should have a patterned carved back. Bright stained-glass windows can be inserted into the through openings between the patterns, the themes of which will intersect with this cultural era of the Middle Ages.

Loft-style design is a combination of old and new eras. Rooms with bare brick walls and unusually high ceilings to match the storage rooms are equipped with modest and elegant furniture.

How to choose?

The choice of a wooden chair with an upholstered seat depends on the purpose of this piece of furniture.But in the first place is its comfort, and only after the aesthetic qualities, because the form should not be more important than the content. An integral sign of a high-quality chair is its stability, so when choosing, you should pay attention to the presence of projections.

Even in their absence, there is a chance to find a reliable frame, but close attention must be paid to the thickness of the supports themselves. If they are too thin, the chair will most likely not be very stable.

When buying a chair, a person wants to buy a thing that will serve him for a long time. The strongest and most durable frame will be for a product made of oak wood. When looking for a high-quality model, you need to remember that products from solid wood have the greatest wear resistance, furniture made from cheaper wood materials - pressed sawdust and plywood, is unlikely to be suitable for long-term use for a long time.

The chair will keep its original appearance longer, the surface of which will be covered with a sufficient layer of varnish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sitting on a soft seat is undoubtedly more comfortable than a hard one. A person is attracted by convenience, and under the influence of this factor, he can sit still for a long time, which negatively affects his health. Blood stagnates in the pelvic organs, although at the slightest change in the position of the trunk and legs, it would begin to circulate a little faster.

With prolonged sedentary work, we pay little attention to the bending of our spine, while posture deteriorates. Therefore, everything is good in moderation. The soft sitting of a wooden chair will not cause serious harm to health if you control the time you spend on it.

The advantage of the soft seat is its ergonomics, because under the weight of the human body, it takes its shape. The main advantage is the undoubted comfort provided by the seats made of soft materials. The inclusion of these chairs in the interior creates a cozy atmosphere anywhere.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

One of the most famous furniture suppliers is a German company Tonet... The famous wooden chair with bent legs has become its trademark. The great designer was able to give them such a shape with the help of steam action. The factory has been producing wooden furniture for two centuries. Maintaining popularity for such a long time speaks of its excellent quality. One of the most popular models is still a wooden chair with a soft seat on bent legs.

Famous Italian brand B&B Italia since 1966 has been making furniture that is wildly popular. The company focuses on innovative materials, but also produces a traditional collection of wooden furniture, including wooden chairs with upholstered seating. Malaysia produces similar furniture.

Of domestic companies on the international market, stands out "Russian furniture company" Russia "manufacturing products on modern western equipment and competing with foreign firms. Despite the youth of this company, its furniture is actively bought, the use of natural materials in production provides an influx of new fans.

Also remains popular Ikea.

Successful examples and options

  • A worthy example of a wooden chair with an upholstered seat will be a classic model made of solid oak wood with natural leather upholstery. The color scheme for it can be built on the contrast of neutral colors - white and black.
  • Fans of antiquity will love the tapestry upholstery in a wooden frame of natural material. Such a chair will add romance to the interior.
  • The third successful option would be a wooden chair with eco-leather upholstery, which is not inferior in quality to natural counterparts. Themed decoration for the body will be tree twigs that have retained their natural color or are colored with a light pastel shade.

The next video will focus on choosing wooden chairs with an upholstered seat.

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