Children's poufs: features, models and choices

Children's poufs: features, models and choices
  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Colors and designs
  5. Selection Tips
  6. Beautiful examples

An ottoman is a small seat of a certain shape. Outwardly, it looks like a bench and is great for placing it in a nursery. If we talk about the assortment, one cannot fail to note its diversity. We will talk about the features of such products for younger family members, as well as their characteristics in our article.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

A soft pouf with an original design becomes an excellent choice that will not leave children indifferent. Ottomans have a sufficient number of advantages - they are very light, they have no sharp corners, which makes their use as comfortable and safe as possible. A number of models have a frame structure. This is also not without its advantages, since in such products, which are most often square, oval or rectangular, there is a special compartment where it is very convenient to store things and toys. Visually, this is not striking, since the box can be reached only by folding the top part.

Of course, such ottomans are not very suitable for active games, but users note their practicality and convenience.

If you want to please your baby and make him a pleasant surprise, you should consider the possibility of purchasing frameless models... They can be called a game option. These ottomans are very soft, it is safe to fall and jump on them, in addition, they can be easily thrown and moved around the room. Children are delighted with poufs made in the form of puzzles. They can be connected and disconnected, collecting original designs.

Parents can choose for their children's poufs of various sizes and shapes. Such furniture will help give the room individuality. However, it is necessary to pay attention to both the dimensions of the room and the age and height of the child so that the product is appropriate and does not interfere. Also among the advantages can be noted the absence of difficulties in care. Most often, products are made from practical materials. The covers can be changed to keep them clean at any time.

Ottomans can have a wide variety of designs, which are often quite original. There is an opportunity to choose a product to your liking. In addition, anyone can afford products, there are both expensive and budget models. According to consumer reviews, there are practically no drawbacks for children's ottomans. It can be noted that it is placed directly on the floor, which leads to rather quick soiling and the need for washing. Also, in some cases, the filler can be crumpled, as a result of which the product loses its shape. However, these nuances are easily corrected.


If we talk about varieties, it is necessary to highlight soft and hard children's ottomans. The former can be a pouf bag or a pouf chair, while the latter have a frame structure. Bags are considered one of the most common models., they are often chosen by parents for their children. They are quite convenient to use, in addition, they are quite affordable. A good option for placement in the nursery. Such chairs are able to take the form of a person who sits in them, which allows the body to relax as much as possible. Such a chair will be appropriate both in the play area and, for example, in the living room watching the TV. It is quite practical, since, if necessary, you can easily remove the cover, as well as replace the filler.The pouf can be inflatable, in this case it is easy to blow it off and put it into the closet when the item is not needed.

The range of frameless poufs for children is especially extensive. Here you can find options for every taste. Chairs, sofas, balls, flowers, animals, cubes and much more will surely delight the little ones. In addition, these products are quite easy to clean, so it becomes possible to take them with you from home, for example, when going out into the countryside. The budgetary cost allows you to throw away the ottoman without regrets if it gets tired or deteriorated. As for the frame poufs, they can be round, square and rectangular. The structure itself can be made of wood or chipboard.

Models are open and closed. And if the former are more often used in common rooms and dressing rooms, then the latter are great for children.

Materials (edit)

Poufs can have several types of fillers. Most often used latex and polyurethaneare also popular products based on molded foam rubber and expanded polystyrene. Despite the fact that the materials are man-made, they are practical. The shape is retained for a long time.

If we talk about frame poufs, leather is often used as upholstery. For children's models, polyester is more relevant. Soft items have a velor or velvet surface. Budget ones are covered with microfiber. We must not forget that ottomans in the nursery are likely to be used not too carefully. Therefore, when choosing a material for upholstery, you should choose the most durable and easy to clean. It is best if it turns out to be natural.

Colors and designs

Such products are very widely represented on the modern market. The range of colors is very rich, you can also choose different textures. When choosing a shade, it will be useful to focus not only on the wishes of the child, but also on the interior of the nursery. In one case, bright colors will be appropriate, in the other, more muted ones.

Preschoolers love products depicting various animals or fairy-tale characters. Pink and lilac tones are suitable for little girls, while boys are brighter, for example, red and blue. When it comes to schoolchildren, it is better to take into account the effect of colors on performance. It is enhanced by blue and green. It is not recommended to use purple, red and blue. For older children, options with a geometric pattern are suitable. It is quite possible to complement the interior with such an ottoman, to give a zest. Teens tend to opt for muted colors. White, black, beige, gray and burgundy tones will look great in a classic room.

When decorating a nursery, especially for babies at a tender age, you can turn on your imagination. The ottoman can become a bright accent that attracts attention and pleases an active child. For girls, ottomans in the shape of animals are perfect. The little princess will be happy to play with a bear or a giraffe. Boys will be happy to play with a machine pouf or Lego. They can become not only a convenient accessory, but also a favorite toy for a child. When choosing this element, you should still pay attention to the tastes of the future owner. After all, a pouf with the image of a favorite cartoon character can deliver a lot of pleasant emotions.

In other cases, on the contrary, a more classic version is required.

Selection Tips

Parents should not forget that the purchase of any piece of furniture is a rather serious undertaking. It should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, reliable and as safe as possible. Children are often very active, so you need to take care of easy care, as well as the durability of the product. To begin with, parents must decide on the filler material. It must be safe and environmentally friendly.Hypoallergenicity is also important, especially when it comes to babies prone to allergic reactions.

When choosing the upholstery material, you should look so that there are no difficulties in caring for it. Velvet, for example, looks very beautiful, but needs close attention, otherwise it will quickly lose its attractive appearance.

The ottoman should be chosen according to the size of the nursery and the age of the baby. Do not take heavy models, as the child may have problems using them. Functionality is also becoming an important factor, especially in conditions of a shortage of free space. It is also necessary to exclude the presence of sharp objects and elements in the structure, so that its owner could not be injured during the game.

Beautiful examples

The choice of an ottoman for a children's room is individual in each case. Consider several beautiful options that can give your child a lot of pleasant experiences.

How to make multi-colored funny poufs with your own hands, see the video.

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