Poufs with a storage box: varieties and secrets of choice

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Species overview
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Style directions and color
  6. How to choose?
  7. Where to put it?
  8. Beautiful examples in the interior

Multifunctional poufs are useful pieces of furniture that you can sit on while putting on your shoes or putting on makeup. Products with storage boxes allow you to place shoes, printed materials, textiles and other things or objects in them. Let's figure out which models of poufs are offered by manufacturers and how to make the right choice.


Poufs are items for seating. Most of the items are cube-shaped and do not have a back. A pouf with a storage box is a product that combines two functions at once: practical and decorative. Such furniture fits organically into any space and becomes an integral part of the interior.

The advantages of such products include:

  • wide assortment - manufacturers offer various models that differ in configuration, size, colors, materials of manufacture;
  • softness and low height, which provide comfort and convenience to a seated person;
  • safety - in the design of most solutions there are no sharp corners that can injure a child in case of accidental falls or impacts;
  • mobility - ottomans are light, so that they can be moved from one place to another without much effort (great mobility is inherent in models on wheels);
  • interesting designs;
  • additional storage space for various items.

    There is one drawback of such products - a higher cost compared to traditional chairs.

    It is difficult to get up from a soft pouf, especially for the elderly, and this is another disadvantage of this furniture.

    Species overview

    There are several types of poufs with drawers, which have their own characteristics. Such furniture is classified depending on the design and shape. Previously, manufacturers offered only cylindrical or cubic solutions, but today furniture stores are full of a wide variety of models.

    By design

    Poufs can be equipped with long, short legs or not at all. The most practical solution is considered to be products with boxes on wheels. Due to the wheels, the movement of a large pouf crammed with things around the room becomes quick and easy. Moving does not require significant application of physical forces, and the risks of damage to the floor cladding in this case are significantly reduced.

    Models may also differ in the type of drawer opening. Inexpensive and simple products are equipped with a removable lid. To access the storage box, move the top to the side, and then reinstall it. There are also poufs in which the lid is attached to the main structure with hinges.

    There are ottomans with drawers. They are more convenient to use. Manufacturers also offer solutions with open shelves for shoes.

    Combined poufs are considered to be furniture with high functionality.

    Visually, they look like banquettes. They consist of an upper soft part, drawers, open and closed shelves. Such solutions are very easy to use. Their open shelves are used to accommodate seasonal shoes, while the rest are "hidden" in closed compartments.

    Ottomans can also be equipped with mirrors and clothes hangers - these models are convenient for placing in the hallway.

    By form

    The shape of the product is chosen taking into account personal preferences, interior style and free space in the room.

    • Rectangular and square variations with storage box. Products of these shapes are in great demand due to the spacious compartment. Large, small, narrow and wide models allow you to find the optimal solution for any type of room.
    • Oval and round. Poufs with such shapes are most often chosen by the owners of overall rooms. These solutions look stylish and original, but they require a lot of space when placed.
    • Corner. Allows maximum use of free space, thanks to installation in the corner. Such solutions are compact, but at the same time have a spacious storage box.

      And there are also asymmetric products, however, they are in little demand due to their size and small capacity.

      Materials (edit)

      The frame of most reliable and durable models of poufs is made of wood or metal. Metal products are not so popular due to their heavy weight. More often consumers choose wooden furniture. She is solid, looks impressive and can serve for a long time.

      Budget poufs are made from MDF, chipboard and laminated chipboard. Thanks to special treatments and protective coatings, they have a presentable appearance and retain their aesthetics for a long time.

      There are also rattan and cork solutions on the market.

      As the upholstery of poufs, materials that are pleasant to the touch and are easy to clean are used:

      • natural leather;
      • leatherette or eco-leather;
      • fabrics that repel moisture and various types of dirt.

      To make the products soft, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber and other materials are used.

      Dimensions (edit)

      Poufs come in various sizes. They are selected taking into account the free space - for small rooms, preference is given to compact solutions, and for spacious ones, more overall variations.

      Standard products have a height of 30-45 cm and the same length and width. The classic sizes of poufs are 25x25 and 30 x 30.

      These dimensions are optimal to accommodate one person of average build. The disadvantage of such solutions is the small storage box.

      Besides, non-standard models are produced... On sale there are poufs with a length and width of 50 cm or more. Products with dimensions 70x70 allow you to store "bulky" items and things in the box.

      Style directions and color

      Poufs are made in a variety of designs. There are products "stylized" for the classics, baroque, empire style, minimalism, loft, eco-style, modern and other styles. Various models can have carving, embroidery, carriage ties, embroidery, fringes.

      The colors are also varied. Black and white poufs are considered classic. It is believed that they are able to harmoniously fit into any of the types of interiors.

      The stores offer poufs in a wide variety of shades:

      • green;
      • yellow;
      • orange;
      • blue;
      • lilac;
      • red;
      • light green;
      • pink.

        Furniture can be plain or multi-colored, smooth or textured. Models with bright floral motifs will be appropriate in rooms decorated in country or Provence style.

        How to choose?

        Modern poufs differ from each other in a mass of characteristics. When choosing such a product, it is important to give preference to reliable, comfortable and practical products.

        There are several important parameters to consider when choosing a pouf with a drawer.

        • Dimensions and configuration. The product must harmoniously fit into the interior and not overload it. In order to choose the option that is best in size, it is recommended to make measurements first.
        • Materials. For use in the hallway, designers advise choosing poufs with unmarked upholstery, easy to clean.
        • Fittings. Before buying, you need to check the quality of the sliding mechanisms, fasteners and hinges. Drawers should slide out freely, without unnecessary effort, and they should not creak.
        • Price. If your budget is limited, you can look at models made of chipboard or MDF with faux leather upholstery.In inexpensive products, the seat cover does not provide for fixing hinges and other mechanisms - such furniture, despite its cheapness, will last a long time.
        • Security. If there are children in the house, it is advisable to give preference to furniture without open sharp corners in a structure made of durable materials.

          When choosing a pouf, you should pay attention to its design and color. The product should be combined with the decoration of the room. If you choose the wrong model, it will create "dissonance" and will not contribute to creating comfort in the room.

          Where to put it?

          You can place a pouf in almost any room. Most often, this furniture is chosen for the hallway. Large oval products on wheels with a drawer will allow you to store your shoes and fit comfortably when shoeing.

          Often, poufs are placed in the kitchen. They can serve as an additional seat, and also allow the hostess to sit down and rest while cooking. In this case, in the drawers of the pouf, you can store kitchen utensils, dishes, cereals, textiles.

          Poufs on the balcony are not uncommon. Thanks to soft and comfortable furniture, you can comfortably sit in the fresh air.

          You can put such products in any room - in the living room or in the bedroom. In the first case, they will serve as an original decor item and an additional seat. In the bedroom, they are often used as an elegant addition to the dressing table.

          Beautiful examples in the interior

          Poufs are worthy pieces of furniture that fill the room with warmth and create a special atmosphere of comfort. Photos illustrating soft ottomans with a drawer clearly show how you can fit this furniture into the interior.

          In the next video, you will learn how to make a pouf with a storage box with your own hands.

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