Inflatable poufs: what are they and how to choose?

  1. Features, pros and cons
  3. Colors and designs
  4. Selection Tips

Inflatable poufs can be used at home, in the country and even outdoors. They practically do not take up space when deflated. Functional features are not worse than those of standard poufs. If you choose the right product, then it will last a long time.

Features, pros and cons

An inflatable pouf is a textile cover with an inflatable chamber inside. It can be pumped up manually or with a pump. Usually the cover is made of PVC and is easy to care for. The main advantages of inflatable ottomans.

  1. Compactness and light weight.
  2. It only takes a few minutes to inflate or deflate the product.
  3. It can be used as an additional place for rest, sitting.
  4. It is easy to look after ottomans. Sometimes it is enough to use wet wipes.
  5. The cost of the products is acceptable.
  6. Can be used not only in the house, but also outdoors. Inflatable furniture performs well even on water.

Inflatable poufs will not be superfluous in the house. Any furniture has flaws. It is worth keeping in mind such nuances.

  1. You can use and store inflatable products at a certain temperature. If you leave such a pouf in the sun, it will deteriorate.
  2. Sharp objects can damage the product.
  3. The service life is much shorter than that of conventional furniture.


Inflatable padded stools can fulfill different functions. Varieties of products.

  • Seat. The height is close to that of a typical chair. Models can be elongated so that several people can fit on the pouf. These poufs can be used at home during guests' arrivals or at a picnic. Inflatable furniture is often found in the children's room. The child will not be able to injure himself if he falls on such a pouf.
  • In addition. Low padded stools are used as footrests, it is uncomfortable to sit on them. Usually complements sofas or armchairs. There are fully inflatable kits with these items.
  • For a special occasion. It is fashionable to include ottomans for travel here, which are convenient to use on an airplane, car or bus. They are usually small in size and have valves for quick inflation, deflation.

Separately, it should be noted that the material of the cover can be made of ordinary fabric, but water-repellent is more often used. The latter option is more versatile and can be used in any conditions. It is convenient to take poufs to nature.

The main thing is that there are no sharp objects under them that can violate the integrity of the camera.

Colors and designs

Inflatable furniture is conventionally divided into classic and children's. The first models look laconic, usually decorated with one or two colors. Sometimes the cover can be covered with a colored print. The classic models combine calm, beige tones at the top and dark, often black, at the bottom. This makes the ottoman less dirty at the bottom.

Inflatable padded stools for children are brightly decorated. Usually in the form of animals, cars, or cartoon characters. All poufs have simple geometric shapes: circle, rectangle, square. If the model is made in the form of a beast, then there may be additional elements, but they usually do not inflate.

Selection Tips

The inflatable pouf can be taken on a plane and for a picnic, or simply used at home, in the country. So, furniture can serve as a seat or as a footrest. When choosing, you should pay attention to such criteria.

  1. Maximum load. The manufacturer indicates the weight at which an unpumped pouf will serve for a long time. If you exceed the maximum value, then the camera can burst at any time.The same result will be obtained if the product is inflated with air too much.
  2. Material. Usually PVC or vinyl is used. Such materials are durable, wear-resistant, but sensitive to temperature extremes. On top of the poufs, there can be a flocked covering, which is velvety. It is attached to the top of the product with glue. The cover is non-slip and provides comfort during prolonged contact of the skin with the inflatable furniture. In some cases, poufs are made from other synthetic materials or leatherette. Such models should be used only at home.
  3. A travel product should be low and as compact as possible. It is used for feet when flying on an airplane or traveling on a bus.
  4. When choosing a children's pouf, you should pay attention to the safety of the cover material. It is important that it does not release toxins when heated.
  5. Inflatable poufs can be used at home as an additional seating area. In this case, the design is selected so that all the furniture in the room is in harmony.

Sometimes a quality pouf deteriorates quickly due to improper use or storage. After purchase, you need to inflate the product and leave it for 24 hours. If the ottoman is deflated by more than 10%, then it should be returned to the store due to rejection. Do not use detergents for cleaning, only ordinary soap solution. Alkalis can ruin the pouf.

The video shows a modern model of a modern chair with a pouf.

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